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It's Time To Apply For Outreachy Winter 2015

There's less than two weeks ago for those identifying as women or belonging to certain ethnic groups within the United States to apply for this winter's Outreachy program to get paid to be involved with free/open-source software communities.

21 October 2015 - Outreachy Winter 2015 - 29 Comments
GNOME Software To Get A "Kudos" Rating System For Apps

GNOME Software abandoned their "star rating system" over issues with abuse, lack of standardization by reviewers, and that package rating system really not working out. Now they're going to introduce a "kudos" rating system.

12 October 2015 - GNOME Rating System - 16 Comments
GNOME 3.20 Feature Planning Heats Up

With the feature-rich and polished GNOME 3.18 arriving tomorrow, GNOME 3.19 development will quickly kick off in leading up to the GNOME 3.20 release next March.

22 September 2015 - GNOME 3.20 - 8 Comments
Features To Look Forward To With GNOME 3.18

GNOME 3.18 is set to be released tomorrow. If you've fallen behind in your Phoronix reading, here's a list of some the changes and new features to look forward to with this significant desktop environment update.

22 September 2015 - GNOME 3.18.0 - 5 Comments

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