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Android 11 Aiming For Release In Q3

Android 11 Developer Previews have been available since February in bringing new 5G APIs, updated Neural Network APIs, privacy and security improvements, HDMI low-latency mode support, and many other additions. Google is now preparing the transition to Android 11 betas and ultimately to have this next mobile operating system release ready to roar by Q3.

6 May 2020 - Android 11 - 21 Comments
Google Announces The 200 Open-Source Projects For GSoC 2020

Google's Summer of Code initiative for getting students involved with open-source development during the summer months is now into its sixteenth year. This week Google announced the 200 open-source projects participating in GSoC 2020.

22 February 2020 - GSoC 2020 Organizations - 3 Comments
Google Releases GraphicsFuzz 1.3 For Continuing To Fuzz GPU Drivers

GraphicsFuzz is the project born out of academia a few years ago for fuzzing GPU drivers to find OpenGL / OpenGL ES (WebGL) driver issues. This work was ultimately acquired by Google and then open-sourced just over one year ago. Today marks the release of GraphicsFuzz 1.3.

10 December 2019 - GraphicsFuzz 1.3 - 3 Comments
Google Reaffirms Commitment To Kotlin Programming Language For Android

The Kotlin programming language on Android has become very popular and Google announced today nearly 60% of the top 1,000 Android applications are using Kotlin code in some capacity. Beyond their announcement earlier this year of Android development being Kotlin-first, as they look forward to 2020 will be more Kotlin + Android action.

6 December 2019 - Kotlin + Android - 46 Comments

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