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Animated PNG Support Is Still Being Blocked From Google's Chrome Browser

While Firefox, WebKit, and other browsers / layout engines have supported APNG (Animated PNGs) for some time in hopes of finally unseating GIFs for being a modern animated image file format, it doesn't look like that will happen with Google's Chrome/Chromium being among the few still resisting support for that file format.

29 February 2016 - APNG - 66 Comments
Go 1.6 Released

For fans of Google's Go programming language, version 1.6 was released today.

17 February 2016 - Go 1.6 - 12 Comments
Chrome OS + Android Reported To Combine In 2017

While there's been signals that Google is interested in merging Chrome OS into Android, there are reports coming out that Google has been making progress on that and the consolidated operating system to suit both Chrome OS and Android devices along with normal PCs will be available in 2017.

29 October 2015 - Chrome OS + Android - 35 Comments
How WebGL Works In Chromium

If you've been curious how WebGL works in Chromium or other modern web browsers prior to hitting the graphics driver, here's a lengthy explanation.

26 September 2015 - WebGL Chromium - 2 Comments

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