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Intel Engineers Begin Landing Open-Source Support For TDX, Intel Key Locker

Last month Intel published a whitepaper on TDX as Trust Domain Extensions as a means of better securing virtual machines. TDX allows for isolating VMs from the hypervisor and other non-VMM system software. Intel TDX builds off other recent work around MKTME memory encryption and other features. We are now beginning to see that software side support roll-out along with the also-new Key Locker instructions.

24 September 2020 - Trust Domain Extensions - 4 Comments
Intel Platform Monitoring Telemetry Appears Destined For Linux 5.10

As first outlined earlier this year, Intel has been working on the Linux support for Platform Monitoring Technology as a new hardware telemetry feature first introduced with new Tigerlake hardware. It's looking like the initial Intel PMT support will come with Linux 5.10 while further work is being prepared that builds off its foundation.

21 September 2020 - Intel PMT - 8 Comments
Intel Working On VA-API AV1 Acceleration For FFmpeg

With Intel Xe LP / Tigerlake adding AV1 accelerated video decode, the Intel open-source developers are working to expose their AV1 hardware acceleration through the Video Acceleration API (VA-API) for usage by the likes of FFmpeg and other multimedia software.

10 September 2020 - AV1 VA-API - 10 Comments
New Intel Linux Graphics Driver Patches Aim For Better vGPU Performance

Proposed last year were a set of patches aiming to improve the Intel virtual GPU "vGPU" performance in para-virtualized cases by having optimizations around the shared memory region between the guest and Intel GVTg code. With optimizing the workload PV submission and PPGTT PV updates, the glxgears performance could improve by 30~50% while for large media/3D workloads was more around a 4% average improvement.

9 September 2020 - Intel vGPU For PV Optimizations - 8 Comments
Intel Lands Adaptive-Sync/VRR Into Modesetting X.Org Driver

With Intel Gen11 graphics and newer supporting Adaptive-Sync / Variable Refresh Rate for minimizing tearing and stuttering, their open-source developers have now added the necessary bits to the generic xf86-video-modesetting X.Org driver for supporting the VRR functionality.

8 September 2020 - xf86-video-modesetting - 1 Comment

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