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LLVM 5.0 Release Should Be Imminent

LLVM 5.0 was supposed to be officially released last week, but instead another release candidate was warranted while the stable debut is expected in the days ahead.

30 August 2017 - LLVM 5.0 - Add A Comment
Intel Haswell Scheduler Updated In LLVM

Last month in LLVM there was new Sandy Bridge scheduler information to improve the instruction scheduling and other hardware detail changes so LLVM can generate more efficient code for those older CPUs. At that time we learned Intel developers were also planning improvements too for LLVM with newer Haswell / Broadwell / Skylake / Skylake-X CPUs. Improvements have now landed for Haswell.

28 August 2017 - Haswell Update - 11 Comments
Changes To Look Forward To With LLVM/Clang 5.0

LLVM 5.0 and its sub-projects like Clang 5.0 are due to be released in two weeks, so here's a look back at the features added to this innovative open-source compiler stack over the past half year.

6 August 2017 - LLVM 5.0 - 5 Comments
LLVM 5.0-RC1 Up For Testing

Following the LLVM 5 branching earlier this week, release manager Hans Wennborg has now tagged the first release candidate.

27 July 2017 - LLVM 5.0-RC1 - 4 Comments
Haswell-Tuned Binaries Are Still Sometimes Faster On AMD Ryzen Than Znver1 Tuning

Yesterday I posted benchmarks of Clang 4 vs. Clang 5 with AMD Ryzen now that LLVM 5 has received the initial AMD Zen "znver1" scheduler model. That scheduler model and improvements to LLVM/Clang 5.0 yielded some performance improvements, but still there are cases where using "-march=haswell" for tuning and running those generated binaries on Ryzen leads to better performance.

21 July 2017 - March - 4 Comments

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