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F-Spot's Port To GTK3 Is Slowly Inching Ahead

While the current stable release of the F-Spot open-source photo manager is almost five years old, the software remains under development and a student participating in this year's Google Summer of Code is hoping to finish porting it to the GTK3 tool-kit.

15 June 2015 - F-Spot Photo Manager - Add A Comment
GNOME's Mutter Now Supports Drag-n-Drop To/From Wayland & X11

This week's GNOME 3.18 development update for the Mutter window manager brought X11 / Wayland clipboard interoperation so that the clipboard contents can be shared across Wayland and X11/X.Org clients. With the latest Git code, there's now drag-and-drop interoperation.

29 May 2015 - GNOME DnD X11/Wayland - 16 Comments
Nautilus & Calendar Improvements Plus More For GNOME 3.18

GNOME 3.18 is under heavy development and already thus far this cycle we've seen GTK+ do away with Windows XP support and integrate other toolkit improvements along with other work like in-progress file manager improvements. Here's more of the GNOME 3.18 work items to get excited about.

18 May 2015 - GNOME 3.18 - 3 Comments
GNOME 3.17.1 Released

Javier Jardón announced the official release of GNOME 3.17.1 on Sunday, the development milestone leading up to GNOME 3.18.

3 May 2015 - GNOME 3.17.1 - 43 Comments
Improvements On The Way For GNOME's Nautilus File Manager

GNOME 3.18 is shaping up to be another super exciting GNOME 3 update. Aside from GTK+ improvements, better Wayland support, and various other additions being worked on for GNOME 3.18, there's also significant improvements planned for the Nautilus file manager.

1 May 2015 - Nautilus 3.18 - 26 Comments
GIMP's Porting To GTK3 Continues

The popular GIMP image editing program continues in its quest of being ported to GTK3, but it's still not clear when it will be finished and merged to mainline.

22 April 2015 - GTK3 GIMP - 35 Comments
GNOME 3.16 SDK Runtime Now Available

Following last week's release of GNOME 3.16, the initial builds of the GNOME SDK Runtime are now available for those wishing to experiment with their new fully-sandboxed Linux app tech and other new app runtime abilities.

31 March 2015 - GNOME SDK Runtime - Add A Comment
GNOME 3.16 Released: It's Their Best Release Yet

Matthias Clasen just sent out the official release announcement for GNOME 3.16 a few minutes ago. Based upon my testing of the GNOME 3.16 development packages thus far, I'm very confident in calling it their best desktop release yet!

25 March 2015 - GNOME 3.16.0 - 46 Comments
A Look At GNOME 3.16's High Contrast Theme

For making its desktop more accessible to users, GNOME 3.16 has improvements when it comes to its high contrast theme with the shell and toolkit both having received accessibility improvements this cycle.

24 March 2015 - GNOME High Contrast - 1 Comment
GNOME 3.16 Release Candidate Arrives

Frederic Peters on the behalf of the GNOME release team announced the GNOME 3.15.92 release today, which serves as the release candidate ahead of the GNOME 3.16 official release at month's end.

18 March 2015 - GNOME 3.15.92 - 11 Comments

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