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LVFS Activity Going Wild Ahead Of New Security Disclosure Requiring Firmware Update

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) that integrates with Fwupd for delivering firmware updates primarily to Linux users is surging with around three times the normal traffic volume. Unfortunately, this boost in traffic appears to be due to vendor(s) releasing new system firmware updates ahead of disclosing a presumptive security issue.

18 January 2022 - Linux Vendor Firmware Service - 16 Comments
Linux Vendor Firmware Service Serves Up 40 Millionth Download

With the accelerating growth of the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) for serving up system and component firmware files to Linux users for flashing via the fwupd utility, today it crossed the milestone of having served up more than 40 million firmware files.

1 December 2021 - LVFS - 21 Comments
FWUPD Linux Firmware Updater Prepares "Best Known Configuration" Feature

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) and FWUPD on their great upward trajectory has in recent times been expanding beyond their initial focus of desktop/laptop hardware to supporting more server platforms for firmware updating. The latest feature driven by their growing server interests is "best known configuration" handling for where there are multiple independently-versioned firmware packages for a given system and may be support recommendations or potential version conflicts between the the different firmware packages.

29 November 2021 - Best Known Configurations - 11 Comments
FWUPD 1.7 Released With Supporting More Hardware For Firmware Updates On Linux

FWUPD and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) continue to serve as a resounding open-source success for allowing an increasing amount of hardware to support firmware updates on Linux from system/motherboard UEFI to disk drives and various peripherals. LVFS is now serving up more than two million firmware downloads a month while FWUPD 1.7 is out today with supporting firmware updates on even more hardware.

6 October 2021 - FWUPD 1.7 - 10 Comments
Linux's FWUPD Expands Poly High-End Web Camera Support

For those looking to purchase a high-end Linux-friendly web camera for your home office or other environment, there are a few more options now compatible with Linux's fwupd if interested in having the capability of updating the camera firmware under Linux.

31 July 2021 - Poly - 18 Comments
It's Good But Maybe Bad: LVFS Skyrockets With More Than 100k Firmware Updates In One Day

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) with Fwupd has been serving on average around 40k~50k firmware updates per daay to Linux users relying on this cross-vendor, open-source firmware distribution service with FWUPD for applying firmware updates under Linux. But yesterday its usage just skyrocketed with more than 100,000 firmware updates in a single day... That's great for adoption but the motivation for the mass firmware updates may be something rough on the horizon.

17 June 2021 - Security Issue About To Drop? - 21 Comments
FWUPD Is Being Ported To The BSDs To Handle Firmware Updating

With the incredible success of FWUPD and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) where most major hardware vendors are supporting it in some capacity for distributing firmware updates to Linux customers, there are BSD developers working to it port it over to their camp to support firmware updates.

7 February 2021 - FWUPD On BSDs - 20 Comments
The Meteoric Rise Of Fwupd+LVFS For Linux Firmware Updates

Intel firmware expert Brian Richardson was at FOSDEM 2020 to talk up UEFI Capsule Update functionality and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) for allowing OEMs/ODMs to easily distribute firmware updates to Linux users for application with the Fwupd firmware updating utility.

4 February 2020 - LVFS Adoption - 24 Comments
Fwupd 1.3.1 Released With GNOME Firmware 3.34

Richard Hughes has released GNOME Firmware 3.34, his new project formerly known as the GNOME Firmware Update as an alternative interface outside of GNOME Software for managing firmware updates on Linux. Additionally, Fwupd 1.3.1 is out with the newest firmware updating bits.

13 September 2019 - Linux Firmware Updating - 4 Comments

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