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Fedora 31 Will Be Released Next Week Tuesday

While Fedora 31 didn't make its original release target of this week due to being delayed by installer issues and DNF bugs, those blocker bugs have now been addressed and this next installment of Red Hat's Fedora Linux is coming out next week!

24 October 2019 - Fedora 31 - 4 Comments
Fedora Is Beginning To Spin Workstation & Live Images For POWER

If you are running the likes of the Raptor Blackbird for a POWER open-source desktop and wanting to run Fedora on it, currently you need to use the Fedora "server" CLI installer and from there install the desired packages for a desktop. But moving forward, Fedora is beginning to spin Workstation and Live images for PPC64LE.

15 September 2019 - Fedora Workstation For PPC64LE - 6 Comments
Red Hat Introduces "Packit-as-a-Service" For Fedora

Packit-as-a-Service has been announced as a GitHub integration app and leveraging the Packit project to provide for upstream CI testing to ensure different software projects continue to build and function fine on Fedora Linux.

1 July 2019 - Packit-as-a-Service - 3 Comments
Fedora's AAC Support Finally Seeing Audio Quality Improvements

Fedora's version of the FDK-AAC library that they began shipping in 2017 to finally provide AAC audio support strips out what was patented encumbered functionality. But that gutting of the code did cause some problems like audio playback glitches that are now being addressed.

26 June 2019 - FDK-AAC - 1 Comment

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