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Linux 5.13 Lands More Fixes To The Mucked Up FPU/XSTATE Handling Mess

Earlier this month Linux 5.13 disabled Intel's ENQCMD functionality for upcoming Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" processors as the kernel software code around it was deemed "broken beyond repair". More of the recent Intel-submitted patches around reworking kernel code in preparation for upcoming CPU features has been found to be rather hairy after already being mainlined and thus another batch of urgent x86 fixes were sent in this morning.

20 June 2021 - Linux 5.13 XSTATE - 7 Comments
Intel M.2 Modem Driver "IOSM" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.14

As part of Intel's new M.2 modem push for EVO laptops and Chromebooks, open-source Intel engineers have been working on "IOSM" as their new M.2 modem driver and this code which has been in the works for months is set to see its debut with the Linux 5.14 cycle.

14 June 2021 - Intel M.2 Modem - 3 Comments
Intel Publishes Latest TDX Support Patches For Linux

Last year Intel detailed Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) as a new means of better protecting virtual machines with hardware-assisted isolation between VMs as well as from the VMM/hypervisor. Shortly after that Intel began posting TDX enablement patches and that work has continued while is still ongoing.

14 June 2021 - Trust Domain Extensions - Add A Comment
Linux 5.14 To Begin Enabling The Intel Graphics TTM Memory Management Bits for dGPUs

While a decade ago Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver engineers resisted TTM at the time and instead devised the Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) for kernel graphics memory management needs in its place, now with discrete graphics cards and dedicated video memory, Intel has been working on making use of TTM memory management for those purposes. With Linux 5.14 the initial bits are going to be there for using TTM by the Intel driver when running with discrete graphics having local memory.

13 June 2021 - Discrete Graphics - 3 Comments
Intel's ConnMan 1.40, IWD 1.15 Released For Linux Networking

A number of Intel's open-source projects have been seeing new released this week presumably for making Q2/H1-2021 goals, including two of the networking projects maintained by the company: the ConnMan connection manager and IWD wireless daemon.

13 June 2021 - Intel Linux Networking - 8 Comments
Intel's ISPC Compiler Adds Alder Lake + Sapphire Rapids Support And Apple Arm Chips

On Friday afternoon Intel released a new version of their ISPC compiler, the Implicit SPMD Program Compiler, that supports a variant of the C programming language with extensions around single-program, multiple-data programming for CPU and GPU execution. Not only does this release prepare support for upcoming Intel CPUs but also adds support now for Apple's Arm processors.

12 June 2021 - Intel SPMD Program Compiler - 8 Comments
Intel Alder Lake Thunderbolt/USB4 Support For Linux 5.14

Intel's Linux engineers continue squaring away the next-generation Alder Lake hybrid processor support. In addition to continued graphics driver work and other platform device IDs being added for the upcoming Linux 5.14 kernel, it looks like ADL's Thunderbolt/USB4 support will be merged too.

11 June 2021 - Alder Lake Thunderbolt - 8 Comments
Linux Kernel Prepares For Intel Xeon CPUs With On-Package HBM Memory

Last year Intel's updated ISA extensions reference guide was updated with references to Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" having High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) given new HBM-related error codes. Now it's even more clear there are Xeon CPUs coming to market with onboard HBM memory as Intel has begun submitting Linux kernel driver changes.

11 June 2021 - Xeon + HBM - 32 Comments
Intel Publishes A Bunch Of Code Samples For Helping To Optimize For Their Latest CPUs

Intel has maintained a lengthy "Optimization Reference Manual" for showing developers how to optimize code for their latest CPU microarchitectures, but accompanied by their latest manual update is now a lot of actual code samples for easing the process of learning about Intel's optimization techniques for taking full advantage of their latest processors.

10 June 2021 - Optimization Reference Manual Samples - 2 Comments
Linux Disables Intel's New ENQCMD Feature Since Kernel Code "Broken Beyond Repair"

For two years now we have seen various open-source patches around ENQCMD instructions for the code compilers and the Linux kernel. This Enqueue Stores support is part of Intel's Data Streaming Accelerator coming with Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids". But even with Sapphire Rapids not launching until later this year, the already merged Linux kernel code is force-disabling the ENQCMD instructions support as the current kernel support is deemed "broken beyond repair" and will need to be reworked.

6 June 2021 - ENQCMD - 5 Comments
Linux 5.14 To Bring Reworked User-Space API For Intel Discrete Graphics

The Linux 5.14 kernel this summer is going to bring a reworked user-space API for Intel's DG1 graphics card and their future discrete graphics offerings. This change to the Intel kernel graphics driver's user-space API, which is currently flagged as "broken" until it has been proven sufficiently capable for user-space needs and stable, is principally needed for handling of device local memory (dedicated vRAM).

28 May 2021 - Intel uAPI Breakage - 2 Comments
Intel's OpenGL Mesa Drivers Now In Good Shape For External Objects

Over the past year developers from Igalia, Collabora, and others have been involved in bringing up support for the OpenGL EXT_external_objects extension within the Intel open-source drivers. That work is now squared away as one of the pieces for offering better interoperability between OpenGL and Vulkan.

27 May 2021 - EXT_external_objects - 2 Comments
Intel Protected Xe Path Code Updated, Now Defaults PXP Code To Disabled

Intel's open-source driver engineers remain very active on bringing up their discrete graphics card support under Linux with restructuring of the kernel driver to handle local/dedicated memory among a variety of other changes needed. Plus there are new features with the latest generation of Intel graphics such as the Protected Xe Path (PXP) for hardware-protected sessions for multi-user / multi-process scenarios. The Intel PXP code for their Linux driver has been in the works since last year and the latest revision now submitted.

25 May 2021 - Intel PXP - 2 Comments
Linux 5.14 To Bring Intel IGC Driver Support For AF_XDP Zero-Copy

After Intel originally proposed zero-copy capability for the Linux kernel's AF_XDP high performance packet processing code years ago and implemented for their higher performance network hardware/drivers, with Linux 5.14 the common Intel "IGC" Gigabit Ethernet driver is set to introduce AF_XDP zero-copy support.

24 May 2021 - AF_XDP Zero-Copy - 2 Comments

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