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The Linux Kernel Is Preparing To Enable 5-Level Paging By Default

While Intel CPUs aren't shipping with 5-level paging support, they are expected to be soon and distribution kernels are preparing to enable the kernel's functionality for this feature to extend the addressable memory supported. With that, the mainline kernel is also looking at flipping on 5-level paging by default for its default kernel configuration.

14 September 2019 - 5-Level Paging - 43 Comments
Intel Resurrecting FSGSBASE Support For Linux To Help With Performance

Going on for months had been work by Intel Linux developers on supporting the FSGSBASE instruction for helping Intel CPU performance going back to Ivybridge where this instruction set extension was first introduced. The FSGSBASE support was queued for the Linux 5.3 kernel but was reverted due to "serious bugs" in the implementation. Intel has now published a revised version of this support.

12 September 2019 - FSGSBASE - 1 Comment
The Intel SVT-VP9 Performance Boost Across 10 Intel/AMD Systems

As a follow-up from this weekend's article about Intel's SVT-VP9 video encoder running much faster on AVX2 CPUs from both Intel and AMD, here are the results now before/after for ten different systems with this open-source CPU-based VP9 video encoder.

10 September 2019 - SVT-VP9 Performance Optimization - 18 Comments
Intel's Gallium3D Driver Gains Optimization For Helping With Java OpenGL Performance

In our recent Mesa 19.2 benchmarks of Intel's old and new (Gallium3D) OpenGL Linux drivers one of the rare areas where the new "Iris" driver performed behind the classic driver was with "j2dbench" that stresses the Java OpenGL pipeline. At the time it was unknown why the new driver was performing subpar for this Java graphics test, but now at least there's one optimization so far in addressing that shortcoming.

10 September 2019 - Iris + Java OpenGL Performance - 5 Comments
Intel Graphics Compiler Changes For Gen12 - Biggest Changes To The ISA Since i965

Since June Intel's open-source developers have begun volleying the initial open-source graphics driver code for Tigerlake "Gen12" hardware. To date the Gen12 changes haven't been too invasive even with this being the first generation with the "Xe Graphics" engine branding. But that's now changed with a new patch series showing major changes to the graphics instruction set.

6 September 2019 - Gen 12 Graphics ISA - 8 Comments
Intel SGX Linux Support Bits Revved For A Twenty-Second Time

The Software Guard Extensions (SGX) support for the Linux kernel around the memory enclaves continues to be worked on by the open-source Intel team and is now up to their twenty-second revision but it's not clear that this code is ready yet for the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle.

4 September 2019 - Intel SGX v22 - Add A Comment
Intel Begins Setting Up Driver Mappings For Classic vs. Gallium3D OpenGL Linux Drivers

Intel has previously indicated they plan for their new "Iris" Gallium3D driver to become their default OpenGL driver for Linux by EOY 2019 as far as Broadwell graphics and newer are concerned. Working in that direction and acknowledging their "Gen 12" Tiger Lake graphics will only be supported under Gallium3D OpenGL, they have begun establishing the driver mappings to handle the change-over.

29 August 2019 - Intel Classic vs. Gallium3D - 2 Comments
Intel Gen 12 Graphics Bringing "Display State Buffer" Engine

Since June there has been the Intel open-source development team volleying Linux patches for bringing up Tiger Lake "Gen 12" graphics. There have been several rounds of patches working on the new Gen 12 graphics and that experimental open-source support is coming with Linux 5.4. A new patch series sheds more light on one of the new Gen 12 hardware features: the Display State Buffer engine.

29 August 2019 - Gen12 DSB - Add A Comment
Linux Kernel Clearing Up Intel CPU Names With Proliferation Of Different Cores

Stemming from recent discussions over Intel's Linux enablement for Intel's Lightning Mountain SoC that characterized it as a "AIRMONT_NP" for a "network processor" even though it's not limited to networking use-cases, and with Intel's proliferation of different CPU cores in general, the Linux kernel is seeing some cleaning up of their different Intel CPU names.

26 August 2019 - Core Overload - Add A Comment
Intel Shares Highlights From Their 2019 Open-Source Technology Summit

Taking place back in May at the beautiful Skamania Lodge in Washington was Intel's OSTS 2019 for their annual Open-Source Technology Summit that traditionally was internal-only but has begun opening up including allowing external participants this year. I was at OSTS 2019 and it's by far my highlight of the year with many really great sessions and a lot of useful networking at the event. Intel's open-source team has now shared some video recordings from this open-source/Linux event.

24 August 2019 - OSTS 2019 - 3 Comments
Intel Tries Again To Auto Enable GuC/HuC Functionality For Their Linux Graphics Driver

Intel previously tried auto-enabling GuC and HuC functionality within their Linux kernel graphics driver but ended up reverting the support since the driver didn't gracefully handle the scenarios of missing/corrupt firmware files. The driver should now be more robust in such situations so they will try again for turning on the automatic behavior, possibly for the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle.

18 August 2019 - GuC HuC - 13 Comments

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