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Linux Is Already In Good Shape For The New Features Of Intel Gen11 Graphics & Icelake

Besides seeing Icelake demos at the Intel Architecture Day that were running on Ubuntu, with closely tracking the Linux kernel's development most of the new features presented for Sunny Cove and Gen11 graphics have already been merged or at least available in patch form for some months within the Linux ecosystem. Here's a look at the features talked about yesterday and their state on Linux.

12 December 2018 - Linux Support - 5 Comments
Intel Working On Open-Sourcing The FSP - Would Be Huge Win For Coreboot & Security

Intel's Architecture Day on Tuesday was delightfully filled with an overwhelming amount of valuable hardware information, but Intel's software efforts were also briefly touched on too. In fact, Raja Koduri reinforced how software is a big part of Intel technology and goes in-hand with their security, interconnect, memory, architecture, and process pillars and that's where their new oneAPI initiative will fit in. But what learning afterwards was most exciting on the software front.

12 December 2018 - FSP - 30 Comments
Intel Details Gen11 Graphics & Sunny Cove For Icelake

At Intel's architecture day, the company finally detailed their "Gen 11" graphics that we've been seeing open-source Linux graphics driver patches for many months (Intel OTC posted their initial open-source display driver code in early January and has continued the enablement work since) albeit elusive in substantive user details and hardware until Icelake. But today at least we can share more about the significant improvements with Gen11 graphics.

12 December 2018 - Intel Gen11 Graphics - 10 Comments
Intel GVT Might Introduce Coffeelake Support In Linux 4.22

While Coffeelake processors have been available for a year now, Intel initially didn't intend to support their open-source Graphics Virtualization Technology (GVT) with these chips but now are in the process of bringing up such support.

7 December 2018 - GVT + Coffeelake - 2 Comments
Intel Vulkan Driver Gets Patches For New KHR_shader_float16_int8 Functionality

Yesterday saw the release of Vulkan 1.1.95 that introduced the new VK_KHR_shader_float18_int8 extension for supporting 16-bit floating-point types and 8-bit integer types within shader code for arithmetic operations, compared to earlier extensions limiting these data types to load/store operations. NVIDIA released a same-day driver update for the new 1.1.95 extensions while now Intel's "ANV" open-source Vulkan code is the second Linux driver seeing this support (or first if just looking at the open-source drivers).

4 December 2018 - Float16 + Int8 Types In Shader Code - Add A Comment
To No Surprise, Intel's Discrete GPU Efforts Will Support Linux Gaming

It should come as virtually no surprise to any regular Phoronix reader given the significant investment Intel makes to Linux via their Open-Source Technology Center with working on Mesa for their Vulkan/OpenGL drivers and related components, but their discrete GPU undertaking will support Linux gaming alongside Windows.

30 November 2018 - Intel + Linux Gaming - 18 Comments
The First Benchmarks Of The Intel-Powered ODROID-H2 $111 Board

Last month ODROID announced an Intel-powered single board computer after their experimenting with a Ryzen SBC hadn't panned out for this company known for their high-performance ARM SBCs. The ODROID-H2 has begun shipping as this $111 USD Intel x86_64 quad-core board while for your viewing pleasure today are some initial performance benchmarks of this board.

28 November 2018 - Intel ODROID-H2 - 51 Comments
Intel Developer's New Proposal For Shipping Optimized Glibc Subset (libcpu-rt-c)

While the Intel Open-Source Technology Center invests heavily into the GNU/Linux toolchain in ensuring their future processors will have their full feature set and performance potential exploited, when it comes to the GNU C Library "glibc" in particular it can be quite a while before Linux distributions pull in a new release that contains various Intel performance optimizations. As a result, Intel Linux veteran toolchain developer H.J. Lu has laid out a new proposal.

22 November 2018 - libcpu-rt-c - 7 Comments
GCC 9 Lands Support For Intel PTWRITE

There has been a flurry of activity recently for the GCC 9 compiler due to feature development ending soon. The latest work hitting their mainline tree this morning is support for the Intel PTWRITE instruction.

9 November 2018 - PTWRITE - Add A Comment
Intel Already Posts First Open-Source Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 4.21~5.1

The merge window isn't even over yet for the current Linux kernel cycle that will end in late December or early January, but Intel's stellar open-source crew responsible for their kernel graphics driver have already sent out their first set of changes to DRM-Next for what will start 2019 with either the Linux 4.21 cycle or 5.1 depending upon how the 4.20~5.0 versioning is decided.

2 November 2018 - Intel i915 DRM - 22 Comments

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