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Developers Discuss Future Of CD/DVD Optical Images For Fedora

With more laptops abandoning DVD drives, USB-based flash drive installers being well supported and widely-used, and CD/DVDs just being far less popular these days, Fedora developers are discussing the future of the official status for optical images in future Fedora releases.

7 December 2016 - Fedora Optical - 25 Comments
Fedora 25 Finally Makes MP3 Playback Easy, Fedora 26 Might Ship It By Default

Fedora 25 has a lot going for it and yet another benefit for Fedora Workstation users on the desktop is finally having an easy, official path for MP3 playback support. It's 2016 and there's finally good MP3 support coming through official channels, after in Fedora 24 they were able to finally provide H.264 support via OpenH264.

10 November 2016 - Fedora MP3 - 10 Comments
Fedora 25 Is Quite Possibly My Most Favorite Release Yet

Fedora 25 is nearly complete and this afternoon we should hear whether it will be formally released next week or will be pushed back one week due to lingering blocker bugs. Nevertheless, I've been carrying out more tests on Fedora 25 on multiple test systems in recent days and have been very pleased with this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution release.

10 November 2016 - Fedora 25 - 26 Comments
Your Last Chance To Test Out Fedora 25

Fedora 25 is currently scheduled for release next week on 15 November. The Go/No-Go meeting for it is tomorrow so there's still the chance it could be delayed but a (hopefully) final release candidate is now available for last minute testing.

9 November 2016 - Fedora 25 - 5 Comments
Fedora 25 Won't Ship With Mesa 13 Or Vulkan Drivers

While Fedora 25 is shaping up to be an excellent release, there are two separate but related disappointments: it won't be shipping this month with Mesa 13.0 drivers and also it's not enabling any Vulkan support out-of-the-box.

2 November 2016 - Mesa 13 - 10 Comments
Fedora 26 Anaconda Installer Likely To Get Blivet-GUI

The Anaconda installer is never done evolving... The Anaconda installer will be updated, again, with Fedora 26 but hopefully won't see the major fallout during one of its earlier reworks when it was in very bad shape. This time around they are just looking to add Blivet-GUI.

19 October 2016 - Fedora 26 Anaconda - 10 Comments
Raspberry Pi Finally Well Supported By Fedora With 25 Beta

While Fedora has always supported ARM/AArch64 hardware well, they've missed out on the whole Raspberry Pi craze even as the ARMv7 hardware has been shipping for a while and there are plenty of Pi-focused Linux distributions out there. With Fedora 25, there's finally going to be good support for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 devices.

18 October 2016 - Fedora 25 Pi - 23 Comments
Fedora 25 Wayland Tests A Success, On Track For Stable

Fedora 25 has been on track for using Wayland by default and that was better firmed up this week. It's looking almost definitive next month's Fedora 25 release will be the first tier-one desktop Linux distribution using Wayland by default on supported systems in place of the X.Org Server.

14 October 2016 - Fedora 25 - 85 Comments
Fedora Is Hosting A Wayland Test Day Tomorrow

The Fedora QA team is organizing a Fedora 25 Workstation Wayland Test Day for tomorrow, 13 October. This is to find any last-minute bugs with next month's Fedora 25 Workstation release still set to utilize this next-gen successor to X11 by default.

12 October 2016 - Fedora 25 Wayland - 16 Comments
Fedora 25 Is Still On Track To Use Wayland By Default

Back in August Fedora 25 switched to using Wayland by default in time for the project's alpha release. With next week's beta release, Fedora 25 is still using Wayland by default and it looks like it will remain that way unless any showstoppers appear.

7 October 2016 - Fedora 25 - 28 Comments
Fedora 24 Users: Don't Run "DNF Update" From The Desktop

Fedora 24 users are advised against currently updating your system using the common dnf update command when running GNOME, KDE, or any other graphical desktop. Due to an awkward bug being explored, it could leave your system in an unhappy state.

4 October 2016 - dnf update - 47 Comments
An Easy Way To Try Intel & RADV Vulkan Drivers On Fedora 24

Fedora 25 should have good support for the open-source Vulkan Linux drivers (particularly if it lands the next Mesa release) while Fedora 24 users can now more easily play with the latest Mesa Git RADV and Intel ANV Vulkan drivers via a new repository.

30 September 2016 - Copr Repo - 15 Comments
Fedora Now Has Bootable RISC-V Disk Images Available

Fedora has been making a lot of RISC-V build/packaging progress over the past few months while this weekend the milestone was announced that they are hosting clean, RPM-built, bootable disk images for this open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture.

25 September 2016 - Fedora RISC-V - 14 Comments
DNF 2.0 Is In Development On Fedora

While it may just feel like recently when DNF 1.0 was released and Fedora switched from Yum to DNF by default, DNF 2.0 is already in development and hitting Fedora Rawhide systems.

8 September 2016 - DNF2 - 1 Comment

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