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GNOME's New Power-Profiles-Daemon Sees "v0.1" Release

As work that should come together during the GNOME 3.40 cycle, the power-profiles-daemon project has just tagged its "v0.1" inaugural release as part of the work on better power management handling / power profiles easily configurable from the GNOME desktop.

10 September 2020 - Power-Profiles-Daemon - 7 Comments
Dynamic Triple Buffering For GNOME Still Being Worked On To Ramp Up The GPU When Needed

Proposed earlier this summer for GNOME's Mutter was the idea of triple buffering the desktop when the GPU is running behind in order to ideally cause that extra load to ramp up the GPU clock frequencies in order to in turn get back on track with rendering the desktop on-time. A third version of that work is now brewing albeit too late to see with the imminent GNOME 3.38.0 release.

7 September 2020 - Mutter Triple Buffering - 18 Comments
GNOME Mutter Code Further Tuned For Lowering Latency On NVIDIA Driver

One of many performance optimization projects being pursued by Canonical's Daniel van Vugt in the GNOME space has been working to lower the latency when using NVIDIA's proprietary driver to address high latency spikes in certain situations as well as stuttering on the desktop. The Ubuntu developer has had patches under testing for months while this past week a latest revision was made available.

24 August 2020 - Lower Latecy NVIDIA - 4 Comments
Proposed GNOME Patches Would Switch To Triple Buffering When The GPU Is Running Behind

The latest GNOME performance work being explored is effectively how to make the Intel graphics clock speed ramp up quicker when necessary. Canonical developer Daniel van Vugt is working on a set of patches for enabling triple buffering with Mutter when the GPU starts falling behind and that additional rendering work in turn should ramp up Intel GPUs to their optimal frequency in order to smooth out the performance.

28 July 2020 - Ramp Up The Clocks - 37 Comments
GNOME-Usage Program Still Striving To Report Per-Program Power Analytics

Started back in 2018 during the Google Summer of Code was work for reporting system power information within the GNOME-Usage utility. While some user-interface elements were fleshed out and other engineering completed, the code isn't yet merged or ready for users as the approach for accomplishing the per-program power reporting is still being devised.

25 July 2020 - GNOME-Usage Power - 16 Comments
GNOME Optimizations Continue In Striving For Faster 4K Experience

Canonical's Daniel Van Vugt has been engaged in several weeks now in optimizing GNOME for a faster 4K experience particularly when using Intel graphics but many of these optimizations pan out for other GPUs and resolutions too. Over the past week he's been working on yet more optimizations.

13 July 2020 - GNOME 4K - 64 Comments

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