The Top Contributors To Mir Ahead Of Ubuntu 14.10
Written by Michael Larabel in Ubuntu on 22 October 2014 at 09:29 AM EDT. 4 Comments
With Ubuntu 14.10 due for release tomorrow and the development branch of Mir at nearly 2,000 revisions, here's some quick Bazaar stats.

As of writing there's been 1994 revisions to the Mir Bazaar development-branch. Curious to see whether there's been any increase in outside contributions to the Mir display stack outside of Canonical, I ran bzr stats to glean some new statistics.

Here's a look at the top contributors to Ubuntu's Mir as of this morning:
4620 Kevin DuBois [kevin.dubois]                                 
     Other names:
     4619 Kevin DuBois
        1 DuBois
     Other email addresses:
     4619 kevin.dubois
        1 ''
4204 Alan Griffiths [alan]
     Other email addresses:
     4201 alan
        3 alan.griffiths
2628 Daniel van Vugt [daniel.van.vugt]
2232 Robert Carr [robert.carr]
     Other names:
     2228 Robert Carr
        4 racarr
1097 Alexandros Frantzis [alexandros.frantzis]
     Other email addresses:
     1077 alexandros.frantzis
       20 alexandros.frantzis
 614 Christopher James Halse Rogers []
     Other email addresses:
      187 raof
 274 Thomas Voss [thomas.voss]
     Other names:
      261 Thomas Voss
       13 thomas-voss
     Other email addresses:
      193 thomas.voss
       81 thomas.voss
 217 Alberto Aguirre [alberto.aguirre]
 210 Andreas Pokorny [andreas.pokorny]
     Other email addresses:
      182 andreas.pokorny
       28 Andreas.Pokorny
 182 Robert Ancell [robert.ancell]
 146 Eleni Maria Stea [elene.mst]
     Other email addresses:
      136 elene.mst
       10 elenimaria.stea
 144 Automatic PS uploader [ps-jenkins]
     Other names:
      118 Automatic PS uploader
       26 CI bot
 136 Nick Dedekind [nicholas.dedekind]
 113 Kevin Gunn [kevin.gunn]
     Other email addresses:
       76 kevin.gunn
       37 kgunn72
  90 Thomas Guest [thomas.guest]
  86 Cemil Azizoglu [cemil.azizoglu]
  67 Josh Arenson [joshua.arenson]
     Other names:
       63 Josh Arenson
        4 josharenson
  62 Daniel d'Andrada [daniel.dandrada]
  46 Didier Roche [didrocks]
     Other email addresses:
       43 didrocks
        3 didier.roche
  44 Michael Terry [michael.terry]
  40 Brandon Schaefer [brandontschaefer]
     Other email addresses:
       20 brandontschaefer
       20 brandon.schaefer
  33 Chase Douglas [chase.douglas]
     Other email addresses:
       28 chase.douglas
        5 chase.douglas
  30 Thomi Richards [thomi.richards]
  27 Ricardo Mendoza [ricardo.mendoza]
  21 Sam Spilsbury [sam.spilsbury]
  16 Colin Watson [cjwatson]
  15 Martin Mrazik [martin.mrazik]
  10 Tarmac []
  10 Stephen M. Webb [stephen.webb]
  10 bryce [bryce]
     Other names:
        7 bryce
        3 Bryce Harrington
   9 Ricardo Salveti de Araujo [ricardo.salveti]
   9 chris.gagnon [chris.gagnon]
   7 Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre [mathieu-tl]
   7 Jussi Pakkanen [jussi.pakkanen]
   6 Mir Team []
   6 Timo Jyrinki [timo.jyrinki]
   5 Maarten Lankhorst [maarten.lankhorst]
   4 Lukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak [lukasz.zemczak]
   4 Zygmunt Krynicki [zygmunt.krynicki]
   3 Albert Astals [albert.astals]
   3 Micha? Sawicz [michal.sawicz]
   3 Florian Will [florian.will]
   3 brendan-donegan [brendan.donegan]
   2 Robert Bruce Park [robert.park]
   2 Ryan Lortie [desrt]
     Other email addresses:
        1 desrt
        1 desrt
   2 Dimitri John Ledkov [dimitri.ledkov]
   2 Dmitrijs Ledkovs [dmitrijs.ledkovs]
   2 Sebastien Bacher [seb128]
   2 Xiang Zhai [xiangzhai83]
   2 Chris Halse Rogers [chris]

Yep, overall, it's still largely a Canonical affair. For those interested in some Wayland development statistics, I have a large set of data from earlier this year.
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