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FreeNAS 11.0 Released

FreeNAS 11.0 is now officially available, the network attached storage (NAS) centered operating system powered by FreeBSD.

14 June 2017 - FreeNAS 11 - 6 Comments
TrueOS 20170424 Stable Update

For those wishing to try out the FreeBSD-based desktop-focused TrueOS operating system, formerly known as PC-BSD, there is a new stable release.

24 April 2017 - TrueOS Update - 16 Comments
DragonFlyBSD Gets NX Bit Support

While NX bit has been around for many years with AMD64 for marking page tables as no-execute or not, the DragonFlyBSD kernel is now only making use of it.

4 April 2017 - DragonFlyBSD NX - 1 Comment
NetBSD Accomplishes Reproducible Builds

A lot of Linux distributions have been focusing on reproducible builds support in the past few years -- ensuring individuals can rebuild a bit-for-bit replica of the original source code. NetBSD has now accomplished their operating system can be built in a reproducible build fashion.

20 February 2017 - NetBSD Reproducible Builds - 7 Comments

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