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Collabora Had Another Stellar Year For Open-Source Consulting

The Collabora open-source consulting firm whose expertise spans from the Linux kernel to LibreOffice and X.Org had another successful year. The UK-based company last week reported their 2017 financial position last week providing a glimpse at the viability of open-source / free software consulting.

25 September 2018 - Open-Source Success - Add A Comment
SDL2 Introducing Sensors API

The SDL2 library that offers a cross-platform hardware abstraction layer primarily and primarily used by Linux/Windows/macOS/iOS/Android games now has a sensor API.

22 August 2018 - SDL Sensors - 1 Comment
Browsh: A Modern, Text-Based Web Browser

If the Lynx open-source text-based browser isn't satisfying your needs with viewing modern web sites via the terminal, Browsh is a new entrant into the text-based web-browser space that seeks to support modern web standards.

10 July 2018 - Browsh - 22 Comments

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