The Many Changes Of Phoronix Test Suite 5.6
Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix Test Suite on 24 March 2015 at 09:03 AM EDT. Add A Comment
Version 5.6 of the Phoronix Test Suite is being released this morning.

There's tons of changes for this quarterly update to succeed PTS 5.4.1 that was released back on 23 December. Stay tuned for the press release and other information on this big update to the Phoronix Test Suite, but given the huge size of the release, embedded below is the full change-log for 5.6-Dedilovo.

The big focus of the Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 release was still on improving the Phoromatic server/client for automated test orchestration and driving large benchmarking farms, but beyond that there were still changes benefiting the conventional Phoronix Test Suite client (pts-core, phodevi, pts_Graph, etc).

This is a very big release for being a quarterly update and mostly being developed by your's truly. You can fetch the latest code from Phoronix-Test-Suite on GitHub. Enterprise/commercial support is available by contacting us.

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6.0-Dedilovo
24 March 2015

- pts-core: Drop bilde_renderer since it's been deprecated for a while
- pts-core: Yield /dev/mapper/* points in auto-disk-mount-points
- pts-core: Detect Internet presence for enterprise-setup
- pts-core: cli_set_process_title() still emits error on OS X so block its usage
- pts-core: Fix potential warning in detailed-system-info sub-command
- phodevi: HFS+ file-system fallback detection on OS X
- phodevi: Workaround Hyper Threading detection on OS X
- phoromatic: Add universal search functionality from web interface
- phoromatic: Improve formatting of annotations
- phoromatic: Mark system state as unknown when communication fails and hits the event server check
- phoromatic: Don't attempt to open DB in read-only mode if phoromatic.db not yet made

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 Milestone 5
11 March 2015

- pts-core: Ignore test run locking in stress/multi-run mode
- pts-core: Allow 128 character result identifier strings
- pts-core: Switch the dump-documentation sub-command to generating the README in md format
- phoromatic: Change the custom From email sender to Reply-To
- phoromatic: Finish hooking-up multi-test/stress-run functionality via the benchmark page
- phoromatic: Send emails from rootadmin or group admin's email address where applicable rather than [email protected]
- phoromatic: Scroll bar on local suites page condensing
- phoromatic: Add "End Ticket" option to benchmark page
- phoromatic: Allow stress tests up to 90 days
- phoromatic: Allow stress runs up to 24 concurrent tests
- phoromatic: Add basic support for annotating/commenting on result files and individual graphs
- phoromatic: Add support for the user to delete annotations

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 Milestone 4
25 February 2015

- pts-core: Improvements to phoronix-test-suite make-download-cache
- phoromatic: Add "admin data" page to let the rootadmin permanently delete schedules/results/systems
- phoromatic: Allow for system identifier variable in benchmark tickets of .SYSTEM
- phoromatic: Allow for system identifier variable in benchmark tickets of .GROUP
- phoromatic: Allow tickets to be removed from the individual benchmark page
- phoromatic: Allow creating new group accounts from the rootadmin page
- phoromatic: Add support for repeating tickets
- phoromatic: Add basic support for system variables

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 Milestone 3
15 February 2015

- phoromatic: Allow triggers to be deleted
- phoromatic: Rely on caching for determining pre-existing cached test profiles from the web UI
- phoromatic: Add result RSS support
- phoromatic: Add new option to results page
- phoromatic: Enforce new PTS sign-on whenever the PTS core version changes due to potential interface changes
- phoromatic: Working build suite page
- phoromatic: Add support for local suites page
- phoromatic: Add benchmark page
- phoromatic: Add support for viewing issued benchmark tickets
- phoromatic: Add option to force rebuild of results databases
- phoromatic: Prepend system ID to result string when running multiple tests without variables
- phoromatic: Add "Test All Options" opton to build suite page

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 Milestone 2
4 February 2015

- pts-core: Various fixes
- pts-core: Deb/RPM build packaging improvements.
- pts-core: Add Markdown Readme file
- pts-core: Add hidden ?seed_accountid= option to the welcome / account creation page for custom 6 character ID
- pts-core: Fix for session save path on Fedora when running as normal user
- pts-core: Import copy of FPDF locally for PDF rendering
- phoromatic: Add a public view of test results by going to result page entry -> Result Export -> Public Viewer
- phoromatic: Add basic "Upload To" link from test result page
- phoromatic: Allow users to reset their own password by navigating to the settings page
- phoromatic: Add "group name" concept to Phoromatic group of accounts
- phoromatic: Improved formatting of the public-viewer page
- phoromatic: Allow downloading results as PDF
- phoromatic: Allow disabling new account registration by setting custom string via rootadmin's config page
- phoromatic: Allow setting a main page message string to show users once logging into their account, via rootadmin's config page
- phoromatic: Don't show idling systems on the dashboard
- phoromatic: Add IP ping test to system claim page
- phoromatic: Introduce PPRID structure as universal unique identifier for results between accounts
- phoromatic: Allow optional result sharing between groups / unique accounts (controlled via settings)
- phoromatic: Add "force result sharing" option to rootadmin to override per-account settings
- phoromatic: New result compare functionality
- phoromatic: Support for limiting results to a certain time period
- phoromatic: Add comparable results listing on individual result pages
- phoromatic: Register module-discovered Phoromatic Servers with pts-core
- phoromatic: Add "Only Advertise Cached Tests" option to rootadmin
- phoromatic: Download latest test suites/profiles in background thread from the event server
- phoromatic: Add option to pre-seed test installs to systems when otherwise idling
- phoromatic: Support for exporting result files to download as CSV or TXT
- phoromatic: Add phoromatic.list-results sub-command for clients to view recent results
- phoromatic: Add phoromatic.clone sub-command for clients to clone viewable test results

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 Milestone 1
13 January 2015

- pts-core: Add "short" display mode
- pts-core: Add stress-run command to allow for concurrent stress testing / burn-in / torture testing
- pts-core: Add TOTAL_LOOP_TIME support to stress-run
- pts-core: Add TOTAL_LOOP_TIME=infinite support to stress-run for testing in an infinite loop
- pts-core: Add support for libframetime output result parsing
- phoromatic: Initial commit of basic tracker page
- phoromatic: Better recovery of existing Phoromatic accounts on reloaded systems where the machine self ID changed
- timed_screenshot: Fix for crash when PHP GD missing
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