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Intel Has Accumulated 400+ Graphics Driver Patches So Far For Linux 5.7

Intel just sent out their initial pull request of new feature changes/improvements to DRM-Next that in turn is for landing in about one month's time when the Linux 5.7 merge window kicks off. With taking longer than usual to send in their first round of feature updates, this first of several pull requests already amounts to over 400 patches.

25 February 2020 - Linux 5.7 DRM-Next - Add A Comment
27th Time The Charm? Intel SGX Enclaves Support For Linux Revved Again

For four years we have been seeing Intel Secure Guard Extensions (SGX) bring-up for the Linux kernel and that work continues with the Intel SGX Enclaves support now having been sent out for review twenty-seven times as it tries to work its way towards the mainline Linux kernel.

24 February 2020 - Intel SGX v27 For Linux - 14 Comments
Intel Sends Out Latest Patches For Mitigating Graphics Flaw On Ivybridge/Haswell

It has been one month and a few days since Intel first made public the need for graphics driver patching of Gen 7/7.5 graphics for older Ivybridge / Haswell hardware to fix a graphics hardware flaw. That vulnerability also affected the common Intel Gen9 graphics but there the mitigation was uneventful and quickly merged without causing any performance hit. But for Ivybridge/Haswell one month later the graphics driver mitigation for CVE-2019-14615 is still being addressed.

18 February 2020 - Gen7 - 8 Comments
Intel Blackhole Render Support Lands In Mesa 20.1

Intel Blackhole Render support was finally merged today for the new Intel "Iris" Gallium3D OpenGL driver default, the older i965 driver for pre-Broadwell hardware, and also the Mesa state tracker for Gallium3D drivers.

13 February 2020 - Mesa 20.1 Intel Blackhole - 11 Comments
The Meteoric Rise Of Fwupd+LVFS For Linux Firmware Updates

Intel firmware expert Brian Richardson was at FOSDEM 2020 to talk up UEFI Capsule Update functionality and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) for allowing OEMs/ODMs to easily distribute firmware updates to Linux users for application with the Fwupd firmware updating utility.

4 February 2020 - LVFS Adoption - 24 Comments
Intel's Linux Graphics Stack Is Close To Landing A Code-Generator Generator

Intel's Linux graphics stack has seen a lot of major changes in recent years besides the addition of their "ANV" Vulkan driver. The Intel Linux OpenGL driver saw their new Gallium3D driver, NIR has come about as the new intermediate representation used across their drivers, and other fundamental changes and improvements. The latest underlying work is introducing a pattern-based code generator for their graphics compiler.

3 February 2020 - Pattern-Based Code Generator - 4 Comments
Intel Should Now Have Gen7 Graphics Mitigated Without The Hefty Performance Hit

Earlier this month when Intel disclosed CVE-2019-14615 as a security vulnerability affecting their graphics architecture, older Gen7 graphics saw a huge hit to their performance with the initial patches for addressing this vulnerability on Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors. Fortunately, a new mitigation patch series was sent out this week where they believe the performance costs are now avoided.

31 January 2020 - CVE-2019-14615 iGPU Leak - 16 Comments
Intel SST Core-Power Support Ready For Linux 5.6

Earlier this month I wrote about Intel SST Core-Power patches as part of Intel's Speed Select's functionality for more control over per-core power/frequency behavior based upon the software running on each core. The "core-power" profile support appears ready now for Linux 5.6.

25 January 2020 - Intel SST-CP - Add A Comment
Intel's Vulkan Driver Begins Making Infrastructure Changes For Multi-GPU Support

For months we have seen various Intel open-source Linux graphics driver patches that begin preparing for multi-GPU support where in moving forward with their Xe graphics cards there could be the iGPU + dGPU setup or even multiple Xe graphics cards in a single system. So far those Intel Linux multi-GPU preparations have been focused on their kernel-space driver while now it's reaching into user-space with their Vulkan driver seeing early infrastructure changes.

20 January 2020 - The Xe Future - 10 Comments

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