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Linux 4.14-rc1 Released A Day Early

Linus Torvalds has tagged the first release candidate of Linux 4.14 one day early and thereby marking the end of the new feature merge window for this kernel series.

16 September 2017 - Linux 4.14-rc1 - 2 Comments
The DRM Changes For The Linux 4.14 Kernel

With the Linux 4.14 merge window period combined with the fact of the DRM pull request having been submitted early this cycle, I didn't have a chance to provide a recap of the Direct Rendering Manager changes for 4.14. Here's that overview for those not in tune with the many individual articles that had been written about the different Linux 4.14 graphics driver changes.

16 September 2017 - Linux 4.14 DRM - 2 Comments
FBDEV Is Still Seeing Improvements With Linux 4.14

It has been five years since a call was made to deprecate Linux FBDEV back during LPC 2012. Five years later while there are now more DRM and V4L2 drivers, FBDEV is still alive and kicking within the mainline later.

15 September 2017 - FBDEV - 4 Comments
A Quick EXT4 Run With Linux 4.14 Git

After the Linux 4.14 merge window is over, I'll begin with a lot of fresh Linux kernel benchmarks from this in-development release. But I/O and EXT4 changes already have me running some preliminary tests.

12 September 2017 - EXT4 - 1 Comment
Adreno A3xx Blobs Added To Linux-Firmware.Git

For those with Qualcomm Adreno A3xx graphics hardware and looking forward to playing with the MSM+Freedreno open-source driver stack, it's one step easier tracking down the right components with the necessary binary-only firmware blobs now living within linux-firmware.git.

7 September 2017 - Qualcomm Adreno - 1 Comment
The DRM Changes To Find With The Linux 4.14 Kernel

With the Linux 4.13-rc6 kernel now being out for a few days, we're now past the timeframe for which DRM subsystem maintainer David Airlie allows new feature code to be staged in DRM-Next. Thus we have a pretty solid look at the highlights of the new Direct Rendering Manager features/changes coming for the Linux 4.14 kernel.

23 August 2017 - Linux 4.14 DRM - 2 Comments
Linux 4.13-rc6 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds has made available the Linux 4.13-rc6 kernel release candidate with nearing this next stable kernel release in about two to three weeks time.

20 August 2017 - Linux 4.13-rc6 - 2 Comments

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