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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct

Prior to releasing Linux 4.19-rc4 and Linus Torvalds taking a temporary leave of absence to reflect on his behavior / colorful language, he did apply a Code of Conduct to the Linux kernel.

16 September 2018 - Linux Kernel - Code of Conduct - 240 Comments
VKMS Driver Getting Cursor Support In The Next Kernel Cycle

One of the notable additions to the Linux 4.19 kernel is the initial VKMS driver for "virtual kernel mode-setting" that in the long run should be significant for headless Wayland/X.Org systems. The driver is still in its early stages but continuing to be improved.

14 September 2018 - Virtual Kernel Mode-Setting - 1 Comment
The Controversial Speck Encryption Code Will Indeed Be Dropped From The Linux Kernel

While Google got the NSA-developed Speck into the Linux kernel on the basis of wanting to use Speck for file-system encryption on very low-end Android (Go) devices, last month they decided to abandon those plans and instead work out a new "HPolyC" algorithm for use on these bottom-tier devices due to all the concerns over Speck potentially being back-doored by the US National Security Agency.

4 September 2018 - Speck No More - 22 Comments
Linux 4.19 Had A Very Exciting First Week Of New Features

The Linux 4.19 kernel merge window opened one week ago and there's been a lot of new features and improvements to be merged during this front-half of the merge period. If you are behind on your Phoronix reading, here's a look at the highlights for week one.

19 August 2018 - Linux 4.19 - 6 Comments

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