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GNOME Is Also Getting Fixed Up For Lower CPU Usage With NVIDIA Graphics

Last week I wrote about NVIDIA contributing a fix to KDE/KWin for avoiding high CPU usage when using the proprietary GeForce graphics driver. That fix ended up being due to the KWin compositor making incorrect assumptions about GLX swap buffers behavior. It turns out GNOME also needs a similar fix.

1 April 2019 - GNOME + NVIDIA - 41 Comments
New GNOME Mockups Of The Librem 5 User Interface Work

While Purism is engaging with several different open-source communities for supporting different operating systems and interfaces with their in-development Librem 5 smartphone, by default they are planning to use assets from GNOME for their default user experience to jive with their GNOME-based Pure OS desktop Linux distribution. Here are some new mock-ups on the GNOME side for this privacy-minded Linux smartphone.

27 March 2019 - GNOME Designs For Librem 5 - 26 Comments
A Look At The Many Improvements & New Features In GNOME 3.32

Barring any last minute delays, GNOME 3.32 is expected to ship today as the latest six-month update to this popular open-source desktop environment. GNOME 3.32 personally has me quite excited more so for the improvements -- and bug fixes -- over "new" features, but here is a look at some of what there is to get excited about with this latest update to the GNOME 3 desktop.

13 March 2019 - GNOME 3.32 Features - 50 Comments
More GNOME Shell / Mutter Performance Optimizations & Latency Reductions Still Coming

Over the course of the GNOME 3.32 that is nearly complete as well as GNOME 3.30 there was a lot of measurable performance fixes and enhancements to improve the fluidity of the GNOME desktop as well as addressing various latency issues. While in some areas these performance improvements make a night and day difference, work isn't done on enhancing GNOME's performance.

25 February 2019 - Better GNOME Performance - 33 Comments
GNOME 3.32 Beta 2 Released

Released earlier this month was the GNOME 3.32 beta which also marked the feature/UI/API freeze. Out today is the second beta for the upcoming GNOME 3.32 and now the string freeze is also in effect.

21 February 2019 - GNOME 3.32 - 18 Comments
GNOME 3.32 Gets Fixed Up For Buggy Zoom Mode

In addition to Canonical's Daniel van Vugt having been tackling various performance issues with the GNOME desktop, the Ubuntu developer has also been working on addressing various usability issues and other glaring problems.

24 January 2019 - No More Clipping - 9 Comments

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