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Fedora 36 Is A Terrific Release Especially For Linux Enthusiasts, Power Users

Fedora 36 is releasing this morning as what is yet another release in recent times of being a very robust and bleeding-edge yet stable and reliable Linux distribution. I've already been running Fedora Workstation 36 and Fedora Server 36 snapshots on various systems in my benchmarking lab and this release has proven to be quite solid while adding new features and polish on top of the excellent Fedora 35.

10 May 2022 - Fedora 36 - 87 Comments
Fedora 37 Will Not Deprecate Legacy BIOS Support

Following weeks of vibrant public discussions over the change proposal to deprecate legacy BIOS support in Fedora 37, the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has rejected the change and will keep around the BIOS booting support for now.

4 May 2022 - Fedora 37 Will Still Support BIOS - 49 Comments
Legacy BIOS Support Remains Important For Some On Fedora, May Shift Responsibility To SIG

Earlier this month the change proposal was laid out for Fedora 37 looking to deprecate legacy BIOS support. That kicked the hornets nest with many Fedora users expressing their desire to see Fedora legacy BIOS support continue whether it be for running the Linux distribution on dated hardware or even just for VMs without UEFI boot. It's looking more like that responsibility of legacy BIOS support may instead be shifted to a new special interest group (SIG) to take up the work of maintaining and testing that pre-UEFI boot support.

18 April 2022 - Fedora Legacy BIOS SIG? - 37 Comments
Fedora 37 Considering Removal Of Legacy X.Org Drivers

Adding to the interesting changes being worked on for Fedora 37 due out later this year is the removal of legacy X.Org drivers. Fedora is looking at removing the legacy graphics driver paths that are incompatible with running Wayland.

8 April 2022 - Dropping Old Drivers! - 67 Comments
Fedora 37 Looks To Begin Signing RPM Contents For Greater Trust

With Fedora 36 working its way towards release later this month, more developer attention and planning is turning to Fedora 37 that will be released this autumn. One of the changes being talked about this week is for signing RPM contents for a means of trusting the files that are executed.

5 April 2022 - Fedora 37 - 23 Comments
Fedora Workstation Brainstorming A Possible GUI-Based Linux Recovery Environment

When it comes to system recovery on Linux, users are most often only left with a command-line for trying to recover from a failed kernel boot, borked boot loader configuration, or other show-stopping problems. With Fedora Workstation right now they have only their CLI-based Linux recovery process but are eyeing the possibility of creating a complementary GUI-based recovery environment.

4 April 2022 - GUI-Based Linux Recovery - 38 Comments
Fedora Users: What i686 Packages Do You Still Use?

As part of wanting to drop unused i686 package builds from Fedora Linux, Fedora developers -- and in particular the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee -- want to know from the community what i686 (x86 32-bit) packages users still make use of.

16 March 2022 - Fedora i686 Inquiry - 41 Comments
Fedora Looks To Lighten Its Default Curl Packages

While curl and the cURL library are most commonly used for HTTP(S) and FTP usage, this widely-used software also supports a plethora of other network protocols. In order to save disk space by default and also exposing its cURL packages to less security bugs by default, Fedora is looking at shipping "minimal" versions by default of its cURL packages.

22 February 2022 - Minimal Curl - 22 Comments
Fedora Server 36 Could Make It Easier To Manage NFS & Samba File Sharing

Red Hat with the Fedora community have been working for years now to make Cockpit very capable for a web-based interface for administering Linux servers. In addition to this year working on shifting their Anaconda installer to a web-based interface that makes use of Cockpit, from this web management portal they are wanting to make it easier to setup file sharing with NFS and Samba.

20 January 2022 - Cockpit UI Control - 10 Comments
GCC 12 + Glibc 2.35 Planned For Fedora 36

It should hardly come as a surprise given Fedora's history of always shipping with the very latest GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), but with this spring's Fedora 36 the plan is to ship with the yet-to-be-released GCC 12 and other very latest open-source compiler toolchain components.

8 January 2022 - GCC 12 - 1 Comment
Fedora 36 Looking To Move Users Away From Legacy "ifcfg" Network Scripts

Longtime Linux users will likely recall when it was commonplace to modify /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files for managing your network connections. Fortunately, that's largely a thing of the past and Fedora 36 is looking to remove support for those legacy network configuration files from new Fedora installs.

6 January 2022 - Bye Bye ifcfg - 28 Comments
Fedora Had A Stellar 2021 & Continued Running At The Forefront Of Linux Innovations

Fedora had another successful year and anecdotally enthusiasm around the Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution grew a lot this year among Linux power users. As has been the case for years, Fedora releases have been among the first to feature new Linux innovations from the desktop down the stack -- many of which have been spearheaded by Red Hat engineers. Helping its cause for the past several years is that they have managed to deliver releases on-time (or close to it) and haven't been like some of the past distant releases that were rather buggy and other headaches stemming from the constant flow of changes. Fedora 34 and Fedora 35 this year were great releases and continued pushing the distribution on an upward trajectory.

30 December 2021 - Fedora 2021 - 17 Comments
Fedora 36 Looking To Change Its Default Fonts

Fedora is often on the bleeding-edge of changes for tier-one Linux distributions but not all of them are very technical in nature but sometimes just cosmetic alterations. Among the latest batch of change proposals for next spring's Fedora 36 is to change the default font.

29 December 2021 - Noto - 59 Comments
Fedora 36 Planning To Run Wayland By Default With NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver

While all of the software components are out there now for being able to run NVIDIA's proprietary driver stack with modern (GBM-based) Wayland compositors by default, including XWayland support, Fedora Workstation currently defaults to using an X.Org based session with the green binary blob. However, for Fedora 36 next spring they are planning on using the Wayland-based desktop here too.

7 December 2021 - NVIDIA + Wayland - 46 Comments

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