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Linux 5.12 To Allow Disabling Intel Graphics Security Mitigations

The Linux 5.12 kernel will allow optional, run-time disabling of Intel graphics driver security mitigations, which so far is just in regards to last year's iGPU Leak vulnerability. This i915.mitigations= module parameter control is being added as part of finally fixing the Haswell GT1 graphics support that was fallout from this mitigaion.

14 January 2021 - i915.mitigations=off - 2 Comments
Pat Gelsinger Is Going Back To Intel As New CEO

While Bob Swan has been the interim and then permanent CEO for less than three years at Intel, following much speculation heating up in recent weeks, Bob Swan is out and returning to Intel is Pat Gelsinger who will now lead as CEO.

13 January 2021 - New Intel CEO - 19 Comments
Intel Preparing New Driver Option To Disable GPU Security Mitigations

Stemming from the renewed attention this week of Haswell GT1 graphics being broken for the past half-year under Linux with the latest versions of the kernel, a revised patch was sent out to restore that graphics support for low-end Haswell Celeron/Pentium processors. As part of that, a new option is being introduced to allow disabling security mitigations of the Intel graphics driver.

9 January 2021 - i915.mitigations=off - 13 Comments
Intel Bringing Async Page Flipping To Older Graphics Hardware

With Linux 5.11 the Intel Linux graphics driver is bringing async page-flipping for Gen9/Skylake and newer. However, patches pending for a future release (potentially 5.12) would extend that performance benefiting feature now all the way back to the Ironlake days.

9 January 2021 - Ironlake And Newer - 5 Comments
Intel Haswell GT1 Graphics Have Been Busted The Past Half-Year On Linux

While Intel is generally well regarded for their Linux development practices especially as it pertains to continuous integration and their test labs for vetting code prior to reaching the mainline Linux kernel to minimize the risk of regressions or other unintended side effects, those running older Haswell GT1 low-end graphics have seen the past several kernel versions going back a half-year yield a GPU hang at boot.

7 January 2021 - Haswell GT1 - 26 Comments
Intel Media SDK 20.5.1 Released

At the start of Q4, Intel released Media SDK 20.3 with AV1 accelerated decode, Rocket Lake, DG1/SG1 discrete GPU support, and other improvements. Now to end out the quarter is a new release coming in at version 20.5.1.

30 December 2020 - Intel Media SDK - 3 Comments
New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020

Intel engineers continued with their decade plus tradition of providing timely hardware support (sans the discrete graphics bring-up taking a bit longer), Intel continued showing what's possible with Linux performance by means of Clear Linux, and yes more security updates were among their popular interactions in 2020.

30 December 2020 - Intel Linux In 2020 - 1 Comment
Linux 5.12 Could Support Intel's Proprietary HDR Backlight Interface

It didn't land for Linux 5.11 but it looks like Linux 5.12 could end up supporting Intel's "HDR Backlight Interface" for helping newer Intel laptops with their backlight controls where they don't comply with VESA specifications but rather catering to Intel's proprietary interface.

28 December 2020 - HDR Backlight Interface - 7 Comments
Intel Sends Out Latest AMX Support For The Linux Kernel

Of all the new Linux 5.11 features and all the enablement work Intel has already completed for Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" hardware, one big feature not yet mainlined is the Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) support.

28 December 2020 - Advanced Matrix Extensions - 1 Comment
Intel Pursuing AVX-512 Optimized Crypto Algorithms For The Linux Kernel

Intel engineers have posted the initial Linux kernel patches providing AVX-512 optimized versions of common crypto algorithms. The AVX-512 optimized versions do pan out and promise to offer huge speed-ups but are disabled by default at this stage over the negative CPU frequency/performance impact that running AVX-512 can have on CPU cores / shared threads.

21 December 2020 - AVX-512 Crypto - 13 Comments
The xf86-video-intel Zombie Driver Finally Flips On TearFree To Avoid Tearing

It's been seven years since Intel last provided a stable release of their "xf86-video-intel" X.Org driver and nearly six years to the day since they even provided their last development snapshot of what was to be xf86-video-intel 3.0. But there still are the occasional commits to this Intel DDX driver such as this week enabling the "TearFree" functionality by default.

18 December 2020 - xf86-video-intel - 13 Comments
Intel Key Locker Support For The Linux Kernel Being Prepared

For the past several months we've seen Intel Key Locker support being worked on for Linux as a new feature coming to future processors for better securing AES keys. That initial Key Locker support was initially focused on the open-source compilers with the new instructions while now the Linux kernel patches have been published in preliminary form.

17 December 2020 - Key Locker - 1 Comment
Intel "IGEN6" Driver Comes To Linux 5.11 For In-Band ECC (IBECC)

Initially found with "Elkhart Lake" SoCs and likely to be found on further future Intel client SoCs is the integrated memory controller supporting in-band ECC (IBECC). Coming with Linux 5.11 is the "IGEN6" EDAC driver for handling this error detection and correction on Intel SoCs sporting IBECC.

15 December 2020 - Intel IGEN6 - 2 Comments
Intel Xe MAX Needs Two Linux Kernels For Now - Meaning You Need To Use A GPU-Accelerated VM

Back in October Intel announced Iris Xe MAX as discrete graphics for laptops. The overall Linux state for Xe MAX hasn't been too clear and we haven't had any hardware access to this Intel laptop discrete graphics hardware to report our own findings, but their developers have now cleared up the situation. The good news is the Xe MAX graphics can be used for a GPU-accelerated Linux virtual machine. The bad news is the Xe MAX support doesn't yet allow for dGPU usage by the host outside of a virtual machine context as it needs "two different [Linux] kernels" for operation in conjunction with the integrated graphics.

14 December 2020 - Xe MAX - 20 Comments

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