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Intel's Clear Linux Ups Their Desktop Offering, Rolling Out New Installer

For those that may have been wanting to try out Clear Linux of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center on desktops/workstation, it's now easier to do thanks to a new "desktop live" image accompanied by a new OS installer to make it more akin to conventional desktop Linux distributions.

28 November 2018 - Clear Linux Desktop Live - 6 Comments
Clear Linux Developers Weigh Supporting Snaps

While Clear Linux augments their package/bundle archive with Flatpak support on the desktop, they are currently deciding whether to also support Snaps that are commonly associated with Ubuntu Linux.

7 November 2018 - Clear Linux + Snaps - 31 Comments
Intel To Develop Safety-Critical Linux OS Distribution

Imad Sousou of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center has announced their plans to develop a safety-critical Linux distribution. This Linux distribution will be geared for running on safety-compliant solutions from autonomous vehicles to drones and more.

28 August 2018 - Safety Critical Linux - 36 Comments
A Look At The Clear Linux Performance For July 2018

Given our fascination with Intel's Clear Linux performance in the plethora of performance benchmarks we frequently run at Phoronix and this open-source operating system being maintained in a rolling-release style, here's a look at how the performance for this x86_64 Linux distribution evolved over the past month.

3 August 2018 - Performance Evolution - 12 Comments
Fedora Gets An Unofficial Kernel Based On Clear Linux

While the kernel configuration is just one part of Intel's Clear Linux optimizations for their performance-oriented distribution, a Fedora user has taken the liberty of spinning a Fedora kernel build based upon Clear Linux's kernel configuration.

17 July 2018 - Clear Linux Kernel For Fedora - 24 Comments
Clear Linux Now Supports Kata Containers

At the end of last year the Intel Clear Linux project's Clear Containers initiative morphed into OpenStack's Kata Containers. Clear Linux now supports the resulting Kata Containers.

10 July 2018 - Clear Linux + Kata Containers - Add A Comment
Three Things Exciting Clear Linux Developers With GCC 8

While Intel's Clear Linux platform has already been making use of GCC 8.1 since shortly after its release in early May, one of their developers has now published a blog post highlighting three performance and security features enjoyed and that helps benefit their performance-oriented Linux distribution.

30 June 2018 - GCC 8 + Clear Linux - 3 Comments
A Look At Some Of The Clear Linux Performance Changes For June 2018

Given Clear Linux is a "rolling release" Linux distribution with new releases often being put out multiple times per day, and a lot of the emphasis by Intel on their open-source Linux distribution being performance, I decided it would be fun to start providing a monthly look at how their performance has been evolving.

29 June 2018 - Clear Linux Performance - 16 Comments
Clear Linux Shedding More Light On Their "Magic" Performance Work

If you have been a Phoronix reader for any decent amount of time, you have likely seen how well Intel's Clear Linux distribution continues to run in our performance comparisons against other distributions. The developers behind this Linux distribution have begun a new blog series on "behind the magic" for some of the areas they are making use of for maximizing the out-of-the-box Linux performance.

4 April 2018 - Improving Performance - 35 Comments
DNF Package Manager Is Now Available On Clear Linux

While Clear Linux may be extremely performant as shown in our many benchmarks, its default repository serving "bundles" (their task-based approach to package management) can be a bit light if wanting to use this Intel open-source Linux distribution on the desktop. There has been yum available via a bundle while now next-gen Yum, DNF, is also now available on Clear Linux.

31 January 2018 - DNF - 9 Comments
Solus Borrows From The Clear Linux Playbook For AVX2-Optimized Gaming

One of the approaches Intel's Clear Linux distribution uses for achieving greater performance is by shipping AVX2 (and even now AVX-512) optimized libraries with their OS that are then automatically used if the detected host CPU is AVX equipped. Solus is making use of this approach now for striving for better Linux gaming performance.

12 November 2017 - AVX2 Libraries - 9 Comments
Clear Linux Can Run On AMD's EPYC Platform With Competitive Performance

As part of our ongoing AMD EPYC Linux benchmarking, I've been working this week on a cross-distribution GNU/Linux comparison followed by some BSD testing... Of course, I couldn't help but to see if Intel's performance-oriented Clear Linux distribution would run on the AMD EPYC server.

