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Google Open-Sources "GraphicsFuzz" For Helping To Spot GPU Driver Bugs

Remember GraphicsFuzz? That was the effort started by university students for fuzzing GPU drivers via WebGL in the browser and over the course of their research found various OpenGL driver bugs, including for mobile drivers. Last month the start-up born out of that university research was acquired by Google and now their work is open-source.

25 September 2018 - GraphicsFuzz - 14 Comments
GraphicsFuzz Acquired By Google To Focus On Fuzzing Android GPU Drivers

GraphicsFuzz is the company that started out via university research into fuzzing GPU drivers and finding many graphics driver bugs along the way. After forming the company GraphicsFuzz, the researchers took to fuzzing from the web browser with WebGL. That company has now been acquired by Google.

6 August 2018 - GraphicsFuzz + Google - 7 Comments
Google Makes Linux Apps On Chrome OS Official

Alongside a plethora of other announcements in kicking off Google's 2018 I/O event, following recent rumors and indications in their dev channel, Google has officially confirmed support for "Linux Apps" on Chrome OS.

8 May 2018 - Linux Apps For Chrome OS - 99 Comments

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