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Fedora 23 Has Just Been Delayed By One Week

While Fedora 23 was looking good for doing an on-time release compared to some of their notorious delays of past releases, at the final go/no-go meeting it was decided to postpone the official release.

22 October 2015 - Fedora 23 - 13 Comments
Python 3.5 Planned For Fedora 24

Python 3.5 was released earlier this month with new functionality. Unfortunately, Python 3.5 is too late for Fedora 23 but is being planned for Fedora 24.

29 September 2015 - Python 3.5 - 3 Comments
Fedora's Flock 2015 Videos Posted

If you're curious what's on the horizon within the Fedora Linux camp, the videos from this year's Flock conference are now available online.

27 August 2015 - Flock 2015 - 2 Comments
Fedora 23 Alpha For AArch64/POWER

The alpha release for Fedora 23 was released two weeks ago while today it's been released for the non-primary AArch64 (64-bit ARM) and POWER architectures.

25 August 2015 - Fedora 23 Alpha - Add A Comment
Fedora's Rawhide Might See Some Changes

Rawhide, the name of Fedora's development version and repository, may be restructured and improved as part of an initiative following discussions last week at the distribution's Flock conference.

20 August 2015 - Fedora Rawhide - 7 Comments
Fedora 24 Server Plans To Drop i686 Support

Besides the recent call to drop i686 from being a primary Fedora release architecture so that i686-specific issues wouldn't be release blockers, the Fedora Server SIG is planning to drop i686 entirely with Fedora 24.

19 August 2015 - Fedora Server 24 - 6 Comments
The State Of Fedora Linux In 2015

Fedora's Flock conference started today with a keynote by Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller. Miller's keynote was about the state of the Fedora Project.

12 August 2015 - State of Fedora - 9 Comments
Fedora 23 Alpha Released

Fedora 23 Alpha has been released -- on schedule -- and is ready for those wanting to try out the next-gen Fedora Linux experience.

11 August 2015 - Fedora 23 Alpha - 2 Comments
More Reliable Upgrades Hoped For With Fedora 23

It looks like reworking the Fedup upgrade tool may still happen for Fedora 23. The upgrade to this upgrade tool would involve relying on DNF and systemd functionality to provide more reliable Fedora system upgrades.

29 July 2015 - Fedora 23 Upgrades - 10 Comments

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