29 September 2017 - Intel OS + AMD CPU - 6 Comments
Clear Linux & Their Love For FMV + dl_platform/dl_hwcap In The Name Of Performance

For those mesmerized by the numbers whenever posting a cross-distribution comparison like the recent Core i9 7900X vs. Threadripper 1950X On Ubuntu 17.10, Antergos, Clear Linux with showing Intel's performance optimizations done on Clear Linux, Intel engineer Victor Rodriguez presented this week at the 2017 Open-Source Summit North America about some of their Linux performance boosting work.

15 September 2017 - Intel Performance - 19 Comments
Solus Integrates Clear Linux's clr-boot-manager

The desktop-focused, performance-oriented Solus Linux distribution has pulled in another component from Clear Linux: clr-boot-manager. The clr-boot-manager is responsible for solid kernel and boot-loader management.

26 March 2017 - Solus Linux - 15 Comments
Running Clear Linux On AMD's Ryzen + X370: Still Competitive Performance

I'm working on an AMD Ryzen Linux distribution benchmark comparison and will have those results to publish soon using a Ryzen 7 1800X. One of the interesting distributions I was curious about its Ryzen performance with was Intel's Clear Linux distribution. It turns out it runs and there are scenarios of it having better performance than Ubuntu.

13 March 2017 - Clear Linux - 16 Comments
More Benchmarks Of The Latest Ubuntu 17.04 vs. Clear Linux

Last week I posted Benchmarks Of Ubuntu 17.04 Beta vs. Antergos, Clear Linux, openSUSE Tumbleweed. Those results were interesting and as usual Clear Linux had led many of the benchmarks due to Intel's investments into highly optimizing this Linux distribution for the maximum out-of-the-box performance. For curiosity sake, I ran some fresh benchmarks of Ubuntu 17.04 daily vs. Clear Linux on another test system and have those results to share.

1 March 2017 - Ubuntu 17.04 vs. Clear - 10 Comments
Clear Linux vs. Ubuntu On An Intel Pentium CPU

When we are usually running our cross-distribution/OS Linux comparisons, we are generally using Intel Xeon or Core i5/i7 CPUs and whatever else is the latest and greatest hardware, since that's what excites us the most. But a Phoronix Premium member recently inquired whether Intel's performance-oriented Clear Linux distribution would also be of benefit on lower-end hardware. So for some benchmarking fun this weekend, here are some Ubuntu 16.10 vs. Clear Linux results on an older Pentium system.

28 January 2017 - Clear Ubuntu - 65 Comments
Here's How To Setup Clear Linux For Intel Steam Linux Gaming

A few weeks back we learned of Intel's Clear Linux distribution working towards Steam support. While Clear Linux is a performance-oriented workstation/server/cloud distribution, repeatedly in our tests it performs among the top Linux distributions even when it comes to Intel OpenGL Linux gaming, so being able to game with it isn't a far stretch with Steam support -- there is also Vulkan support now too.

17 January 2017 - Clear Steam Linux - 26 Comments
A Look At Where The P-State Linux Driver Does Bad Against CPUFreq, Clear Linux Tests

I'm still running more benchmarks in investigating the Core i5 7600K Linux performance and with even its graphics performance being slower than Skylake. I fired up Clear Linux on this Kaby Lake system this weekend and it's indeed faster than Ubuntu, though there still is some sort of fundamental issue at play with these new CPUs on Linux. But what is clear is that there are cases where the P-State CPU frequency scaling driver does perform very poorly over the mature, generic CPUFreq scaling driver.

15 January 2017 - P-State vs. CPUFreq - 11 Comments
Clear Linux Tests Data Compression Options

Fitting nicely into the related discussion of Should Tarballs Be On Their Way Out The Door In 2017?, Intel developer Arjan Van De Ven of the Clear Linux project has compared various data compression options.

4 January 2017 - Data Compression Comparison - 6 Comments
Intel's Clear Linux Is Working On Steam Support

For those planning to do Linux gaming with Intel graphics hardware, you might soon have a new choice with the performance-oriented Clear Linux distribution out of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center.

31 December 2016 - Fast Intel Linux Gaming? - 29 Comments

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