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Intel's Cloud Hypervisor 0.3 Adds Block Device Offloading, Paravirtualized IOMMU

Intel developers have been working on the Cloud Hypervisor that is written in Rust and built atop KVM as an open-source VMM designed for running modern cloud workloads while being focused on just supporting modern software/interfaces and relying upon para-virtualized (VirtIO) devices without legacy support. This week marked a new release of this forward-looking KVM-based hypervisor solution.

19 October 2019 - Cloud Hypervisor 0.3 - 4 Comments
Intel Tiger Lake Support Lands In Their NEO OpenCL/Compute Stack

In addition to the Tigerlake support being plumbed within the Linux kernel and other areas of the open-source Linux software stack, this week they pushed out their initial Gen12 Tiger Lake support into the NEO compute run-time that is for providing OpenCL support as well as the ongoing SYCL enablement and other work around their forthcoming oneAPI model.

6 October 2019 - Tigerlake Compute - 3 Comments
Intel MKL-DNN Deep Neural Network Library Benchmarks On Xeon & EPYC

This week Intel released MKL-DNN 1.1 as their open-source deep learning library. They also rebranded the software project as the "Deep Neural Network Library" (DNNL) though its focus remains the same. I ran some initial benchmarks on MKL-DNN/DNNL 1.1 on AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon hardware for reference.

6 October 2019 - MKL-DNN 1.1 - 12 Comments
Intel's SNA 2D Acceleration Code Sees Rare Activity

Intel's SNA "Sandybridge New Acceleration" for 2D acceleration via their deprecated xf86-video-intel X.Org driver has seen some improvements, which is rare these days considering the for this driver that has been in perpetual version 3.0 development for the past six years.

29 September 2019 - SandyBridge New Acceleration - 9 Comments

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