Wine-Staging 3.13 Released With Extra Patches

Following Friday's release of Wine 3.13 is now the adjoining Wine-Staging 3.13 version debut that incorporates various extra/testing patches atop this code-base for running Windows programs/games primarily on Linux and macOS systems.

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What Build System Should Qt 6 Use?

While developers have begun discussing plans for Qt 6.0 with plans to ship this upgraded tool-kit in 2020, one of the unanswered questions is over what build system should Qt 6 be using.

21 July 08:14 AM EDT - Qt - A Controversial Question - 14 Comments

20 July

Fresh Docker Linux Benchmarks For Summer 2018

Following the recent rounds of Linux distribution benchmarking with Windows Server vs. FreeBSD vs. Linux, Windows vs. Linux laptop benchmarks, and other recent comparisons, one of the latest requests was a fresh look at the performance of different Linux distributions deployed within Docker containers.

20 July 03:00 PM EDT - Operating Systems - 8 Comments
A 3.3x Performance Improvement For FLAC Audio Encoding On POWER 64-bit

In last month's round of IBM POWER9 benchmarking on the Talos II systems compared to various Intel/AMD x86_64 CPUs, one of the areas where POWER was struggling especially was with multimedia encoding performance. Fortunately, since those POWER9 Phoronix benchmarks this year, various developers have been working on optimizations.

20 July 08:01 AM EDT - Hardware - Big Performance Boost - 10 Comments
2018 Brings A New Linux X.Org Display Driver Update For The ATI RAGE 128

Last month I wrote about a new attempt at improving the ATI RAGE 128 X.Org driver... Yes, for the for the Rage graphics cards from the late 90's in the days of AGP and PCI where core/memory clock speeds were commonly in the double digits... If you are a hobbyist fond of these vintage graphics cards and are still running with these OpenGL 1.1~1.2 capable GPUs, there is a new X.Org driver update.

20 July 05:49 AM EDT - Radeon - ATI RAGE 128 - 11 Comments
AMDGPU Gets More Features For Linux 4.19 Kernel

On top of AMDGPU improvements/features already staged for Linux 4.19, the AMD folks on Thursday sent in their seemingly last set of feature updates to DRM-Next ahead of the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window.

20 July 12:21 AM EDT - AMD - AMDGPU DRM-Next - 16 Comments

19 July

A Fresh Look At The PGO Performance With GCC 8

It's been a while since we last ran some GCC PGO benchmarks, the Profile Guided Optimizations or feedback-directed optimization technique that makes use of profiling data at run-time to improve performance of re-compiled binaries. Here are some fresh benchmarks of GCC PGO impact on a Xeon Scalable server while using the newly-released GCC 8.2 release candidate.

19 July 06:26 PM EDT - Software - 15 Comments
Nouveau Changes Queue Ahead Of Linux 4.19

Linux 4.19 is going to be another exciting kernel on the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) front with a lot of good stuff included while hours ago we finally got a look at what's in store for the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver.

19 July 01:18 AM EDT - Nouveau - Open-Source NVIDIA - 2 Comments
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Exposes Adreno A5xx Performance Counters

It's been a while since last having any news to report on Freedrenon, the open-source, community-driven Gallium3D driver for providing accelerated 3D support for Qualcomm Adreno graphics hardware. But ahead of the upcoming Mesa 18.2 feature freeze, Freedreno founder Rob Clark has been landing a number of improvements.

19 July 12:05 AM EDT - Mesa - Open-Source Adreno - 5 Comments

18 July

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Introducing Revised Server Installer, Adds Missing Features

With the April release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on the server front was a brand new, in-house developed server installer created by Canonical to differentiate it from Debian's long-used text installer for the Ubuntu Server images. While it offered a fresh look and some new features, it shipped without many features common to Linux server installers. Fortunately, that is changing with the upcoming Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 release.

18 July 09:23 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 18.04.1 Server Installer - 4 Comments
REAPER 5.93 Brings New Linux-Native Builds

Since 2016 we have been looking forward to the REAPER digital audio workstation software for Linux while with this week's v5.93 release, the experimental Linux-native builds are now officially available.

18 July 05:44 AM EDT - Multimedia - Digital Audio Workstation - 15 Comments
Linux To Better Protect Entropy Sent In From User-Space

Fedora has begun utilizing a user-space jitter entropy daemon for feeding entropy to the kernel at boot time in case not enough is available for the kernel's random needs. But with that approach not being from a true hardware random number generator, a patch worked out by veteran Linux kernel developer Ted Ts'o will mix in RdRand entropy.

18 July 04:07 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - /dev/urandom - 11 Comments

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