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Linux 5.10 Continues Bringing Up Support For Intel's Rocket Lake

Building off Linux 5.9 that featured initial support for Gen12 graphics on next year's Rocket Lake desktop platform along with other early enablement for Rocket Lake like RAPL support and other PCI ID additions, that work has continued for the Linux 5.10 cycle.

19 October 2020 - Linux 5.10 + Rocket Lake - 4 Comments
There Are Many Changes To Look Forward To With The Linux 5.10 Kernel

The Linux 5.9 kernel is expected for release this evening which will in turn kick off the Linux 5.10 merge window for the next two weeks. As we've already been closely monitoring the various "-next" development trees in recent weeks of material building up for this next cycle, here is a look at a portion of what's to come for this late 2020 kernel.

11 October 2020 - Linux 5.10 Features - 3 Comments
New /dev/random Implementation Hits 35th Revision

Going on for more than four years now has been creating a new /dev/random implementation and this Friday marks the 35th revision to this big set of patches that aim for better performance and security.

18 September 2020 - LRNG /dev/random - 16 Comments

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