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Intel's Open-Source H.265/HEVC Encoder Sees First Release Of 2020

Intel's Scalable Video Technology team is known for their open-source video encoder work particularly on AV1 and VP9 formats, but they also continue to maintain a high performance H.265/HEVC encoder as well. Intel SVT-HEVC 1.5 was released on Monday as their first major update of the year.

4 August 2020 - SVT-HEVC 1.5.0 - 10 Comments
Intel PMT Framework + Tiger Lake Telemetry Support Updated For Linux

Back in May I wrote about Intel working on Platform Monitoring Technology or hardware telemetry capabilities that are coming with Tiger Lake. The Linux support continues to be worked on for this "PMT" functionality although it looks like the work won't be ready in time for the imminent Linux 5.9 kernel merge window.

31 July 2020 - Platform Monitoring Technology - 2 Comments
Linux Kernel Prepping To Make Use Of Intel's New SERIALIZE Instruction

As outlined a few months ago, Intel's future Sapphire Rapids and Alder Lake processors are set to add a SERIALIZE instruction. That SERIALIZE instruction ensures all flags/register/memory modifications are complete as well as draining all buffered writes to memory before the next instruction is executed. Linux is moving forward with preparing to make use of this new CPU instruction in its function for stopping speculative execution and prefetching of modified code.

27 July 2020 - Stopping Speculative Execution - 18 Comments
Intel "Input Output Manager" Linux Driver Coming For Tiger Lake

While Intel's open-source engineers have been working on Tiger Lake enablement for Linux going back roughly a year with many kernel patches spanning the different areas over numerous kernel releases, which aligns with Intel's ongoing cadence of ensuring good Linux hardware support at launch even for consumer hardware, there have been a few stragglers in the Linux bring-up for Tiger Lake.

25 July 2020 - Input Output Manager - 2 Comments
Intel Graphics Compiler Merges New Vector Compute Backend

While Intel on the hardware manufacturing side continues facing stiff challenges, on the open-source software side the company continues making legendary progress. Out in today's Intel Graphics Compiler and in turn Intel Compute Runtime releases as part of their GPGPU toolchain is the recent open-sourcing and integration of their Vector Compute back-end.

24 July 2020 - Open-Source Vector Compute Backend - 6 Comments
Intel Gen12 Graphics Bring EU Fusion - EUs Fused In Pairs

While we remain eager to find out more about (and benchmark) Intel Gen12 graphics in Tiger Lake and Xe discrete graphics with this generation bringing the biggest changes to the ISA since i965, Linux patches and bug reports do continue offering new tid-bits of information on Gen12.

16 July 2020 - EU Fusion - 12 Comments
Intel AMX Support Lands In The GNU Assembler

Intel's open-source compiler engineers have been quite timely in getting the Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) support out in the relevant components since Intel formally outlined AMX in last month's programming reference manual.

12 July 2020 - Intel AMX - 4 Comments
Intel Architectural LBR Support Going Into Linux 5.9

Intel CPUs have long supported LBR for last branch records as a means of recording the branches to which software has taken along with exposing other control flow information. This has relied upon model-specific registers while with future Intel CPUs this is being folded into a more universal CPU architectural feature. Support for Intel "Arch LBR" is set to come later this year with the Linux 5.9 kernel.

8 July 2020 - Architectural LBR - Add A Comment
GCC Compiler Support Posted For Intel AMX

Building upon Intel working on GNU toolchain support for AMX, the newly-detailed Advanced Matrix Extensions being introduced next year with "Sapphire Rapids" Xeon CPUs, the GCC compiler support has been sent out in patch form.

6 July 2020 - Advanced Matrix Extensions - Add A Comment

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