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Intel Gets Back To Working On Their OpenGL Shader Cache

Prior to joining Valve to work on the Linux graphics stack where one of his first objectives was working on the Gallium3D/RadeonSI shader cache, Timothy Arceri had been working for Collabora where he was tidying up the Mesa on-disk shader cache with a focus on the Intel i965 OpenGL driver. That has yet to be merged with Intel support but now there are developers back to working on this support.

19 August 2017 - i965 Shader Cache - 2 Comments
Intel's Linux Driver Team Jumps On Vulkan 1.0.54 Changes

While the Intel Linux OpenGL driver had been slow to adapt to new versions of the specification from The Khronos Group, times have changed and with the Vulkan API they are doing a darn fine job in keeping up with the latest revisions to the specification.

13 July 2017 - Intel ANV Vulkan - 1 Comment
Intel Core X-Series Lifts, Linux Benchmarks Forthcoming

Last month at Computex Intel announced the Core-X series with up to 18 core configurations. The first of these new processors are preparing to ship and the embargo has just lifted concerning reviews and performance details.

19 June 2017 - Intel Core X-Series - 28 Comments

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