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HarfBuzz 1.8 Released With Unicode 11 Support

HarfBuzz 1.8 was released on Tuesday, the same day as the Unicode 11 release. HarfBuzz is the text shaping library born out of the FreeType project that is now widely used across many applications from Firefox to Inkscape and Java.

6 June 2018 - Text Shaping Library - 4 Comments
The Arcan Display Server's Progress With VR, Wayland Support & Security Experiments

One of the most fascinating hobbyist projects of interest on Phoronix in recent years has been Arcan, the display server built off a game engine and that has been amassing an interesting feature set, and with it the project's Durden desktop environment. The project is celebrating its two year milestone since going public so they have recapped some of their recent work.

2 June 2018 - Arcan + Durden - 7 Comments
Outreachy Announces Summer 2018 Participants

Following Google announcing their GSoC 2018 participants, the Outreachy program to help support women and other under-represented groups in tech announced their summer 2018 interns.

25 April 2018 - Formerly, Outreachy Program for Women - 56 Comments

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