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Making Use Of eBPF In The Mainline Linux Kernel

One of the exciting innovations within the Linux kernel in the past few years has been extending the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) to become a more generalized in-kernel virtual machine. The eBPF work with recent versions of the Linux kernel allow it to be used by more than just networking so that these programs can be used for tracing, security, and more.

27 August 2016 - eBPF Linux - Add A Comment
Marking DRI1 Drivers As Legacy & "Broken" Being Debated

Earlier this month David Herrmann sent out two kernel patches to hide "legacy" DRM drivers behind a new Kconfig switch and make these DRI1 drivers depend upon the kernel's "BROKEN" option. Not all are happy about these patches.

26 August 2016 - Legacy / DRI1 - 28 Comments
What's Been Going On With CPUFreq & The Scheduler

As we've been covering the past few kernel cycles, a lot of low-level improvements have been happening to CPUFreq with going through a redesign and more plus the introduction of a new CPUFreq governor. If you're behind on this subject matter, here's some slides from this week's LinuxCon event that covers the changes.

23 August 2016 - Schedutil Plus Friends - 23 Comments
Linux 4.8-rc3 Kernel Is Out

Linus Torvalds announced today the third weekly test release of the Linux 4.8 kernel, which is currently codenamed the Psychotic Stoned Sheep.

21 August 2016 - Linux 4.8 - 4 Comments
Eight Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux 4.8 Kernel

The merge window for Linux 4.8 closed this past weekend and while our feature overview covers all the exciting changes there is some functionality we wish would be in this kernel -- or existing functionality to otherwise be changed / improved upon -- that unfortunately is not.

11 August 2016 - Linux 4.8 Drops - 12 Comments
DRM Panic Handling Is Back To Being Talked About

During the early days of kernel mode-setting (KMS) one of the frequently talked about future improvements that could be made as a result of it were improved error messages (like Windows BSODs) in the case of problems and other improvements on that front. While patches have emerged from time to time, it still seems like functionality that's still less than fulfilled compared to the original talked about goals. Patches this week have been revived for DRM panic handling.

10 August 2016 - DRM Panic - 26 Comments
Linux 4.8-rc1 Kernel Released

Just like clockwork, the first release candidate / development version of the Linux 4.8 kernel is now available for testing.

7 August 2016 - Linux 4.8-rc1 - 10 Comments
P-State Algorithm Change, Schedutil IOWait Boosting

While still in early form and won't be merged for this next kernel cycle (v4.8), a series of patches were published on Sunday to improve CPU frequency selection under Linux, including an algorithm change for the Intel P-State scaling driver.

1 August 2016 - Scaling Patches - 9 Comments
DRM Text Mode Proposed As Alternative To FBDEV/FBCON

There's long been talk on killing FBDEV and getting rid of CONFIG_VT with a modern replacement making more use of DRM/KMS drivers, but so far none of those efforts have fully panned out. The latest proposal is a "DRM text mode" as an alternative to FBDEV/FBCON.

29 July 2016 - DRM Text Mode - Add A Comment
HDMI CEC Framework Finally Queued For Linux 4.8

Four years after Linux kernel work originally got underway for supporting HDMI CEC and after many patch revisions of the rebooted CEC effort over the past year, the Linux 4.8 media pull request is finally set to land this new framework.

26 July 2016 - HDMI CEC - 6 Comments

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