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Flatpak 0.8 Released, The Start Of An LTS Stable Branch

Flatpak, formerly XDG-App, is starting to mature and is looking good for 2017. As a sign of the times, lead Flatpak developer Alexander Larsson at Red Hat announced version 0.8 this week and it will be a long-term supported stable branch.

22 December 2016 - Flatpak 0.8 - 17 Comments
GNOME Lands Mainline NVIDIA Wayland Support Using EGLStreams

While waiting for a new API that can succeed GBM and is agreed upon by both NVIDIA and the open-source community, GNOME developers have gone ahead and merged support for using EGLStreams into their Mutter compositor so that the current proprietary NVIDIA Linux driver will work with GNOME on Wayland.

17 November 2016 - GNOME Wayland - 82 Comments
GTK+ On Windows Finally Supports HiDPI

While GTK3 on Linux with both X.Org/Wayland has supported HiDPI displays for a long while, only with the latest GTK4 development code should there be usable HiDPI support for those using this tool-kit on Microsoft Windows.

5 November 2016 - GTK4 Windows HiDPI - 13 Comments

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