The Ongoing CPU Security Mitigation Impact On The Core i9 10900K Comet Lake

At least for the workloads tested this round, when booting the new Intel Core i9 10900K "Comet Lake" processor with the software-controlled CPU security mitigations disabled, the overall performance was elevated by about 6% depending upon the workload. Here is a look at the out-of-the-box security mitigations for this new Intel desktop CPU against foregoing the default CPU security mitigations and running an unprotected configuration to see what the pre-Spectre performance looks like.

5 Hours Ago - Computers - 7 Comments
The Generic USB Display Driver Taking Shape For Linux 5.9~5.10

One of the interesting new happenings in the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver space is a Generic USB Display stack including a USB gadget driver that together allow for some interesting generic USB display setups. This work was motivated by being able to turn a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB to HDMI display adapter.

14 Hours Ago - Hardware - Generic USB Display - 4 Comments
Steam Ironing Out Shader Pre-Caching For Helping Game Load Times, Stuttering

Valve developers have been working on Vulkan shader pre-caching with their latest Steam client betas to help in allowing Vulkan/SPIR-V shaders to compile ahead of time, letting them be pre-cached on disk to allow for quicker game load times and any stuttering for games that otherwise would be compiling the shaders on-demand during gameplay, especially under Steam Play.

15 Hours Ago - Valve - Vulkan Shader Pre-Caching - 3 Comments

29 May

The Top Linux 5.7 Features From Apple Fast Charge To Official Tiger Lake Graphics

Assuming no last minute concerns, the Linux 5.7 kernel is set to debut as stable this weekend. Given all the weeks since the merge window and our many articles covering all the feature activity at that point (and not to be confused with our activity of new work being queued for the upcoming Linux 5.8 cycle), here is a look back at some of the top features of the Linux 5.7 kernel.

29 May 02:56 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.7 Features - 5 Comments

28 May

FSF Now Offering Video Conferencing Service To Its Members

In aiming to promote freedom-respecting video conferencing at a time when other platforms like Facebook and Zoom are exploding in popularity as a result of the coronavirus crisis, the Free Software Foundation is offering a video conferencing system for its associate members.

28 May 02:11 PM EDT - Free Software - FSF Videoconferencing - 12 Comments
Ryzen 9 3900X/3950X vs. Core i9 10900K In 380+ Benchmarks

Following our initial Core i5 10600K and Core i9 10900K Linux benchmarks last week, here is a much larger comparison I have been working on since then in looking specifically at the Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X against the Core i9 10900K. It's the largest to date with nearly 400 benchmarks being tested, most of them real-world test cases.

28 May 12:10 PM EDT - Processors - 67 Comments

27 May

AMD Lines Up Another Batch Of Radeon Graphics Fixes For Linux 5.8

Linux 5.8 features for the Radeon "AMDGPU" kernel driver include the likes of Navi soft recovery and better handling of critical thermal faults on Radeon GPUs as well as enabling TMZ support. With feature work being capped off already on the DRM graphics front for Linux 5.8, AMD developers have been tidying up the code and readying more fixes for all of the new code set to premiere with this imminent merge window.

27 May 07:42 PM EDT - Radeon - AMDGPU Linux 5.8 - 4 Comments
LLVM 11 Merges AMD Radeon GCN Offloading For OpenMP

While AMD has been working on AOMP for Radeon OpenMP offloading as their downstream of the LLVM/Clang compiler suited for GPU compute offloading to their hardware, at least some of that work is beginning to appear back in upstream LLVM.

27 May 06:40 AM EDT - Radeon - LLVM OpenMP AMDGCN - Add A Comment

26 May

Micron's HSE Open-Source Storage Engine Ticks Up To v1.7.1

Announced at the end of April was Micron's HSE as a new open-source storage engine designed for offering speedy performance and lower latency on modern solid-based storage, especially for systems employing 3D XPoint technology. Version 1.7.1 of HSE was released today as their first open-source release since going public with this technology.

26 May 07:34 PM EDT - Linux Storage - HSE 1.7.1 - Add A Comment
Arm Announces Cortex-A78, Cortex-X Custom

Arm today announced the Cortex-A78 as their SoC for next-generation smartphones with up to 20% sustained performance improvements. Arm also announced today the Cortex-X Custom program.

26 May 09:16 AM EDT - Arm - New Arm - 25 Comments
A Quick Look At GCC 10.1 PGO Optimization Benchmarks

Following the GCC 10.1 compiler optimization benchmarks posted this weekend, a number of readers were wondering about the impact of Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) on the new GCC 10 compiler. Here are some preliminary data points on that front.

26 May 07:00 AM EDT - Programming - Profile Guided Optimizations - 19 Comments
Reiser5 File-System Working On New Features Like Data Tiering, Burst Buffers

Reiser5 was announced back on New Year's Eve with support for local volumes and supporting parallel scaling out and other improvements over the long-in-development but never mainlined Reiser4. While Reiser5 was not met with enthusiasm, Edward Shishkin has continued working on this next-generation file-system and today announced the latest round of improvements.

26 May 12:09 AM EDT - Linux Storage - Reiser5 More Features - 47 Comments

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