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Proposed GNOME Patches Would Switch To Triple Buffering When The GPU Is Running Behind

The latest GNOME performance work being explored is effectively how to make the Intel graphics clock speed ramp up quicker when necessary. Canonical developer Daniel van Vugt is working on a set of patches for enabling triple buffering with Mutter when the GPU starts falling behind and that additional rendering work in turn should ramp up Intel GPUs to their optimal frequency in order to smooth out the performance.

28 July 2020 - Ramp Up The Clocks - 36 Comments
GNOME-Usage Program Still Striving To Report Per-Program Power Analytics

Started back in 2018 during the Google Summer of Code was work for reporting system power information within the GNOME-Usage utility. While some user-interface elements were fleshed out and other engineering completed, the code isn't yet merged or ready for users as the approach for accomplishing the per-program power reporting is still being devised.

25 July 2020 - GNOME-Usage Power - 16 Comments
GNOME Optimizations Continue In Striving For Faster 4K Experience

Canonical's Daniel Van Vugt has been engaged in several weeks now in optimizing GNOME for a faster 4K experience particularly when using Intel graphics but many of these optimizations pan out for other GPUs and resolutions too. Over the past week he's been working on yet more optimizations.

13 July 2020 - GNOME 4K - 64 Comments
Ubuntu 20.10 / GNOME 3.38 Could See Better Intel Gen9 Graphics Performance

While more laptops are shipping these days finally with Icelake "Gen 11" graphics and Tiger Lake with "Gen 12" graphics are expected soon, there still is an incredible amount of hardware out there making use of Intel Gen 9 graphics that have been in use since Skylake. It's looking like for the Ubuntu 20.10 cycle, there is going to be an emphasis on offering better performance for this very common generation of Intel UHD Graphics.

8 June 2020 - Intel Gen9 + GNOME - 25 Comments
GNOME Adds Bit To Launcher Files For Indicating Apps That Should Run On Discrete GPUs

The GNOME Shell has long provided the ability for easily launching applications on alternative GPUs namely for multi-GPU/Optimus-type setups especially with the increasing number of laptops having both integrated and discrete graphics. GNOME is now introducing an addition to .desktop files so applications can specify if they should run on the dedicated GPU if available.

4 May 2020 - .Desktop Addition - 25 Comments
The GNOME Shell Calendar Will Stop Over-Consuming The CPU, Eating Up Battery Life

For the past five months there has been a bug report affecting the likes of Pop OS 19.10 and Fedora 31 over the GNOME Shell Calendar server using "20~25% CPU all the time" and "every 2-3 seconds or so there is a CPU usage spike where the calendar processes eat something like 20-25% of the CPU." That is significant on modern CPUs as well as on battery life for laptops while finally the issue has been fixed.

27 April 2020 - GNOME Shell Calendar - 62 Comments
GNOME 3.36.1 Released With First Batch Of Fixes

Following last month's release of GNOME 3.36 with its many new features and performance improvements, GNOME 3.36.1 is out today with the first batch of updates/fixes to this H1'2020 open-source desktop.

2 April 2020 - GNOME 3.36.1 - 34 Comments

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