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Linux 5.8-rc2 Released For This Big Summer 2020 Kernel

Linus Torvalds as the father of the Linux kernel marked Father's Day 2020 with the release of Linux 5.8-rc2, right on schedule following last week's big 5.8-rc1 kernel with this cycle being one of the largest ever for this open-source kernel.

21 June 2020 - Linux 5.8-rc2 - 2 Comments
FSGSBASE Testing Is Encouraged Ahead Of Linux 5.9

A few days ago I mentioned that it looked like the FSGSBASE patches could finally land for Linux 5.9 and indeed this performance-sensitive x86_64 feature is on track for premiering the next kernel cycle. But additional testing is encouraged.

20 June 2020 - FS GS BASE - 14 Comments
Linux Lands And Then Reverts Usage Of Flexible Array Members

As a change past the Linux 5.8 merge window now that the flurry of code activity has settled down was changing the use of zero-length arrays in structs with flexible array members. Linus Torvalds did pull the change into Linux 5.8 but then decided shortly afterwards to drop the change at least for the time being.

16 June 2020 - Flexible Array Members - 5 Comments
Linux 5.8 Lands A General Notification Queue

Merged this weekend ahead of Linux 5.8-rc1 is the long-standing work on introducing a general notification queue for the kernel. The general notification queue was pushed back last year from merging but now the initial code is in shape for Linux 5.8.

13 June 2020 - Linux 5.8 - 8 Comments
GNU Linux-Libre 5.7 Released - Drops Intel iGPU Security Fix Over Arrays Of Numbers

The GNU Linux-libre 5.7-gnu kernel was released following last weekend's Linux 5.7 kernel release. But the info-gnu mailing list was slow and thus just hitting the wire today for the latest version of this sanitized version of the Linux kernel. One interesting change in GNU Linux-libre 5.7-gnu is dropping the Intel Gen7 "iGPU Leak" security mitigation over not liking the sources.

4 June 2020 - Linux-Libre 5.7 - 35 Comments

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