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Arm Neoverse V1 Tuning Lands In GCC 11 Compiler

In addition to AMD Zen 3 "znver3" seeing a lot of last minute tuning/optimization work ahead of the GCC 11 compiler being released as stable in the weeks ahead, Arm has also been getting some last minute work into this open-source compiler as it pertains to the Neoverse V1 support.

27 March 2021 - Neoverse V1 - 1 Comment
Linux Developers Continue Discussing "SLS" Mitigation For The Kernel

Disclosed by Arm last summer was the Straight Line Speculation (SLS) vulnerability and they were quick to introduce new safeguards against SLS in the GCC and LLVM compilers. The compiler-based mitigations to straight-line speculation involves adding speculation barrier sequences around the vulnerable instructions to prevent speculatively executing instructions around changes in control flow. While compiler developers were quick to add the options, so far the Linux kernel developers are in disagreement still over its importance and the proposed patches that would flip on this option when compiling the ARM Linux kernel.

6 March 2021 - Straight Line Speculation - 1 Comment
Google Engineers Propose Adding Linux Kernel Option For ARM SLS Mitigation

Made public last year was the Arm Straight Light Speculation (SLS) vulnerability. SLS with ARM hardware can result in speculative executing instructions following an unconditional change in control flow. The Linux kernel may soon have an option for enabling the mitigation of the Arm SLS vulnerability.

15 February 2021 - Straight-Line Speculation - 1 Comment
LLVM Adds Additional Protections For Arm's SLS Speculation Vulnerability Mitigation

Revealed earlier this year was the Arm Straight Line Speculation (SLS) vulnerability. SLS was a Google discovery for modern ARMv8 CPUs where speculative execution past unconditional changes in control flow could lead to information disclosure via side-channel analysis. Arm recommended compiler-based mitigations to insert speculation barriers after vulnerable instructions, which GCC and LLVM began adding opt-in protections right away. This weekend some additional SLS functionality was added for LLVM.

20 December 2020 - Straight Line Speculation - Add A Comment
Arm Neoverse V1 Support Added To LLVM Clang 12 Compiler

Announced by Arm back in September was the Neoverse V1 "Zeus" platform with 50%+ performance uplift over the Neoverse N1. Neoverse V1 also supports Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE) and other features in catering the platform for machine learning, cloud, HPC, and similar use-cases.

9 November 2020 - neoverse-v1 - Add A Comment
Arm Backporting SLS Vulnerability Mitigation To Existing GCC Releases

Back in June when Arm disclosed their Straight Line Speculation (SLS) vulnerability affecting their modern ARM processor designs there wasn't a whole lot of attention. It seems SLS is serious enough that Arm is working on bringing their compiler-based mitigations to existing GCC releases beyond it already being in the current development code.

21 July 2020 - Arm SLS - 5 Comments
Linux 5.9 Set To Bring ARMv8 TTL Support

In addition to Linux 5.9 poised to bring ARMv8 Memory Tagging Extension support (MTE), another ARM architectural feature now queued up for introduction in this next kernel cycle is Translation Table Level support.

14 July 2020 - Translation Table Level - Add A Comment

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