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More Benchmarks Of The Performance Pullback In Linux 4.20

Last night I published some benchmarks after finding Linux 4.20 is regressing in several workloads compared to Linux 4.18/4.19 and at least was affecting Intel Core i9 "HEDT" boxes. Here are more affected workloads regressing on Linux 4.20 and it's not just limited to high-end hardware.

16 November 2018 - Linux 4.20 Performance Drop - 13 Comments
Linux 4.20 Showing Some Performance Slowdowns

Being well past the Linux 4.20 merge window I have moved onto benchmarking more of this development version of the Linux kernel. Unfortunately, there are some clear performance regressions.

15 November 2018 - Linux 4.20 - 22 Comments
Kernel Developers Debate Having An Official Linux System Wrapper Library

As new system calls get added to the Linux kernel, these syscalls generally get added to Glibc (and other libc libraries) for developers to make easy use of them from their applications. But as Glibc doesn't provide 1:1 coverage of system calls, sometimes is delayed in their support for new calls, and other factors, there is a discussion about providing an official Linux system wrapper library that could potentially live as part of the kernel source tree.

12 November 2018 - Linux System Call Library - 39 Comments
Linus Torvalds Shows His New Polite Side While Pointing Out Bad Kernel Code

When Linus Torvalds announced last month that he would be taking a temporary leave of absence to work on his empathy and interpersonal skills as well as the adoption of a Linux kernel Code of Conduct, some Internet commenters thought this would lead Linus to being less strict about code quality and his standards for accepting new code to the mainline tree. Fortunately, he's shown already for the new Linux 4.20~5.0 cycle he isn't relaxing his standards but is communicating better when it comes to bringing up coding issues.

27 October 2018 - It Works - 63 Comments
The Linux Kernel Is Still Getting Ready For The Year 2038

In the past number of years have been a lot of changes in prepping the kernel for Year 2038, but that work still isn't over and with the in-development Linux 4.20~5.0 kernel are yet more time keeping changes for prepping for this Y2K-like event.

27 October 2018 - Y2038 - 15 Comments
XArray Tries Once Again To Get Merged Into The Mainline Linux Kernel

Going back several release cycles has been an effort to add the XArray data structure to the Linux kernel but to date that hasn't happened. It wasn't accepted for Linux 4.19 and now Matthew Wilcox -- who began this work about two years ago as a programmer at Microsoft -- is hoping Linux 4.20~5.0 will be the lucky release.

23 October 2018 - XArray - 27 Comments
Linux Kernel Interface To Finally Allow For Programmable LED Patterns

It's not often we get to talk about the LED drivers for the Linux kernel... Yes, the class of Linux kernel drivers to support controlling the brightness of LEDs via supported drivers and exposing that to user-space. With Linux 4.20~5.0 comes finally the ability to program "patterns" for LEDs.

22 October 2018 - LED Pattern Bling - 33 Comments

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