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Amazon Posts L1TF/Foreshadow Demonstrator Code For The Linux Kernel

In helping to build better defenses against this side channel vulnerability, Julian Stecklina of Amazon Germany (who previously co-discovered the "LazyFP" vulnerability last year) has posted demonstrator code for the Level 1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) vulnerability against the Linux kernel.

22 January 2019 - Level 1 Terminal Fault - Add A Comment
ZFS On Linux Landing Workaround For Linux 5.0 Kernel Support

Last week I reported on ZFS On Linux breaking with Linux 5.0 due to some kernel symbols sought by this out-of-tree file-system driver no longer being exported and the upstream developers not willing to adjust for the ZoL code. That's still the case but the ZFS On Linux developers have a patch so at least the file-system driver will be able to build on Linux 5.0.

17 January 2019 - ZFS On Linux - 128 Comments
DRM Graphics Drivers Already Queuing Changes For Linux 5.1

While the Linux 5.0 kernel merge window (nee Linux 4.21) just closed this past Sunday, already there are Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver updates queuing for DRM-Next to then premiere with the Linux 5.1 kernel cycle in about two months.

8 January 2019 - DRM-Misc-Next For Linux 5.1 - Add A Comment
FBDEV Is Still Alive In 2019, Picking Up A Few Minor Improvements In Linux 4.21

It's been nearly seven years already since some kernel developers called for deprecating FBDEV drivers. FBDEV is still alive and well within the Linux kernel but at least more embedded/mobile developers are pursuing DRM/KMS drivers these days and less code targeting these frame-buffer device drivers. With Linux 4.21, FBDEV is picking up a few improvements.

4 January 2019 - Linux 4.21 FBDEV - 8 Comments

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