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Linux Graphics Drivers Could Have User-Space API Changes More Strictly Evaluated

User-space API additions and changes (granted, no ABI breakage permitted for the mainline Linux kernel) to Linux Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) drivers is done fairly easily by their developers and possibly without enough thought. Linux DRM subsystem co-maintainer David Airlie has issued a proposal that would make user-space API alterations more strictly reviewed.

15 October 2019 - DRM UAPI Headaches - 9 Comments
Linux 5.4-rc2 Released As The "Nesting Opossum"

Linus Torvalds is back on his Sunday release regiment with having just declared the Linux 5.4-rc2 test release and also took the opportunity to have some fun by shifting the kernel's codename to be the Nesting Opossum, replacing the Bobtail Squid.

6 October 2019 - Linux 5.4 - 5 Comments
IO_uring Is More Polished With Linux 5.4

Added back during the Linux 5.1 cycle was IO_uring for fast and efficient I/O. This new interface allows for queue rings to be shared between the application and kernel to avoid excess copies and other efficiency improvements over the existing Linux AIO code. With Linux 5.4, IO_uring is in even better shape.

28 September 2019 - Linux 5.4 IO_uring - 7 Comments
How Google's Android Maintains A Stable Linux Kernel ABI

While the Linux kernel is well known for not offering a stable API/ABI, Google and other enterprise Linux distribution vendors tend to aim at providing their own stable ABI for the lifespan of their products. Google engineers talked in Portugal this week at Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 about some of their means to maintaining a stable API/ABI for Android's Linux kernel.

15 September 2019 - Stable Kernel ABI - 53 Comments
DigitalOcean Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling To Make HT/SMT Safer

With Hyper Threading continuing to look increasingly unsafe in data centers / shared computing environments in light of all the speculative execution vulnerabilities exposed thus far particularly with L1TF and MDS having no SMT-secure mitigation, DigitalOcean continues working on their Linux kernel "core scheduling" patches so they can still make use of HT/SMT in a sane and safe manner.

13 September 2019 - Sibling Core Scheduling - 13 Comments
Linux 5.3 Is Near With Radeon RX 5700 Support, Speed Select & MBP Keyboard/Trackpad

The Linux 5.3 kernel is fit enough to be released today after another quiet week following 5.3-RC7. But due to the Linux Kernel Summit happening this week and Linus Torvalds traveling for that, he's expected to delay the stable kernel release until next weekend so as to not open the Linux 5.4 merge window until he returns from the event.

8 September 2019 - Linux 5.3 - 3 Comments
Eventually "Schedutil" Could Replace Linux's Existing CPU Scaling Governors

The Schedutil CPU frequency scaling governor has been around for a few years and has gotten better over time but in our own tests we still find it frequently not being as competitive to the "performance" governor and others. However, in the future Schedutil might become the default and perhaps only governor.

4 September 2019 - CPUFreq Schedutil - 15 Comments
The Initial exFAT Driver Queued For Introduction With The Linux 5.4 Kernel

The Linux 5.4 kernel merge window will kick off in September and with this next kernel cycle the initial open-source exFAT file-system driver is set to be mainlined for supporting this Microsoft file-system, but it will premiere within the kernel's "staging" area for code of lesser, yet-to-be-proven quality.

30 August 2019 - Linux 5.4 + exFAT - 23 Comments

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