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Intel Ironlake Receives Patches For RC6 Power Savings

Intel Ironlake "Gen 5" graphics have been around for seven years now since being found in Clarkdale and Arrandale processors while finally now the patches are all worked out for enabling RC6 power-savings support under Linux.

19 November 2017 - RC6 Power Savings - 11 Comments
Intel Coffee Lake & Cannonlake Thermal Support In Linux 4.15

While Intel Coffee Lake hardware is shipping already, a few bits of tardy kernel code for these "8th Gen Core" CPUs is only hitting the Linux 4.15 kernel. The Intel DRM driver is most notably enabling Coffee Lake graphics by default in 4.15, but there's also some thermal code now landing among other changes now happening.

17 November 2017 - int340x - Add A Comment
Intel Batch Buffer Logger Updated For Mesa

Intel's Kevin Rogovin has been working on a "BatchBuffer Logger" for the Intel graphics driver that offers some useful possibilities for assisting in debugging/analyzing problems or performance penalties facing game/application developers.

14 November 2017 - BatchBuffer Logger - 2 Comments
Working Intel CET Bits Now Land In GCC8

A few days back I wrote about Intel's work on Control-flow Enforcement Technology beginning to land in GCC. This "CET" work for future Intel CPUs has now landed in full for GCC 8.

22 October 2017 - Control-Flow Enforcement - Add A Comment
Intel OpenGL Shader Cache Revised Once More

The long ongoing work to implement an OpenGL/GLSL shader cache for the Intel Mesa driver has been revised once more with 32 new patches hitting the mailing list today.

19 October 2017 - i965 GLSL Shader Cache - 7 Comments

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