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The Linux Foundation Wants To Help Water Farms From The Cloud

Of the many possible areas for advancing Linux and open-source, the latest project being embraced by the Linux Foundation is Liquid Prep for helping farmers water their crops. It's a noble cause but not too Linux centered unless talking about cloud resources.

22 March 2021 - Liquid Prep - 8 Comments
Daffodil Promoted To Being An Apache Top-Level Project

Following the recent promotions of DataSketches and ECharts, the Apache Software Foundation has promoted Daffodil as their newest top-level project. Apache Daffodil is an open-source universal interchange implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL).

6 March 2021 - Apache Daffodil - 8 Comments
The State of Apache OpenOffice As Of Early 2021

It's rare to hear of OpenOffice usage these days compared to LibreOffice, but the open-source office suite is still going ahead under its volunteer work at the Apache Software Foundation. This past weekend at FOSDEM 2021 was a status update on Apache OpenOffice.

8 February 2021 - Apache OpenOffice - 34 Comments
Apple M1 Open-Source GPU Bring-Up Sees An Early Triangle

The open-source/Linux Apple M1 work continues to be quite busy this week... The latest is Alyssa Rosenzweig who has been working on reverse-engineering the M1 graphics processor has been able to write some early and primitive code for rendering a triangle.

22 January 2021 - Early Stage - 28 Comments
Some Linux/Open-Source Letdowns Last For Years

New Year's Eve two years ago I wrote about the open-source / Linux letdowns of 2018. It was well received at the time and sparked some interesting discussions so as we celebrate the start of 2021 I figured it would be interesting to look back and see which of those letdowns were since resolved and what ones are remaining.

1 January 2021 - Linux Disappointments - 40 Comments
Webboot Is Becoming Quite Useful For Quickly/Easily Booting ISOs From The Web

The Webboot project has been in development now for more than one year as an easy means of booting Linux ISO images from the web. From this minimal boot environment users can configure their network connection and download a new ISO or use a pre-existing ISO. From there Webboot allows kexec'ing into that ISO for booting it up.

7 December 2020 - Webboot - 17 Comments
Dbus-Broker 25 Released With More Fixes

The BUS1 kernel code for providing an in-kernel, capability-based IPC mechanism hasn't seen much (or any?) activity in well over a year but at least the Dbus-Broker project continues ahead. Dbus-Broker continues ahead as this D-Bus compatible implementation focused on correctness while being optimized for performance.

3 December 2020 - Dbus-Broker 25 - 8 Comments
Arcan 0.6 Display Server Adds Network Transparency, XWayland Client Isolation

For those with some extra time around the US Thanksgiving holiday, the Arcan display server/environment is out with a new release. This is the interesting project that's powered in part by a game engine, offers X11 and Wayland compatibility, ported to BSDs, and more recently has been exploring VR and other desktop innovations.

26 November 2020 - Arcan 0.6 - 11 Comments
Blender 2.91 Released With A Multitude Of Improvements

Blender has been gaining a lot of ground this year with numerous prominent organizations now backing its development (just most recently, Facebook) and just at the end of summer they delivered Blender 2.90 while out today is Blender 2.91.

25 November 2020 - Blender 2.91 - 23 Comments
The FSF Is Looking To Update Its High Priority Free Software Projects List

As we roll into 2021 the Free Software Foundation is looking to update its high priority free software projects list. These are the software projects that should be incorporating "the most important threats, and most critical opportunities, that free software faces in the modern computing landscape." For now the FSF is looking for help deciding what to include.

29 October 2020 - FSF High Priority Projects - 19 Comments

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