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GNOME Might Need To Crack Down On Their JavaScript Extensions

Longtime GNOME developer and Red Hat engineering manager Jiri Eischmann has looked at recent Fedora Workstation crashes and other problems happening with the GNOME Shell and the most common denominator is problems caused by the GNOME Shell extensions written in JavaScript.

31 July 2018 - GNOME Shell Extensions - 124 Comments
GNOME Shell & Mutter Updated Ahead Of GNOME 3.29.4

GNOME 3.29.4 is coming out this week as the latest development release building up to GNOME 3.30 this September. GNOME Shell and Mutter have put out their latest releases for this development milestone.

18 July 2018 - GNOME 3.29.4 Updates - 9 Comments
More Mutter Performance Tuning Work Landing For GNOME 3.30

GNOME 3.30 is looking like Mutter will be quite fit with the ability to remove its dependence on X11 code and various performance tuning optimizations. On top of already landed performance work in recent months, more optimizations have just landed and it looks like more could still be on the way.

13 July 2018 - Better Performance - 18 Comments

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