Intel's Latest Icelake Patches Let The Display Light-Up

Earlier this month Intel open-source driver developers posted the initial graphics enablement for Icelake, the "Gen 11" graphics coming after the yet-to-be-launched "Gen 10" Cannonlake processors. The latest patches in this series have now been published for allowing initial Icelake display support.

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Using Dual 4K Monitors Stacked With GNOME

The past month or so on my main production workstation I have been using two 28-inch 4K displays in a stacked configuration rather than side-by-side. The workflow has been working out nicely and I just wanted to relay some thoughts.

7 Hours Ago - Monitors - 18 Comments
Work Revised On Adding SPIR-V Support To Clover Gallium3D

Last May we reported on a Nouveau developer adding SPIR-V support to Gallium3D's OpenCL state tracker. Finally the better part of one year later, Pierre Moreau is ready with the second version of these patches to accept this IR associated with Vulkan / OpenCL 2.1+ within Clover.

17 Hours Ago - Mesa - SPIR-V Clover - 3 Comments

22 January

RadeonSI NIR Back-End Picks Up Support For More OpenGL Extensions

It was just a few days ago that Valve Linux developer Timothy Arceri enabled GLSL 4.50 support for RadeonSI's NIR back-end after previously taking care of tessellation shaders and other requirements. Now he has taken to implementing some other extensions in RadeonSI's NIR code-path.

22 January 08:09 PM EST - Mesa - NIR Is Rad - 9 Comments
Trying Out DRM-Next For Linux 4.16 With AMDGPU On Polaris & Vega

I have spent some time this weekend trying out the DRM-Next code slated for inclusion in Linux 4.16 when its merge window opens next week. The DRM-Next state of the AMDGPU driver appears to be in good shape, at least for the RX 580 and RX Vega cards used for my initial testing.

22 January 07:06 PM EST - Radeon - DRM-Next Testing - 3 Comments
Canonical Once Again Aiming To Improve Ubuntu's Boot Speed

Nearly a decade ago Canonical/Ubuntu developers had a goal of a 10 second boot time. They made good on that for their netbook focus at the time, but in the years since their boot time has slowed down and we haven't seen any concerted effort on improving their boot speed again.

22 January 02:09 PM EST - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Boot Speed - 31 Comments
AMDVLK Official Open-Source Radeon Vulkan Driver Updated

It's been one month now since AMD open-sourced their official Vulkan driver code and the associated XGL code-base. There has been about weekly code drops of new AMDVLK/XGL code over the past month while the separate, community-driven Mesa-based RADV Vulkan driver continues being developed as well.

22 January 08:10 AM EST - Radeon - AMDVLK - 18 Comments
Libinput 1.10 Is On The Way To Remove Touchpad Hysteresis

Peter Hutterer of Red Hat has announced the first release candidate of libinput 1.10 today, which isn't a big feature release but rather incorporates a few new features with many bug fixes for this input handling library used by X.Org and Wayland systems.

22 January 05:16 AM EST - Wayland - libinput 1.10 - 6 Comments

21 January

Some FreeBSD Users Are Still Running Into Random Lock-Ups With Ryzen

While Linux has been playing happily with Ryzen CPUs as long as you weren't affected by the performance marginality problem where you had to swap out for a newer CPU (and Threadripper and EPYC CPUs have been running splendid in all of my testing with not having any worries), it seems the BSDs (at least FreeBSD) are still having some quirks to address.

21 January 12:16 PM EST - BSD - Ryzen BSD - 56 Comments
Intel OpenGL vs. Vulkan Performance With Mesa 18.0

Given the very strong Vulkan vs. OpenGL performance in the recent low-end/older Linux gaming GPU tests with discrete graphics cards, I was curious to run some benchmarks seeing the current state of Intel's open-source OpenGL vs. Vulkan performance. With the Mesa 18.0 release to be branched soon, it was a good time seeing how the Intel i965 OpenGL and ANV Vulkan drivers compare.

21 January 08:30 AM EST - Display Drivers - 9 Comments

20 January

19 January

Linux Gaming For Older/Lower-End Graphics Cards In 2018

A request came in this week to look at how low-end and older graphics cards are performing with current generation Linux games on OpenGL and Vulkan. With ten older/lower-end NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards, here is a look at their performance with a variety of native Linux games atop Ubuntu using the latest Radeon and NVIDIA drivers.

19 January 02:38 PM EST - Linux Gaming - 41 Comments
Wine 3.0 Development By The Numbers

With yesterday's successful launch of Wine 3.0 I was curious how the past year of development on Wine compared to years prior, etc. Here are some Wine development statistics.

19 January 10:32 AM EST - WINE - Wine 3.0 - 3 Comments
Experimental KPTI Support For x86 32-bit Linux

For the Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI) support currently within the Linux kernel for addressing the Meltdown CPU vulnerability it's currently limited to 64-bit on the x86 side, but for the unfortunate souls still running x86 32-bit operating systems, SUSE is working on such support.

19 January 07:56 AM EST - Intel - Meltdown Protection - 12 Comments
R600g "Soft" FP64 Shows Signs Of Life, Enabling Older GPUs To Have OpenGL 4 In 2018

Most pre-GCN AMD graphics cards are still limited to OpenGL 3.3 support at this time due to not supporting FP64. Only the HD 5800/6900 series on R600g currently have real double-precision floating-point support working right now so at present they are on OpenGL 4.3 rather than 3.3, but those other generations may be catching up soon thanks to the "soft" FP64 code.

19 January 05:35 AM EST - Mesa - OpenGL 4.x - 33 Comments

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