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Intel AMX Support Begins Landing In LLVM

Following Intel publishing the initial Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) documentation at the end of June, the open-source/Linux bring-up has continued for these new CPU instruction set extensions set to premiere with Sapphire Rapids next year.

2 July 2020 - Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions - Add A Comment
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-06 Released With New Features

While Intel has been providing daily snapshots of the oneAPI Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) open-source compiler, today marks the latest monthly feature compiler release to their cross-architecture language for direct programming that is based on C++ while leveraging SYCL, LLVM/Clang, and other open-source technologies for exploiting the potential of hardware from CPUs to GPUs and FPGAs.

25 June 2020 - oneAPI Data Parallel C++ - 1 Comment
Intel P-State Getting Energy Efficiency Knob, EPB Knob Change

Intel's P-State CPU frequency scaling driver for Linux systems has been seeing a number of refinements lately including some major changes like shifting towards the "Schedutil" scheduler utilization governor by default. Further tuning with new/changed knobs is also on the way for giving users more control over their CPU power / performance preferences.

24 June 2020 - P-State Power Performance - Add A Comment
Intel Releases New Microcode For Skylake CPUs (20200616)

While Intel updated the CPU microcode for Skylake and other affected generations last week as part of the SRBDS / CrossTalk vulnerability that was made public last week Tuesday, today Intel quietly released another microcode revision but this time just for Skylake.

16 June 2020 - Intel microcode-20200616 - 11 Comments
RdRand Performance As Bad As ~3% Original Speed With CrossTalk/SRBDS Mitigation

Following today's disclosure by Intel of the CrossTalk/SRBDS vulnerability that is MDS-based and vulnerable across physical cores with affected instructions, Intel released new CPU microcode to mitigate the most prone/significant instructions. I've been benchmarking the impact of this new microcode on multiple systems and will have a full report tonight or tomorrow morning... But here is a look specifically at the look at the impact on the RdRand performance.

9 June 2020 - RdRand - 30 Comments
Linux 5.8 Supporting Intel TPAUSE Power-Optimized Delays, TSC Fix When Overclocking

TPAUSE is the new Intel instruction for supporting lightweight power/performance optimized and improved power/performance states for sleeping until the timestamp counter (TSC) has reached a desired value. This new instruction with Intel's Tremont architecture will now be used by Linux 5.8+ on supported CPUs for an optimized power state while waiting on a delay event.

3 June 2020 - TPAUSE Timer - Add A Comment

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