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Here Is A $5 Fix To Cool Your Raspberry Pi 3

Over the past week of running benchmarks on the Raspberry Pi 3 we have seen how warm this new $35 quad-core ARM 64-bit developer board can get and it's significantly hotter than the Raspberry Pi 2.

9 March 2016 - Raspberry Pi 3 Heatsink - 32 Comments
Raspberry Pi 3 Is Looking Towards Upstream Kernel Support

With the Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit ARM $35 development board that launched earlier this week, there is working open-source kernel code for this new board powered by the Broadcom BCM2837 and it's looking like it hopefully won't be too long before the support is mainlined.

3 March 2016 - Raspberry Pi 3 - 26 Comments
That Exciting, Passively-Cooled Linux PC Is Arriving Next Week

Back in January we covered the launch of the CompuLab Airtop as one of the coolest Linux-friendly PCs ever for entusiasts. This radically designed PC is arriving next week at Phoronix for testing so we'll be able to share more about its design and performance.

27 February 2016 - CompuLab Airtop - 57 Comments
39 System Intel & AMD CPU Benchmarks On Linux

Yesterday I published the interesting and extensive tests around a 9-way Intel Xeon E3 v5 Skylake processor comparison plus a few extra AMD/Intel CPUs for reference. For some Friday benchmarking fun, that comparison has been extended to a total of a 39 system Linux CPU comparison of AMD/Intel hardware!

26 February 2016 - Fun Benchmarking - 17 Comments
I've Happily Switched Away From The Current All-In-One Water Coolers

As I've written about a few times now, I've been working towards eliminating the all-in-one water cooling setups from our Linux benchmarking lab since the performance of these aging water cooling loops hasn't been too incredible and they've been blocking me from migrating the last of my systems in ATX cases over to 4U enclosures. This weekend I finally phased out the last two water cooling systems in favor of well-performing ~$20 USD heatsinks.

22 February 2016 - Back To Air Cooling - 30 Comments
Benchmarks Of The ODROID-C2 64-Bit ARM Development Board

Earlier this month Hardkernel announced the ODROID-C2 as a 64-bit ARM development board that would begin shipping in March. Fortunately, you don't need to wait until next month to find out how this $40 USD 64-bit ARM development board is performing: here are some benchmarks.

12 February 2016 - ODROID-C2 - 7 Comments
What The DRM/KMS "Atomic" Push Is All About

You have more than likely read about the atomic push by DRM/KMS drivers over the past few years. If you still are craving to learn more about it, here's the perfect opportunity.

8 February 2016 - Atomic Mode-Setting - 1 Comment

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