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16-Core HoneyComb LX2K ARM Workstation Looks To Offer A Decent Performance Oomph

When it comes to ARM-powered workstation boards there hasn't been a whole lot to get excited about with the likes of the Socionext 96Boards Developerbox being quite expensive and not yielding good performance or featureful boards compared to alternative Intel/AMD/POWER workstation/enthusiast boards. One of the more promising ARM workstation boards we have been following is the HoneyComb LX2K (formerly the "ClearFog" board) and it's looking like it could end up being a decent offering in this space.

16 September 2019 - HoneyComb LX2K - 30 Comments
The Arm SoC/Platform Changes Finally Sent In For Linux 5.3: Jetson Nano, New SoCs

The Arm SoC/platform changes arrived a bit late to the Linux 5.3 merge window ending this weekend. The Arm SoC/platform changes were only sent in on Friday night but include Librem 5 Developer Kit support in terms of the DeviceTree bits as well as improving the NVIDIA Jetson Nano support and various other SoC/platform additions.

20 July 2019 - Linux 5.3 Arm SoCs - 24 Comments
Arm Announces Cortex-A77 & Mali-G77 Valhall

In addition to AMD announcing their Ryzen 3000 line-up, Arm also used today at Computex 2019 to announce their new Cortex processor as well as a new Mali graphics processor and machine learning chip.

27 May 2019 - Arm Cortex-A77 - 21 Comments
Arm SVE2 Support Aligning For GCC 10, LLVM Clang 9.0

Given the significant performance benefits to Arm's Scalable Vector Extension 2 (SVE2), they are working on ensuring the open-source Linux compiler toolchains support these new CPU instructions ahead of SoCs shipping that support this big addition.

24 May 2019 - Scalable Vector Extension 2 - 5 Comments
Raspberry Pi Close To Seeing CPUFreq Support

Nicolas Saenz Julienne of SUSE has been working on CPUFreq support for the Raspberry Pi single board computers to allow for the Linux kernel to provide CPU frequency scaling controls.

21 May 2019 - Raspberry Pi CPUFREQ - 27 Comments
Red Hat / Fedora To Work On Bringing Up Arm Laptops Under Linux

We've been looking forward to the ability to run Linux distributions on the recent Windows 10 Arm laptops and there has been some work in making it happen albeit not yet out-of-the-box and various hardware/kernel quirks with the different port attempts so far. But it looks like it could soon become an easy reality thanks to Red Hat.

8 April 2019 - Fedora On Arm Laptops - 65 Comments
DragonFlyBSD Looking To Pursue 64-Bit ARM Port With Code Bounty

While NetBSD has more than a half-dozen tier-one supported architectures and dozens more of tier two ports, DragonFlyBSD has been largely centered on x86_64 since their dropping of 32-bit x86 a while ago. Arm has largely remained off their radar but there seems to be some growing interest around seeing DragonFlyBSD on AArch64.

19 March 2019 - DragonFlyBSD AArch64 - Add A Comment

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