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Fedora 30 Going Through Its Formalities To Ship With & Built By The GCC 9 Compiler

With each new Fedora release you can pretty much be guaranteed it will be using the latest and greatest releases of the GNOME desktop, the most recent stable kernel, and it's also been very punctual in switching over to new major releases of the GCC compiler -- generally being the first of the major Linux distributions adopting the annual major GNU compiler releases. With Fedora 30 due out in May, it should ship with GCC 9.1 as would be standard practice. It's not guaranteed though as FESCo hasn't signed off on it with this change request coming in past the deadline.

21 January 2019 - Fedora 30 + GCC9 - Add A Comment
Some Radeon ROCm Packages Pending Review For Fedora

Earlier this month was word that Fedora developers were looking at packaging Radeon Open Compute (ROCm) to make it easier for their distribution users to enjoy this open-source Radeon GPU computing software from OpenCL to a TensorFlow port. Some of the early packages of ROCm are now under review for Fedora.

21 January 2019 - Radeon Open Compute - 5 Comments
Fedora Still Needs Help Testing The New Zchunk Metadata Support

Fedora has been working on transitioning to Zchunk for its DNF metadata due to its good compression ratio while being delta-friendly and leveraging the existing work of Zstandard and Zsync/casync. The metadata has been offered in Zchunk for some weeks while more client testing is needed before landing that support in Rawhide and in turn for Fedora 30.

17 January 2019 - Fedora Zchunk Client - 3 Comments
Fedora Decides To Not Allow SSPLv1 Licensed Software Into Its Repositories

Back in October, MongoDB announced the Server Side Public License v1 (SSPLv1) as their new license moving forward for this document-oriented database server over their existing AGPL code. SSPL was met with much controversy upon its unveiling and Fedora's legal team has now ruled it an invalid free software license for packaged software in its repositories.

15 January 2019 - Server Side Public License - 79 Comments
Deepin Desktop Option Approved For Fedora 30

Last month we mentioned that Fedora 30 was possibly picking up a Deepin Desktop Environment option for this Qt5-based desktop developed by the Deepin Linux distribution.

14 January 2019 - Fedora 30 + Deepin Desktop - 35 Comments
Fedora's Firefox To Stick With GCC Over Clang, Beefed Up By LTO/PGO Optimizations

Last month Fedora developers were planning on building their Firefox package with Clang rather than GCC to follow the move by upstream Mozilla in transitioning their production builds from being built under GCC to LLVM Clang. But now Fedora has reversed course and will continue building with GCC though now benefiting also from PGO and LTO optimizations.

8 January 2019 - Fedora + Firefox + GCC + Opts = Win - 40 Comments
To No Surprise, Fedora 30 Will Target GNOME 3.32

New Fedora releases go hand-in-hand with the latest and greatest GNOME releases. But as a formality, the change proposal has been submitted to officially approve shipping Fedora Workstation 30 with the GNOME 3.32 desktop.

8 January 2019 - Fedora 30 + GNOME 3.32 - 7 Comments
Fedora Had A Killer 2018, But It Will Be Interesting To See What Comes Next Year

It was a very exciting year for Red Hat's Fedora Linux distribution process with the successful releases of Fedora 28 and 29, each of those new Fedora releases adding in plenty of new features, achieving the long-desired flicker-free polished boot experience, and Fedora Silverblue taking shape for what was formerly their Atomic Workstation initiative. Next year though could be even more radical for the project.

31 December 2018 - Fedora 2018 - 15 Comments
Fedora 30 To Finally Use GnuPG 2 As The Default

While many Linux distributions have moved past GnuPG 1 and some no longer even packaging it, Fedora Linux continues using GnuPG 1 as the default gpg, but that is likely to change with Fedora 30.

10 December 2018 - GnuPG 2 + Fedora 30 - 8 Comments
Fedora Perfecting Their Flicker-Free Boot Experience With A New Plymouth Theme

The recent release of Fedora 29 the long-desired goal of a flicker-free boot experience to the Linux desktop was finally achieved... Well, assuming you are for now using Intel graphics and set a couple extra settings and don't have any quirky hardware. While all of the key components are in place, for Fedora 30 and beyond they will likely be taking care of the "rough edges" and already there is work on a new Plymouth boot theme for pairing with this flicker-free boot process.

14 November 2018 - Flicker-Free Fedora - 32 Comments
Fedora 29 Officially Released With Arguably The Best Fedora Workstation Release Yet

Fedora 29 is now available as the newest version of this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution. Fedora 29 has a lot of work on its Workstation/desktop spin, the Fedora Silverblue release has come together nicely for an atomic OS, Fedora Server continues to serve as a great basis for likely what RHEL8 will be looking like, and there are various other enhancements throughout the Fedora stack.

30 October 2018 - Fedora 29 - 11 Comments

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