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Valve Revises Steam's December 2020 Linux Marketshare To 0.74%

The numbers Steam posted on New Year's Day for the December 2020 Linux gaming marketshare showed a drop of 0.33% down to just 0.57%. That is a rather large drop but now Valve has updated their numbers and point to Linux still regressing percentage wise but not as bad as originally reported.

3 January 2021 - Still A Dip - 46 Comments
It's 2020: Linux Kernel Sees New Port To The Nintendo 64

It's been a turbulent year and 2020 is certainly ending interesting in the Linux/open-source space... If it wasn't odd enough seeing Sony providing a new official Linux driver for their PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for ending out the year, there is also a new Linux port to the Nintendo 64 game console... Yes, a brand new port to the game console that launched more than two decades ago.

25 December 2020 - Nintendo 64 + Linux Kernel - 27 Comments
Unigine 2.13 Continues Enhancing Their OpenGL Engine While Still Porting To Vulkan

Unigine 2 remains one of the most visually stunning game and simulation engines out there. That's even with still using OpenGL (or Direct3D 11 also on Windows) while their Vulkan renderer remains in the works. Unigine 2.13 is out this week as their latest iteration of this visually incredible engine with first-rate Linux support.

26 November 2020 - Unigine 2.13 - 7 Comments
Linux Syscall User Dispatch Close To Mainline For Better Handling Windows Games

Earlier this year we reported on Linux kernel work for better handling Windows games/apps that make system call instructions that bypass the Windows API. Directly making the system calls without going through the WinAPI has become an increasingly common occurrence for modern Windows games, likely as part of their Digital Rights Management schemes. Syscall User Dispatch is now the latest take on that effort.

19 November 2020 - Syscall User Dispatch - 10 Comments
SDL2 Adds Support For The Xbox Series X Controller

Last week Valve added Sony PlayStation 5 controller support to SDL2 while today there is launch-day support for the Xbox Series X controller for this cross-platform abstraction layer popular with games.

10 November 2020 - SDL2 + Xbox Series X - 4 Comments
Turnip Vulkan Driver Picks Up Geometry Streams To Support DXVK's Direct3D 10.1

We haven't heard much of traditional Linux gaming on any ARM-powered Qualcomm notebooks as it would rely on the likes of Hangover for running Windows x86_64 games on ARM, but the Turnip Vulkan driver within Mesa has a necessary feature for now being able to run DXVK with the Direct3D 10_1 (v10.1) feature level.

3 November 2020 - Geometry Streams - 3 Comments
Unvanquished Game, Assets Are Now Fully Open-Source Compliant

Unvanquished was one of the most promising open-source game projects nearly a decade ago with its "Daemon" engine but since abandoning their monthly alpha release regiment and their beta/stable releases never materializing either, it's been relatively quiet the past few years. But their developers have been persisting and today they are announcing that following a three-year cleanup the game is fully free/open-source including all assets under applicable licenses.

15 September 2020 - Fully Free Unvanquished - 5 Comments
Feral's GameMode 1.6 Released For Optimizing The Linux Gaming Experience

GameMode 1.6 is out as the Linux daemon developed by game porting firm Feral Interactive for setting the CPU frequency scaling governor and other helpers when launching games in an effort to enhance the Linux gaming performance and then returning the system to its prior state after the game has quit.

11 September 2020 - GameMode 1.6 - 10 Comments
FUTEX2 Still Being Worked On For Benefiting Linux Gaming & Much More

Proposed last summer by Valve and Collabora developers were extending the Linux kernel's futex system call to allow for more optimal thread pool synchronization and paired with Wine/Proton work to better match the semantics of Windows. That then spun into creating a new system call, futex2. With the recently closed Linux 5.9 merge window the new futex2 system call didn't land, but the work is still being pursued.

24 August 2020 - futex2 - 1 Comment
The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released

The Unigine Engine appears to be having great success in the engineering and simulation space more so than for the competitive game engine space, but in any case Unigine 2.12 is now out with this visually stunning engine delivering even more life-like visuals while continuing to be Linux-friendly.

1 August 2020 - Unigine Engine 2.12 - 3 Comments
Core i3 10100 vs. Core i5 10600K vs. Ryzen 3 3300X Linux Gaming Benchmarks

Last month on Phoronix were 350+ benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X vs. Intel Core i3 10100, including a number of Linux gaming performance tests. Following that I also ran some tests with the Core i5 10600K tossed in for those that may be weighing between the Ryzen 3 / Core i3 vs. Core i5 for gaming. Here are those additional data points.

26 July 2020 - Linux Gaming Performance - 27 Comments

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