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See How Your Linux System Stacks Up To 15 GPUs For 1080p Gaming

This week I posted the results of a 15-way graphics card comparison on Ubuntu Linux with AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards while running the very latest proprietary drivers. Those tests were focused on 4K resolution testing in order to stress the latest-generation AMD/NVIDIA GPUs. However, if you want to see 1080p numbers, here are some benchmark-friendly results.

26 July 2015 - 1080p Linux GPU Comparison - 32 Comments
Purism Librem Laptops Remain Blobbed Up, Less Than Interesting

While it's been several months since the Purism Librem crowd-funding campaing got underway for producing "the first high-end laptop in the world that ships without mystery software in the kernel, operating system, or any software applications," the Librem 15 still relies upon a proprietary BIOS and there's still no easy fix.

26 July 2015 - Laptop Blobs - 5 Comments
The OCZ Trion 100 SSD Is Running Well On Linux

Recently you may have heard of OCZ launching their new Trion 100 series, which is the latest example of low-cost solid-state storage. The OCZ Trion 240GB costs just $90 USD and the larger capacities are also around $0.375 per GB. In having picked up one of these cheap SSDs for another Linux test system recently, I ran some basic open-source Linux benchmarks on the Trion 100.

19 July 2015 - OCZ TRION 100 SSD Tests - 9 Comments
Jolla Finds A Device Partner In India

Recently there was the news about Jolla splitting up and focusing on Sailfish OS licensing. Yesterday it's been announced that they've landed a device partner in India for expanding their presence in that booming region for mobile users.

17 July 2015 - Jolla + Intex - 4 Comments
The Insane Power Use Of Benchmarking Linux Every Day

While a lot of results are produced on LinuxBenchmarking.com of daily automated open-source/Linux tests and separately on Phoronix.com, these results do not come free but require a great deal of resources to keep going.

14 July 2015 - Linux Benchmarking - 42 Comments
Benchmarks Of 54 Different Intel/AMD Linux Systems

Last month for the Phoronix 11th birthday we ran Benchmarks Of 45 Linux Systems From Atoms, Athlons and Phenoms To Xeons. This week in celebrating 200,000 benchmark results in our LinuxBenchmarking.com test lab, I ran another large comparison against the latest spectrum of hardware/software in the automated performance test lab.

1 July 2015 - Test Lab - 15 Comments
Another Month, Another Round Of Allwinner GPL-Violating Concerns

For the past few months we've been reporting on Allwinner's apparent violations of (L)GPL code primarily around CedarX/media-related bits. While it looked like things were taking a turn for the better last month when they published some new open-source code and joined the Linux Foundation, there's some fresh criticism this week.

23 June 2015 - Allwinner - 1 Comment
The Flopped Ouya Console Gets Acquired By Razer

To very little surprise, Ouya -- the company that started out on Kickstarter as an Android game console -- has been acquired. The reported suitor for the company is high-end gaming company Razer.

16 June 2015 - Razer Buys Out Ouya - 11 Comments
Wondering If HP Will Release Linux++ This Month

Back in 2014 HP made waves over announcing work on "The Machine" that will be a much more efficient computer design than the status quo and that there'd be a new Linux++ / Carbon operating system. Last year they said in "June 2015" they expected to have out Linux++ for emulating the new hardware design.

1 June 2015 - HP Linux OS For The Machine - 12 Comments

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