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Arm Backporting SLS Vulnerability Mitigation To Existing GCC Releases

Back in June when Arm disclosed their Straight Line Speculation (SLS) vulnerability affecting their modern ARM processor designs there wasn't a whole lot of attention. It seems SLS is serious enough that Arm is working on bringing their compiler-based mitigations to existing GCC releases beyond it already being in the current development code.

21 July 2020 - Arm SLS - 5 Comments
Linux 5.9 Set To Bring ARMv8 TTL Support

In addition to Linux 5.9 poised to bring ARMv8 Memory Tagging Extension support (MTE), another ARM architectural feature now queued up for introduction in this next kernel cycle is Translation Table Level support.

14 July 2020 - Translation Table Level - Add A Comment
Arm Announces Cortex-A78, Cortex-X Custom

Arm today announced the Cortex-A78 as their SoC for next-generation smartphones with up to 20% sustained performance improvements. Arm also announced today the Cortex-X Custom program.

26 May 2020 - New Arm - 25 Comments
Linux Thunderbolt Support Can Work On Arm Systems

While there aren't yet any Arm SoCs we are aware of at least offering Thunderbolt connectivity, that will eventually change with at least USB4 being based on Thunderbolt. But in any case Thunderbolt software support can work on Arm today if using a Thunderbolt add-in PCIe card.

17 May 2020 - Arm + Thunderbolt - 24 Comments

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