21 January

Linux 5.11 Is Now Looking Great For AMD Zen 2 / Zen 3 Performance

Not only is the AMD "CPU frequency invariance regression" from that new support with the in-development Linux 5.11 kernel on course to address the performance shortcomings I outlined last month, but with the patched kernel for a number of workloads the performance is now ahead of where it was at with Linux 5.10.

21 January 03:00 PM EST - Processors - 11 Comments
The Unified Path Ahead For Building SUSE Linux Enterprise + openSUSE Leap

Red Hat hasn't been the only major enterprise Linux distribution shifting around their pieces with regards to how RHEL is formed with moving to CentOS Stream as its future upstream. Over the past year especially openSUSE Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise having been moving closer together with the source trees now being more closely aligned between Leap and "SLE". SUSE has published an insightful blog post series detailing the prior way that openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap tied in with SUSE Linux Enterprise and then the direction they have been shifting.

21 January 01:06 PM EST - SUSE - SLE + Leap - 14 Comments
More OpenGL Threading Improvements Land For Mesa 21.1

Even in 2021 longtime open-source AMD Mesa driver developer Marek Olšák isn't done optimizing OpenGL for delivering the best possible performance with the Radeon graphics driver. Marek's latest work includes more OpenGL threading enhancements and other work seemingly targeted at SPECViewPerf workloads.

21 January 08:54 AM EST - Mesa - glthread + More - 7 Comments
A Fix Has Been Proposed For The Slower AMD Performance On Linux 5.11

With the in-development Linux 5.11 kernel there are many great features and improvements especially for AMD users with some new drivers and other pleasant enhancements. But as I outlined back on Christmas day: Linux 5.11 Is Regressing Hard For AMD Performance With Schedutil. Fortunately, a fix is now en route to the Linux 5.11 kernel for fixing that performance regression affecting AMD Zen 2/3 desktops and servers.

21 January 12:00 AM EST - AMD - Frequency Invariance Indeed - 6 Comments

20 January

Vulkan Wayland Compositors Are Nearing Reality

One of the last pieces of the puzzle for supporting an entirely Vulkan-based Wayland compositor is coming together with a new extension that looks like it will be merged soon and there already being work pending against Sway/WLROOTS to make use of the Vulkan path.

20 January 03:29 PM EST - Vulkan - Last Piece Of The Puzzle - 40 Comments
Red Hat Announces No-Cost RHEL For Small Production Environments

Following the announcement at the end of last year that CentOS 8 will be ending and instead focusing on CentOS Stream as the future upstream to RHEL, there have been many concerned by the absence of CentOS 8 past this year. In trying to fill that void, Red Hat announced today they will be making Red Hat Enterprise Linux free for small production deployments.

20 January 08:36 AM EST - Red Hat - Red Hat Enterprise Linux For Free - 52 Comments
Dbus-Broker 26 Released For High Performance D-Bus

With the BUS1 in-kernel IPC not panning out and not seeing any major code work in nearly two years, the user-space based, D-Bus compatible DBus-Broker remains the performant and current option for those looking at something faster and more reliable than D-Bus itself.

20 January 06:16 AM EST - Linux Kernel - Dbus-Broker - 8 Comments

19 January

WireGuard Is Now Available For pfSense

The domination of the open-source WireGuard secure VPN tunnel not only on Linux systems but BSDs too... WireGuard is now available on pfSense, the FreeBSD-based firewall/router focused software platform.

19 January 08:18 PM EST - BSD - WireGuard + pfSense - 10 Comments
XanMod's Linux 5.10 Kernel Helping Tap Extra Performance With The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

For those wondering how the likes of the XanMod and Liquorix kernel spins are competing these days with the mainline Linux kernel, here are some fresh benchmarks looking at these popular derivatives of the Linux kernel. XanMod in particular atop Ubuntu can easily help squeeze extra performance out of the system as shown by these benchmarks on an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X desktop.

19 January 11:57 AM EST - Operating Systems - 20 Comments
GNOME 40 Will Now Handle XWayland On-Demand By Default

Back in 2019 support was added to GNOME 3.34 to allow starting XWayland on-demand. With this opt-in feature, XWayland support would only be started up when needed (on-demand) for running X11 clients. That support has now matured enough where for the upcoming GNOME 40 it will be enabled by default.

19 January 09:36 AM EST - GNOME - XWayland On-Demand - 41 Comments
2021 Could Be The Year That AMD Radeon Graphics Can Hot Unplug Gracefully On Linux

It's been nearly one year that AMDGPU patches have been around to better handle GPU hot unplugging on Linux. The use-case for that being either removal via sysfs such as if then assigning the GPU to a VM or for external GPUs such as connected via Thunderbolt. Those patches are still baking but the latest iteration of the work has now been published by AMD.

19 January 12:19 AM EST - Radeon - AMDGPU Hot Unplug - 23 Comments

18 January

PulseAudio Lands Much Better Support For FreeBSD - Audio Now Plays Correctly

While 2021 may be the year that some desktop Linux distributions begin using PipeWire by default as the next-generation replacement to the likes of PulseAudio and JACK, for upstream PulseAudio this week it's finally seeing better/restored support for FreeBSD. PulseAudio has merged a set of patches long available via FreeBSD Ports and the like to improve the BSD audio experience.

18 January 08:17 PM EST - BSD - Better PulseAudio - 40 Comments
SiFive Helping To Teach Kids Programming With RISC-V HiFive Inventor Coding Kit

SiFive in cooperation with Tynker and BBC Learning have launched a Doctor Who themed HiFive Inventor Coding Kit. This Initial HiFive Inventor Coding Kit is intended to help kids as young as seven years of age get involved with computer programming through a variety of fun exercises and challenges involving the RISC-V powered mini computer and related peripherals like LED lighting and speaker control.

18 January 12:50 PM EST - Computers - 23 Comments
GCC 11 Is On The Final Stage Of Development With 60+ High Priority Regressions

GCC 11 entered its final stage of development today as it works towards releasing around the end of Q1 / early Q2 if their past cadence holds up. Before GCC 11.1 can debut as the first stable version, there are some 60+ "P1" high priority regressions that need to be resolved or otherwise demoted to lesser priority regressions.

18 January 09:22 AM EST - GNU - GCC 11 Stage 4 - 9 Comments
Linux Support Is Coming To Allow De-Authorizing Thunderbolt Devices

While in recent years there has been growing interest in enhancing Linux's Thunderbolt security with offering security levels and other functionality to authorize supported/known Thunderbolt devices, surprisingly it's taken until 2021 to see the ability for Linux's Thunderbolt software connection manage to handle de-authorizing devices.

18 January 08:27 AM EST - Hardware - Thunderbolt De-Authorizing - 11 Comments

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