Mozilla's Servo Is Now Rendering Phoronix, Except For One Big Bug
Written by Michael Larabel in Mozilla on 19 August 2015 at 08:26 PM EDT. 26 Comments
After this morning's article about Mozilla's Servo Engine Now Capable Of Rendering GitHub Near Flawlessly, a Mozilla Research developer shared that this next-generation, Rust-written layout engine is also capable of rendering

Patrick Walton of Mozilla Research tweeted a picture of Servo rendering this morning's Servo article on Phoronix. The page layout, spacing, colors, etc, all appear to be rendered correctly for our new responsive design site that rolled out last month. One small item is that the search button at the top of the page isn't correctly spaced under Servo on OS X.

Of course, the bigger issue is that the web advertisements aren't correctly rendered with Servo!

Thus I'll take the opportunity to remind Phoronix readers that this site is made possible -- and primarily driven by -- web ads. If it's not for web advertisements, Phoronix simply wouldn't exist as it's been the primary means of revenue for the past eleven years, just as Mozilla relies upon revenues from their search referrals and now sponsored tiles. Advertisements are a necessity for covering hardware expenditures for Linux testing, the ~3000 kwH per month electrical bill and other utilities, dedicated server costs, and of course allowing me to work on this site for routinely ~100 hours a week. Hundreds of original articles are written each month on Phoronix by your's truly. Supporting Phoronix also advances the open-source development of the Phoronix Test Suite, Phoromatic, and related benchmark / automated test development.

If you do not wish to see ads while browsing Phoronix, please consider subscribing to Phoronix Premium to see the built-in, ad-free version of the site that also renders multi-page articles on a single page. If you insist on using ad-blockers, please at least consider a donation via PayPal or Bitcoin. If you use ad-block out of seeing some intrusive ad on Phoronix, be sure to report it to me so it can be taken care of. For any offensive ads, rogue mobile ad issues, or other problems, I'm able to only find out about them when I see them or they get reported as I'm unable to approve all ads in advance. So if there's an ad issue, send me a screenshot/URL so it can get nuked from the system. Thanks for your support.
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