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Fedora 27 Aiming To Drop Out Alpha Releases

In a similar effort to Ubuntu itself not issuing alpha/beta releases the past few years as they focused on the quality of their daily ISOs instead, Fedora developers have been discussing a similar maneuver of beginning to drop alpha releases from their schedule.

20 February 2017 - Fedora 27 No Alphas - 13 Comments
Why I Run Fedora Linux On My Main Production System

With the Linux benchmarks at Phoronix there is a wide-range of Linux distributions (as well as BSDs, macOS, and the occasional Solaris and Windows) tested, but the operating system I end up running on my most-important production system is still Fedora Workstation. Recently I was interviewed by Fedora Magazine about my thoughts on the Red Hat backed distribution and more.

6 February 2017 - Fedora Interview - 30 Comments
Fedora 26 Planning For A Modular Server Preview

Fedora Linux has been pursuing a path of modularity whereby modules provide different software purpose/functionality and are integrated/tested at the module level and a unit of delivery itself. With the Fedora 26 release they are hoping to provide a Fedora Modular Server preview build.

17 January 2017 - Fedora 26 Modular Server - Add A Comment
DNF 2.0 Package Manager Released

A wonderful Christmas present this year for Fedora users is the release of DNF 2.0 and it's joined by the DNF-PLUGINS-CORE 1.0 release.

20 December 2016 - DNF 2.0 - 6 Comments

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