LLVM Clang Mainlines Support For The Motorola 68000 Series (m68k)

If it wasn't odd enough during these pandemic times seeing Nintendo 64 support upstreamed into the Linux 5.12 kernel a few weeks back, the latest vintage hardware seeing open-source support still going on is the Motorola 68000 series 32-bit processors. LLVM/Clang today merged the "m68k" target for these three decade old processors.

61 Minutes Ago - Hardware - m68k - 4 Comments
Canonical Talks Up Why Ubuntu Is A Great Replacement To CentOS

Following the surprise announcement last year that CentOS 8 will be EOL'ed at the end of 2021 to focus instead on CentOS Stream and all the uncertainty that brought with Red Hat now being owned by IBM, new distributions like Rocky Linux were conceived while existing Linux distributions have been looking to capitalize on that move. Oracle Linux has been advertising how it's a great RHEL downstream while Canonical is now promoting how Ubuntu is a great replacement to CentOS.

10 Hours Ago - Ubuntu - CentOS To Ubuntu - 30 Comments
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Might See Micro-Architecture Packages For Better Performance

One of the many great programs at SUSE is the roughly annual program where their developers can focus for one week on any new open-source development they desire. SUSE Hack Week has led to many great innovations and improvements since it began in the mid-2000s and for the Hack Week later this month there is one project attempt we are eager to see tackled.

11 Hours Ago - SUSE - Hackweek Project - 16 Comments
Researchers Discover Intel CPU Ring Interconnects Vulnerable To Side Channel Attack

University of Illinois researchers have discovered that Intel's CPU ring interconnects are vulnerable to exploit by side-channel attacks. This opens a whole new can of worms with the cross-core interconnect now being vulnerable to exploit but so far Intel doesn't appear to be overly concerned and there are some open questions on whether this interconnect exploit would still work with the latest Intel Xeon processors.

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7 March

Glibc 2.34 Will Provide More Helpful Linker Diagnostics

With the exciting "HWCAPS" feature of Glibc 2.33+ allowing for optimized versions of libraries to be more easily deployed on Linux systems, diagnosing issues around it can be a bit more complicated but on the way for Glibc 2.34 is a welcome improvement to help in such issues.

7 March 06:49 AM EST - GNU - ld.so --list-diagnostics - 6 Comments
X.Org Foundation Bows Out For Google Summer of Code 2021

Over the years Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has resulted in some really great projects in the X.Org ecosystem from work in the early days on the open-source Radeon graphics driver stack to VKMS more recently to many other improvements especially as it pertains to open-source graphics drivers / Mesa. But for Google Summer of Code 2021 at least, the organization will not be participating.

7 March 02:13 AM EST - X.Org - No GSoC 2021 Participation - 5 Comments

6 March

Linux Developers Continue Discussing "SLS" Mitigation For The Kernel

Disclosed by Arm last summer was the Straight Line Speculation (SLS) vulnerability and they were quick to introduce new safeguards against SLS in the GCC and LLVM compilers. The compiler-based mitigations to straight-line speculation involves adding speculation barrier sequences around the vulnerable instructions to prevent speculatively executing instructions around changes in control flow. While compiler developers were quick to add the options, so far the Linux kernel developers are in disagreement still over its importance and the proposed patches that would flip on this option when compiling the ARM Linux kernel.

6 March 06:25 AM EST - Arm - Straight Line Speculation - 1 Comment
Linux 5.12-rc2 Released Early - A Rare Friday Kernel Due To That Nasty Corruption Issue

While Linus Torvalds long has released his new kernel releases -- both release candidates and the inaugural stable releases -- every Sunday, there are the occasional exceptions like this week with Linux 5.12-rc2 being issued on Friday night. The Linux 5.12-rc2 release has come early due to that nasty file-system corruption issue stemming from botched swapfile handling.

6 March 12:15 AM EST - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.12-rc2 - 5 Comments
Daffodil Promoted To Being An Apache Top-Level Project

Following the recent promotions of DataSketches and ECharts, the Apache Software Foundation has promoted Daffodil as their newest top-level project. Apache Daffodil is an open-source universal interchange implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL).

6 March 12:09 AM EST - Free Software - Apache Daffodil - 7 Comments

5 March

Radeon RX 6800 Series Seeing Some Small Gains With Linux 5.12

When it comes to the AMDGPU kernel driver changes in Linux 5.12 for modern open-source AMD Radeon graphics, most notable is RDNA2 OverDrive overclocking support now being available as well as AMDGPU FreeSync over HDMI (pre-HDMI 2.1). But from initial testing the new in-development kernel is showing mostly subtle performance improvements for the Radeon RX 6800 series over Linux 5.11.

5 March 12:09 PM EST - Display Drivers - 13 Comments
PyTorch 1.8 Released With AMD ROCm Binaries

PyTorch 1.8 was released on Thursday as the newest version of this widely-used machine learning library. Exciting many will be easier AMD Radeon ROCm support with Python wheels now provided for that Radeon Open eCosystem support.

5 March 08:23 AM EST - Programming - PyTorch 1.8 - 24 Comments
Wine's Project Leader Has Given A Blessing To The Wayland Effort

Published last month was an updated but still experimental version of the native Wayland support for Wine after that code was originally published last year. One of the lingering questions has been around the prospects of mainlining this Wayland driver in Wine while last week the longtime Wine project leader, Alexandre Julliard, provided some clarity on the matter.

5 March 03:30 AM EST - WINE - Wine + Wayland - 30 Comments

4 March

Even In 2021, Intel Squeezes Some Very Nice Performance Gains Out Of Their OpenGL Driver

While it's 2021 and many modern Linux gaming and other workloads are focusing on the Vulkan API, Intel isn't letting up in their aggressive optimizations to their open-source "Iris" OpenGL Gallium3D driver for Linux systems. With the latest Mesa 21.1 code today there is a set of patches providing up to 17% better performance in some games while other OpenGL software is generally a few percent faster at least. In some micro-benchmarks it can be more than 50% faster.

4 March 06:33 PM EST - Intel - Threaded Contexts - 18 Comments

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