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POCL Has Been Making Progress On HSA Support

Faithful Phoronix readers should recall POCL as the Portable Computing Language project working to provide an open-source OpenCL implementation that can be run on CPUs and other targets. One of the initiatives being worked on more recently by POCL developers is an HSA driver.

11 June 2016 - POCL HSA Driver - 1 Comment
PHP 5.3 Through PHP 7.1-dev Tests Along With HHVM On Ubuntu 16.04

With preparing for the upcoming release of Phoronix Test Suite 6.4-Hasvik I've been running through my validation tests on all supported versions of PHP going back to PHP 5.3 as well as HHVM. As part of that testing, I've been running my self-hosted tests of the major PHP release series once again up through PHP 7.1-dev. Here are those results if you are curious about some fresh PHP CLI benchmarks.

1 June 2016 - PHP Benchmarks - 2 Comments
OwnCloud Forms A Foundation

While we don't yet know the exact cause of the exodus happening at ownCloud Inc recently, there is a seemingly-related announcement that today the company has setup the ownCloud Foundation.

31 May 2016 - OwnCloud Foundation - 7 Comments
Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine

What happens when a game engine meets a display server meets a multimedia framework? Oh yeah and whereby the behavior is controlled with Lua. No, it's not a joke, just the latest creation in the open-source world. Say hello to Arcan as a new Linux display server.

30 May 2016 - Arcan Display Server - 17 Comments
ZFS On Linux Looks Like It Will Soon Have Native Encryption Support

The ZFS file-system upstream has offered native encryption support but unfortunately it came after ZFS was closed up by Oracle. The Illumos folks have been working on ZFS encryption while it looks like soon there will finally be encryption support available for ZFS On Linux.

15 May 2016 - ZFS On Linux Encryption - 11 Comments
An Early Look At The Features Of PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL 9.6 isn't being released until later this year, but with it moving along, the release notes are starting to be assembled for this next major update to this open-source SQL server implementation.

7 May 2016 - PostgreSQL 9.6 - 9 Comments

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