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A Quick Look At Feral GameMode / P-State Powersave vs. Performance

With today's release of the Feral GameMode library/daemon of course I am running some benchmarks... Here is some initial numbers while this has spurred some fresh benchmarks looking at the P-State vs. CPUFreq performance and their respective frequency scaling governor options.

10 April 2018 - GameMode Test - 2 Comments
VK_GOOGLE_display_timing May Be A Big Help For Vulkan Games

In going through the GDC 2018 videos and slides now available, one of the most interesting sessions is Alen Ladavac of Croteam talking about frame stuttering and in particular how his company is working to overcome it thanks in part to Vulkan's VK_GOOGLE_display_timing extension.

31 March 2018 - VK_GOOGLE_display_timing - 2 Comments

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