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Google Is Uncovering Hundreds Of Race Conditions Within The Linux Kernel

One of the contributions Google is working on for the upstream Linux kernel is a new "sanitizer". Over the years Google has worked on AddressSanitizer for finding memory corruption bugs, UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer for undefined behavior within code, and other sanitizers. The Linux kernel has been exposed to this as well as other open-source projects while their newest sanitizer is KCSAN and focused as a Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer.

3 October 2019 - KCSAN - 46 Comments
Google Chrome 77 Enters Beta

Following the Chrome 76 release from just over one week ago, Google has now issued the beta for the Chrome/Chromium 77 series.

10 August 2019 - Chrome 77 Beta - 6 Comments

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