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DragonFlyBSD Looking To Pursue 64-Bit ARM Port With Code Bounty

While NetBSD has more than a half-dozen tier-one supported architectures and dozens more of tier two ports, DragonFlyBSD has been largely centered on x86_64 since their dropping of 32-bit x86 a while ago. Arm has largely remained off their radar but there seems to be some growing interest around seeing DragonFlyBSD on AArch64.

19 March 2019 - DragonFlyBSD AArch64 - Add A Comment
GCC 9 Compiler Picks Up Official Support For The Arm Neoverse N1 + E1

Earlier this week Arm announced their next-generation Neoverse N1 and E1 platforms with big performance potential and power efficiency improvements over current generation Cortex-A72 processor cores. The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) ahead of the upcoming GCC9 release has picked up support for the Neoverse N1/E1.

22 February 2019 - Arm Neoverse + GCC Compiler - Add A Comment
It's Becoming Possible To Run Linux Distributions On The HP/ASUS/Lenovo ARM Laptops

We've been looking forward to the possibility of having a nice 64-bit ARM Linux laptop with decent power and nice build quality. Several major vendors having been rolling out Windows ARM laptops powered by Qualcomm chips and the like with decent specs and quality, unlike some of the cheap ARM Linux laptop efforts we've seen. For those Windows ARM laptops, headway is being made in being able to run Linux on them.

11 February 2019 - Linux + Windows ARM Laptops - 41 Comments
Banana Pi Might Be Rolling Out A 24-Core ARM Board

Making the rounds overnight has been word that the folks at Banana Pi are preparing to release a 24-core ARM board. On the surface it's exciting for ARM Linux enthusiasts, but the pricing has yet to be announced and that will largely determine the success of this reported next BPi product.

27 December 2018 - Banana Pi - 15 Comments

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