Wine-Staging 4.4 Down To 770 Patch Delta, Addresses Six Year Old Bug About Silverlight
Written by Michael Larabel in WINE on 17 March 2019 at 07:32 AM EDT. 6 Comments
Re-based off Friday's release of Wine 4.4, Wine-Staging 4.4 is now available though the delta compared to upstream is now many patches lighter thanks to some of the work being upstreamed.

Wine-Staging 4.4 is only about 770 patches on top of the "vanilla" Wine, compared to not too far back when the patch delta was well over 800 patches. Over the past two weeks many patches were upstreamed including the addition of the new MSIDB tool for manipulating MSI databases representing a bulk of the mainlined code. There was also code merged around improving the D3D8 validate pixel shader function, WMCreateSyncReader, MSVIDC32, and other bits.

Wine-Staging 4.4 did end up re-basing some of their Direct3D patches while the only new addition is supporting the "Processor" object string in the PDH code. This stems from a bug request opened in early 2013 over getting Microsoft Silverlight and this bit being needed in order to obtain the processor usage. Outside of Silverlight, there doesn't appear to be any major users and thankfully this Flash competitor remains deprecated. It's been years since last even having to think about Microsoft Silverlight.

Wine-Staging 4.4 still reverts the recent FAudio addition in upstream Wine for its XAudio2 re-implementation until FAudio is packaged by more Linux distributions. Wine-Staging 4.4 can be obtained from
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