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DRM Driver Posted For AI Processing Unit - Initially Focused On Mediatek SoCs

BayLibre developer Alexandre Bailon has posted a "request for comments" of a new open-source Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver for AI Processing Unit (APU) functionality. Initially the driver is catering to Mediatek SoCs with an AI co-processor but this DRM "APU" driver could be adapted to other hardware too.

18 September 2021 - DRM APU - 6 Comments
Linux Developers Talk Again About An Accelerator Subsystem - Or Moving Them Into The GPU/DRM Area

On and off for years has been talk of an accelerator subsystem for the Linux kernel considering that for now most AI training/inference accelerator drivers end up lodged within the "char/misc" area of the kernel. That accelerator subsystem discussion has been restarted with talks of having such a subsystem or moving those drivers within the GPU/DRM subsystem space.

13 September 2021 - drivers/accel - 5 Comments
Habana Labs AI Driver Updates Submitted For Linux 5.15

While last week was the main "char/misc" pull request for the Linux 5.15 merge window, the Habana Labs driver changes were previously reverted from there due to opposition from the upstream kernel developers in the Direct Rendering Manager space. The concerning patches around DMA-BUF have now been removed and a new pull request submitted with updates to this AI driver for Linux 5.15.

10 September 2021 - Habana Labs - 1 Comment
Linux 5.15's New "-Werror" Behavior Is Causing A Lot Of Pain

Landing this past weekend was the surprise move by Linus Torvalds to enable "-Werror" behavior by default for all kernel builds. That compiler flag addition makes all warnings be treated as errors, which in turn stops the kernel build. As expected, this change has led to quite a mess.

7 September 2021 - Linux 5.15 Fallout - 129 Comments
Con Kolivas Contemplates Ending Kernel Development, Retiring MuQSS & -ck Patches

Con Kolivas has worked on many patches for the Linux kernel over the past two decades and particularly focused on innovations around desktop performance/interactivity. For over a decade now he's primarily been focused on maintaining his work out-of-tree and not catering to mainline acceptance but now he is thinking of bowing out once more and ending his kernel development effort.

31 August 2021 - Con Kolivas - 36 Comments
The PREEMPT_RT Locking Code Is Merged For Linux 5.15

It looks like the real-time (RT) patches for the Linux kernel are almost to the point of being fully upstream in the mainline Linux kernel. Merged for Linux 5.15 is the PREEMPT_RT locking code that represents a bulk of the outstanding RT patches.

30 August 2021 - Almost Real-Time - 31 Comments
Scheduler Changes For Linux 5.15 - Still No Sign Of Any Intel Thread Director Optimizations

Ingo Molnar began sending in his pull requests bright and early as usual for the just-opened Linux 5.15 merge window. With the scheduler changes for this next kernel version there are some improvements worth mentioning but also worth mentioning is what hasn't found its way to the kernel yet: any software optimizations around Intel Thread Director for upcoming Alder Lake processors.

30 August 2021 - Linux 5.15 Scheduler - 14 Comments
Linux 5.15 To Fix Regression In Its Floppy Disk Driver

Near the beginning of the year was some rare work on Linux's floppy disk driver and -- a half-year later -- it was found out that not only do people with systems using floppy disks still move to newer kernels, but that work earlier in the year had regressed the Linux kernel's floppy disk handling. Now coming for Linux 5.15 is a fix.

29 August 2021 - Still Flopping In 2021 - 17 Comments
Red Hat Patch Proposal To Split FBDEV Core Support

For nearly the past decade there has been calls for deprecating the Liux kernel's frame-buffer "FBDEV" device code though the code remains within the kernel. While these days most display drivers are DRM-based even in the embedded world, a lot of FBDEV code still ends up in kernel builds even when just wanting to use DRM's FBDEV emulation layer. But a patch proposal out of Red Hat would further split-up the FBDEV core support to allow less of it to be built.

27 August 2021 - Allow Some Junk To Be Disabled - 28 Comments

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