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Linux 4.9's CPUFreq To Make Greater Use Of Scheduler Info, IOWait Boosting

The past few kernel releases there's been a redesign of CPUFreq and P-State code for being able to make use of the kernel's scheduler utilization data by these CPU frequency scaling drivers. That work also led to the introduction of the Schedutil governor. Work along this line has continued for Linux 4.9.

3 October 2016 - Linux 4.9 Power Management - Add A Comment
Microsoft Reportedly Requires "Signature PCs" To Be Locked To Only Running Windows

Lately I've heard a few reports of some newer PCs being less than friendly with Linux, namely a number of Lenovo devices who have issues with installing Linux. Based upon new information that's come to light from a Phoronix reader, it appears that PCs receiving Microsoft's "Signature Edition" tag are being locked-out from running non-Windows platforms.

21 September 2016 - Signature PCs - 75 Comments
The (No) Phoronix Oktoberfest 2016

Similar to last year, unfortunately there is no Phoronix Oktoberfest meet-up in 2016 unlike in a number of years prior, as unfortunately I am missing the yearly pilgrimage/holiday.

17 September 2016 - Oktoberfest Season - 54 Comments
There Is Talk Of Resuming OpenChrome VIA KMS/DRM Driver Development

Two or so years back or so it was looking hopeful that the mainline Linux kernel would finally have a proper VIA DRM/KMS driver for the unfortunate ones still have VIA x86 hardware and using the integrated graphics. However, that work was ultimately abandoned but there is talk of it being restored.

29 August 2016 - Who Knows - 19 Comments
The Electrical Usage So Far This Summer For Linux Benchmarking

It's been a number of months since providing any glimpse at my power bill for the electrical cost of so much Linux benchmarking that happens constantly here for Phoronix, OpenBenchmarking.org, LinuxBenchmarking.com, etc. From reader requests, here's a look at how the power use is looking this summer after trying to make some optimizations a few months back.

13 August 2016 - Power Use - 46 Comments
See How Your Linux GPU Performance Compares To The Radeon RX 460 On Open-Source

As I mentioned in this morning's Early Open-Source Linux Benchmarks Of The AMD Radeon RX 470, coming up tomorrow I will be publishing the first benchmarks of the Radeon RX 460 under Linux in a AMD/NVIDIA graphics card comparison. However, for those impatient, here are some standalone Linux OpenGL benchmarks of the RX 460 on the AMDGPU+RadeonSI driver stack so you can see how your own system compares.

9 August 2016 - Radeon RX 460 - 9 Comments
ALSA 1.1.2 Released

A number of months after the ALSA 1.1.1 release, a new version of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is now available.

3 August 2016 - ALSA 1.1.2 - Add A Comment
So Far Ubuntu Phone Hasn't Tempted Me, But Would Highly Consider A Tizen Device

With writing this weekend about switching to an S7 Edge powered by Android as my primary smartphone, it generated a flurry of comments in the forums and elsewhere with people wanting to share their two cents. A surprising number of people have contacted me to ask why I didn't buy an Ubuntu Phone or to try to fault me for not buying an Ubuntu Phone.

1 August 2016 - Tizen, Ubuntu Phone Thoughts - 27 Comments

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