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Fedora Adopts A New Vision Statement

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller has sent out a reminder to Fedora contributors to "be excellent to each other" while announcing the project has a new vision statement.

25 March 2020 - Fedora Vision - 49 Comments
Fedora 32 Beta To Be Released Next Week

Fedora 32 Beta was deemed unready for release on Thursday during the initial Go/No-Go meeting but after reconvening twenty-four hours later the remaining blocker bugs were addressed.

14 March 2020 - Fedora 32 - 32 Comments
The Fedora Project's One Sentence Vision

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller recently talked about his vision for the Fedora Project over the next decade and it to become an "operating system factory", among other advancements he hopes to see out of the project in the 2020s. A one-sentence vision for Fedora is now drafted as their vision statement.

27 February 2020 - Fedora Vision - 20 Comments
Fedora 32 Install Media Unlikely To Lose Weight But Fedora 33 Could Be Zstd'ed

There had been a proposal to better compress the Fedora 32 install media via SquashFS without the nested EXT4 file-system setup for its live images and also ramping up the XZ compression. But this proposal was rejected at yesterday's engineering meeting on the basis that a more optimal compression path could be utilized.

4 February 2020 - Fedora Image Compression - 8 Comments
Fedora's FESCo Has Deferred Any Decision On EarlyOOM By Default

One of the changes planned for Fedora 32 has been to enable EarlyOOM by default to better handle low memory situations either due to the system running with minimal RAM or under memory pressure. But the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee has yet to reach a decision over this default.

20 January 2020 - Fedora Workstation + EarlyOOM? - 9 Comments
Fedora 32 Greenlit For Enabling FSTRIM Support By Default

Back in December was the proposal to finally enable FSTRIM by default for Fedora 32 in benefiting solid-state storage. Today the formal approval was given by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee to go ahead with this long overdue change.

13 January 2020 - Fedora 32 + FSTRIM - 7 Comments
Fedora 33 To Finally Kill Off Python 2.6 Support

Separate from the whole Python 2 removal effort with the Python 2.7 that is EOL'ed since the start of the year, Fedora 33 due out later this year is looking to be their first release dropping the even older Python 2.6 series.

9 January 2020 - Python 2.6 - 8 Comments
Fedora 32 Looking At Using EarlyOOM By Default To Better Deal With Low Memory Situations

For months there has been many different discussions over the Linux desktop's poor performance when under memory pressure / out-of-memory type situations. That has resulted in some upstream work so far like GNOME GLib's GMemoryMonitor as well as discussions by distribution vendors about what solutions they could enable today to help the low memory situations. Fedora 32 could begin shipping and using EarlyOOM by default to help in this area.

3 January 2020 - Out Of Memory - 75 Comments
Fedora 32 Goes Through Its Formalities To Land GCC 10 + Golang 1.14

Fedora Linux has long been well known for always shipping with bleeding-edge GCC compiler releases even if it means a near-final pre-release, thanks in part to Red Hat's significant engineering resources to GCC and the GNU toolchain in general. With Fedora 32 it's expected to be no different with having the upcoming GCC 10 compiler.

3 January 2020 - Updated Toolchains - Add A Comment

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