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Fedora 34 Aims To Further Enhance Security But Will Lose Runtime Disabling Of SELinux

Currently on Fedora the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) functionality that's there by default can be disabled at run-time via the /etc/selinux/config but moving forward with Fedora 34 they are looking at removing that support and focusing just on disabling via selinux=0 at the kernel boot time in order to provide greater security.

24 September 2020 - Fedora 34 + SELinux Hardening - 29 Comments
Fedora 34 KDE Spin Planning Switch To Wayland

For four years now since Fedora 25 the default GNOME Shell desktop environment has been using Wayland by default. Next spring with Fedora 34, the KDE Spin is finally planning a similar migration to use Wayland by default with the KDE Plasma desktop.

8 September 2020 - KDE Wayland - 52 Comments
Allowing cc/c++ To Be More Easily Changed Out Has Been Deferred To Fedora 34

Proposed last year for Fedora 32 was aiming to make it easier to swap out GCC for other alternate compilers (like Clang) by using the update-alternatives functionality on Fedora for handling the /usr/bin/cc and /usr/bin/c++ symbolic links. That work was deferred to Fedora 33 as it wasn't completed in time while now it's been deferred yet again to Fedora 34 next year.

21 August 2020 - Fedora update-alternatives - 13 Comments
Fedora 33 Moving Closer To LTO-Optimizing Packages

Going back to last year Fedora has been working to enable link-time optimizations by default for their packages. That goal wasn't achieved for Fedora 32 but for Fedora 33 this autumn they still have chances of marking that feature off their TODO list.

9 August 2020 - Fedora LTO-ed - 12 Comments
Fedora Developers Brainstorming Options For Better Memory Testing

In looking beyond the massive Fedora 33 release in development, Fedora developers have begun discussing options for allowing better memory testing on their distribution for evaluating possible faulty RAM issues that otherwise often get mixed in with other software bugs and other sporadic behavior.

21 July 2020 - memtest86+ Alternatives - 25 Comments
Stratis 2.1 Proposed For Fedora 33 To Bring Per-Pool Encryption

While Fedora 33 desktop variants are aiming to use Btrfs by default, non-desktop environments are not and Red Hat remains committed to XFS and their Stratis Storage technology for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Coming to Fedora 33 will also likely be Stratis 2.1 for offering the latest on that front.

20 July 2020 - Stratis 2.1 - 20 Comments
Fedora 33 Is Shaping Up To Be One Of Its Biggest Releases Ever

Fedora 33 is easily shaping up to be one of the biggest releases ever for this long-time Linux distribution formerly known as Fedora Core. It's just not a few big features like Fedora desktop variants defaulting to Btrfs but even just on feature count alone it's looking by far to be one of the biggest at least in a number of years if not ever.

16 July 2020 - Fedora 33 Features - 22 Comments
Fedora Looks To Introduce The Storage Instantiation Daemon

As one of the last minute change proposals for Fedora 33 is to introduce the Red Hat backed Storage Instantiation Daemon "SID" though at least for this first release would be off by default. The Storage Instantiation Daemon is one of the latest storage efforts being worked on by Red Hat engineers.

30 June 2020 - Fedora SID - 4 Comments
Fedora Looking To Offer Better Upstream Solution For Hiding/Showing GRUB Menu

Fedora for the past few releases doesn't show the GRUB boot-loader menu by default when only Fedora is installed on the system as there is little purpose for most users and it just interrupts the boot flow. But for those wanting to access the GRUB bootloader menu on reboot, they offer integration in GNOME to easily reboot into this menu. The other exception is the menu will be shown if the previous boot failed. This functionality has relied on downstream patches but now they are working towards a better upstream solution.

30 June 2020 - Boot Menu Toggling - 48 Comments
There's A Proposal To Switch Fedora 33 On The Desktop To Using Btrfs

More than a decade ago Fedora was routinely trying to pursue the Btrfs file-system by default but those hopes were abandoned long ago. Heck, Red Hat Enterprise Linux no longer even supports Btrfs. While all Red Hat / Fedora interests in Btrfs seemed abandoned years ago especially with Red Hat developing their Stratis storage technology, there is a new (and serious) proposal about moving to Btrfs for Fedora 33 desktop variants.

26 June 2020 - Fedora 33 Desktop Btrfs - 122 Comments

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