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Expanded Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Support Is Being Worked On For Linux

With the forthcoming Linux 4.10 kernel there is finally support for Turbo Boost Max 3.0 as featured in some newer Intel CPUs. But, unfortunately, the code in Linux 4.10 doesn't work for all TBM3-capable systems out there, but a new kernel patch is being worked on for Linux 4.11 or later to make it work with more hardware.

19 January 2017 - Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 - 10 Comments
Intel's Mesa Driver Set To Flip On OpenGL 4.5 For Haswell

It was just two weeks ago that Intel's Mesa driver finally crossed the threshold with Haswell for supporting OpenGL 4.0 and then last week OpenGL 4.2 was crossed for this older generation of Intel graphics hardware. Now, it looks like OpenGL 4.5 will be enabled for Haswell with the i965 Mesa driver.

16 January 2017 - Haswell OpenGL 4.5 - 19 Comments
Fresh Tests Of Intel Beignet OpenCL

When firing up Intel's Beignet OpenCL implementation on Clear Linux this weekend, I was surprised to see it was happily chugging along with many of our different CL benchmarks.

15 January 2017 - Beignet 2017 - 2 Comments
A Look At Where The P-State Linux Driver Does Bad Against CPUFreq, Clear Linux Tests

I'm still running more benchmarks in investigating the Core i5 7600K Linux performance and with even its graphics performance being slower than Skylake. I fired up Clear Linux on this Kaby Lake system this weekend and it's indeed faster than Ubuntu, though there still is some sort of fundamental issue at play with these new CPUs on Linux. But what is clear is that there are cases where the P-State CPU frequency scaling driver does perform very poorly over the mature, generic CPUFreq scaling driver.

15 January 2017 - P-State vs. CPUFreq - 11 Comments
It's Now Possible To Disable & Strip Down Intel's ME Blob

Many free software advocates have been concerned by Intel's binary-only Management Engine (ME) built into the motherboards on newer generations of Intel motherboards. The good news is there is now a working, third-party approach for disabling the ME and reducing the risk of its binary blobs.

12 January 2017 - Intel Management Engine - 54 Comments
Mesa Patches For Bringing Intel Haswell To OpenGL 4.2

Igalia developers have been doing a lot of work this past week from seeing their FP64 Haswell patches merged, issuing new Ivy Bridge FP64 patches for testing, Float64 support for the Intel Vulkan driver, and related work. The newest from Juan Suarez Romero on behalf of Igalian developers are the 11 patches needed for taking Intel's Mesa driver for Haswell to the OpenGL 4.2 milestone.

9 January 2017 - Haswell OpenGL 4.2 - 13 Comments
AMD Kaveri vs. Intel Skylake With The Latest Linux/Mesa Open-Source Drivers

I'm in the process of testing a lot of my different CPUs/APUs in preparation for some Kaby Lake Linux benchmarks next week with the Core i5 7600K and Core i7 7700K. Along the way with the different CPU benchmarks I've also been running some fresh integrated Linux graphics tests on the newer and interesting hardware.

6 January 2017 - Kaveri vs. Skylake - 41 Comments
Igalia Delivers Ivy Bridge Mesa Patches For FP64 / OpenGL 4.0

Fresh off their work on landing the long-awaited Haswell FP64 support followed by today enabling OpenGL 4.0 for Haswell (along with revised Float64 patches for Intel's Vulkan driver), there is now the FP64 patches for Ivy Bridge with the patches that ultimately enable OpenGL 4.0 on this generation-older hardware.

5 January 2017 - Ivy Bridge - 11 Comments
AVC VDENC Video Encoding Enabled For Intel Broxton & Kabylake

For those that don't recall, VDENC is a low-power, high-performance video encode engine added originally to Intel Skylake hardware. That aforelinked article covers the big benefits of using VDENC and the patches published earlier this year for enabling this Intel video encode engine on Linux.

31 December 2016 - VDENC Engine - Add A Comment
Intel's Beignet Working On More OpenCL 2.0 Support

It's unfortunate that the Beignet developers weren't able to get OpenCL 2.0 support fully working for Intel graphics hardware by the end of 2016, but nevertheless the project is ongoing and more OCL2 work landed today.

28 December 2016 - OCL2 Beignet - Add A Comment

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