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Nginx 1.12 Released

A new release is available of the nginx web server that's continuing to take on Apache with reportedly now having around a 33% web server market-share while Apache has dipped below 50%.

12 April 2017 - nginx 1.12 - 7 Comments
RoundCube Next Hasn't Seen Any Commits So Far In 2017

Last September we wrote about RoundCube-Next being woefully behind schedule even after they raised more than one hundred thousand dollars for this massive overhaul to the RoundCube webmail software. Sadly, not much has changed since and the project has yet to see any Git commits in 2017.

10 April 2017 - RoundCube Next - 11 Comments
Free Software Foundation Europe: What Happened In Munich

For those looking for some interesting weekend reading, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has provided a lengthy write-up about what happened in Munich with regards to LiMux and the possibility of abandoning their Linux/open-source efforts in favor of going back to Microsoft Windows.

4 March 2017 - FSFE - 13 Comments
ELC2017: The State of U-Boot

Thomas Rini of the Konsulko Group presented at this week's Linux Foundation Embedded Linux Conference (ELC2017) about the state of U-Boot.

26 February 2017 - U-Boot 2017 - 3 Comments
UKSM Is Still Around For Data Deduplication Of The Linux Kernel

Several years back we wrote about Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging (UKSM) for data de-duplication within the Linux kernel for transparently scanning all application memory and de-duping it where possible. While the original developer is no longer active, a new developer has been maintaining the work and continues to support it on the latest Linux kernel releases.

25 February 2017 - Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging - 27 Comments
Netdata 1.5 Released With FreeBSD Support, New Plugins

Netdata, for the uninitiated, is a distributed real-time performance and health monitoring suite. Netdata can be used for monitoring server performance/health as well as VMs, IoT devices, and more in a "fast and efficient" manner. Netdata 1.5 has been released as a big update to this open-source tool.

24 January 2017 - netdata 1.5 - 1 Comment

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