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NeXTBSD Is Creating Lots Of BSD Excitement

NeXTBSD was announced last weekend and it's easily been the most emailed in tip all week. Lots of Phoronix readers are curious about this new operating system derived from FreeBSD 10.1 that adds in various Mac OS X components. NeXTBSD seems like a very interesting open-source project while this morning I finally found the time to explore more about it and write-up a post.

29 August 2015 - NeXTBSD - 34 Comments
DragonFlyBSD's HAMMER2 File-System Continues Maturing

Back in 2012 the HAMMER2 file-system was announced and lead DragonflyBSD developer Matthew Dillon didn't believe it would be until some time a year later (2013) that this HAMMER successor would all pan out. After more than three years of development, HAMMER2 seems like it's getting into shape.

27 August 2015 - HAMMER2 - 4 Comments
OpenSSH 7.0 Released

OpenSSH 7.0 has been released, the latest major update to the OpenBSD-led project that provides a widely-used SSH 2.0 implementation.

11 August 2015 - OpenSSH 7.0 - 4 Comments
NetBSD 7.0-RC2 Released

For users of NetBSD, the second release candidate for its upcoming 7.0 release is now available.

29 July 2015 - NetBSD 7.0-RC2 - 1 Comment
DragonFlyBSD Finally Has Working Valley View / Bay Trail Graphics Support

The upstream Linux kernel has had its upstream Valley View DRM graphics support for a few years now for the HD Graphics found within Intel's Atom/Celeron "Bay Trail" SoCs. The DragonFlyBSD kernel as of today has finally managed to put its Linux-ported Intel DRM driver into a state that it too can support Valley View.

20 July 2015 - Intel Valley View - 1 Comment
FreeBSD 10.2 Beta 1 Released

The first beta of the upcoming FreeBSD 10.2 release is now available. Besides the generic FreeBSD 10.2-BETA1 spins for x86, x86_64, IA64, PowerPC, PowerPC 64-bit, and SPARC 64-bit, there are also ARMv6 spins for the Beaglebone, CuBox-Hummingboard, RaspberryPi B, and Wandboard.

11 July 2015 - FreeBSD 10.2 - 20 Comments
Smallwall 1.8.2 Released To Let Monowall Live On

This past February, Monowall announced the end of development as one of the most popular FreeBSD-based network/firewall focused distributions. For those still searching for a new replacement, Smallwall 1.8.2 has been released as the successor to Monowall 1.8.1.

12 June 2015 - Smallwall Firewall - Add A Comment
DragonFlyBSD Now Supports Parallelized Kernel Module Building

Matthew Dillon's latest addition to DragonFlyBSD will help those that build out the full kernel themselves: parallelized kernel module builds. This change for developers allows the the kernel build process to be multiple times faster when doing a full kernel build.

9 June 2015 - Parallel Kernel Module Builds - 1 Comment

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