The Open Benchmarks So Far Available For Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016
Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix Test Suite on 19 March 2018 at 06:19 AM EDT. 5 Comments
There are several dozen test profiles so far available for the new/rewritten Phoronix Test Suite port to Windows.

The past several weeks have been extremely busy as besides the usual workload and the normal Linux benchmark development around the Phoronix Test Suite and, a completely redone Windows version of the Phoronix Test Suite has been in the works as outlined in the article earlier this month.

The new Phoronix Test Suite for Windows continues to be worked on daily in getting PTS 8.0 in great shape for Microsoft Windows 10 x64 and Windows Server 2016. For those wondering about the current test list of benchmarks available on Windows:

windows/diskspd                - Diskspd                             Disk
windows/euler3d                - Euler3D                             System
windows/openssl                - OpenSSL                             Processor
windows/redis                  - Redis                               System
pts/aobench                    - AOBench                             Processor
pts/apache                     - Apache Benchmark                    System
pts/bioshock-infinite          - BioShock Infinite                   Graphics
pts/blake2                     - BLAKE2                              Processor
pts/blender                    - Blender                             System
pts/blogbench                  - BlogBench                           Disk
pts/build-llvm                 - Timed LLVM Compilation              Processor
pts/c-ray                      - C-Ray                               Processor
pts/cachebench                 - CacheBench                          Processor
pts/cinebench                  - Maxon Cinebench                     System
pts/compress-7zip              - 7-Zip Compression                   Processor
pts/compress-gzip              - Gzip Compression                    Processor
pts/compress-rar               - RAR Compression                     System
pts/cpuminer-opt               - Cpuminer-Opt                        Processor
pts/crafty                     - Crafty                              Processor
pts/csgo                       - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive    Graphics
pts/dota2                      - Dota 2                              Graphics
pts/ebizzy                     - ebizzy                              Processor
pts/fahbench                   - FAHBench                            System
pts/ffmpeg                     - FFmpeg                              Processor
pts/ffte                       - FFTE                                Processor
pts/fhourstones                - Fhourstones                         Processor
pts/fio                        - Flexible IO Tester                  Disk
pts/git                        - Git                                 System
pts/go-benchmark               - Go Benchmarks                       Processor
pts/gputest                    - GpuTest                             Graphics
pts/graphics-magick            - GraphicsMagick                      Processor
pts/iozone                     - IOzone                              Disk
pts/iperf                      - iPerf                               Network
pts/j2dbench                   - Java 2D Microbenchmark              Graphics
pts/java-scimark2              - Java SciMark                        Processor
pts/john-the-ripper            - John The Ripper                     Processor
pts/luxmark                    - LuxMark                             System
pts/mafft                      - Timed MAFFT Alignment               Processor
pts/minion                     - Minion                              Processor
pts/netperf                    - Netperf                             Network
pts/nginx                      - NGINX Benchmark                     System
pts/openarena                  - OpenArena                           Graphics
pts/paraview                   - ParaView                            Graphics
pts/perl-benchmark             - Perl Benchmarks                     Processor
pts/pgbench                    - PostgreSQL pgbench                  System
pts/phpbench                   - PHPBench                            System
pts/primesieve                 - Primesieve                          Processor
pts/pts-self-test              - Phoronix Test Suite Self Test       System
pts/pybench                    - PyBench                             System
pts/rbenchmark                 - R Benchmark                         Processor
pts/scimark2                   - SciMark                             Processor
pts/sqlite                     - SQLite                              Disk
pts/sunflow                    - Sunflow Rendering System            System
pts/supertuxkart               - SuperTuxKart                        Graphics
pts/tjbench                    - libjpeg-turbo tjbench               System
pts/unigine-heaven             - Unigine Heaven                      Graphics
pts/unigine-sanctuary          - Unigine Sanctuary                   Graphics
pts/unigine-super              - Unigine Superposition               Graphics
pts/unigine-tropics            - Unigine Tropics                     Graphics
pts/unigine-valley             - Unigine Valley                      Graphics
pts/unpack-linux               - Unpacking The Linux Kernel          Disk
pts/urbanterror                - Urban Terror                        Graphics
pts/x264                       - x264                                Processor
pts/xonotic                    - Xonotic                             Graphics
pts/y-cruncher                 - Y-Cruncher                          Processor
system/darktable               - Darktable                           System
system/ethminer                - Ethereum Ethminer                   System
system/gimp                    - GIMP                                System

If you want to try out the new Phoronix Test Suite on Windows, currently you need to be using Phoronix-Test-Suite from Git. Most of the Windows bits should be settled by the end of the month. Phoronix Test Suite 8.0-Aremark will be officially released next quarter. More details soon.
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