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Fedora 27 Beta Delayed

While Fedora 27 did away with alpha releases, now it's time for the beta but it is yet another release setback by at least one delay.

14 September 2017 - Fedora 27 Beta - 31 Comments
Is Fedora's KDE Spin Too Bloated?

This weekend on the Fedora mailing list a debate has begun over whether Fedora's KDE desktop spin is too bloated and what could be done about it.

9 September 2017 - Fedora KDE - 66 Comments
Fedora 27 Enters Its Beta Freeze

With the quick F27 cycle given the Fedora 26 delays in getting that previous release out the door, this week already marks the Fedora 27 beta freeze.

6 September 2017 - Fedora 27 Beta - 14 Comments
A Number Of Fedora 27 Features Get Pushed Back To Fedora 28

Due to delays in the Fedora 26 release pushing it back by more than one month, the Fedora 27 schedule is rather tight with the change completion deadline having already been earlier this month and the Fedora 27 branching from Rawhide taking place in four days.

11 August 2017 - Fedora 27 Delays - 17 Comments
Fedora 27 Looks To Add 32-bit UEFI Support

While Fedora was among the first Linux distributions shipping with UEFI support, it's only been supported with 64-bit UEFI as is the vast majority of the systems out there capable of. But there remains a minority of systems with 64-bit CPUs that only support 32-bit UEFI and Fedora 27 is looking to finally support that combination.

6 July 2017 - Fedora 32-bit UEFI - 22 Comments

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