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GNOME 3.31.2 Desktop Released

GNOME 3.31.2 is out this Friday as the latest development release in the trek towards next March's GNOME 3.32 release.

16 November 2018 - GNOME 3.32 Series - 34 Comments
Elementary's Pantheon Desktop Update Proposed For Fedora 30

Fedora Workstation 30 will continue to use the GNOME Shell by default (more than likely, GNOME 3.32) but adding to the list of alternative desktop environments could be the elementaryOS' Pantheon Desktop. Pantheon has been available for a few releases on Fedora, but this change proposal is about upgrading the desktop.

29 October 2018 - Fedora 30 + Pantheon - 19 Comments
GNOME Shell & Mutter Reach Their 3.30.1 Milestone

Released at the end of September was GNOME 3.30.1 as the first and only point release collection to the GNOME 3.30 desktop environment feature update that debuted earlier in September. Finally out today are the v3.30.1 updates for Mutter and the GNOME Shell.

8 October 2018 - GNOME Shell / Mutter 3.30.1 - 20 Comments
Flatpak 1.2 Likely Coming Around Year's End With New Features

Prolific open-source developer Matthias Clasen at Red Hat has shared some of the post-1.0 plans for the Flatpak app sandboxing/distribution tech. As it stands now, Flatpak 1.2 will likely be out around the end of the calendar year with the next batch of features.

8 October 2018 - Flatpak 1.2 - 42 Comments

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