The Most Exciting Linux Kernel Stories Of 2017
Written by Michael Larabel in Linux Kernel on 7 December 2017 at 06:07 AM EST. 2 Comments
This year on Phoronix has been more than 290 original news articles pertaining to advancements and changes within the Linux kernel. Here are those highlights.

With the year opening during the Linux 4.10 RC phase and now ending 2017 with the Linux 4.15 kernel merge window recently passed, here's a look back at the most viewed Linux kernel articles on Phoronix:

DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.11, Torvalds Explodes Over Code Quality
David Airlie submitted the main DRM driver updates for the Linux 4.11 kernel, but Linus Torvalds isn't happy about the code quality of a new addition and is considering not accepting the DRM changes for this next kernel release.

Ten Exciting Features Of The Linux 4.10 Kernel
The Linux 4.10 kernel didn't end up being released today, but was pushed back by an extra week. However, in looking forward to next weekend, here are ten of the features that excite us about Linux 4.10.

Ten Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux 4.10 Kernel
With last weekend mentioning ten exciting features of Linux 4.10, the tables have turned and now we are looking at ten features not found in the mainline

The New Features So Far For The Linux 4.12 Kernel
We are through week one of two for the Linux 4.12 kernel merge window. It's been a busy first week of 4.12, so for your viewing pleasure this weekend is a recap of some of the changes that landed over the past seven days.

Linus Ends Up Accepting The DRM Changes For Linux 4.11
While Linus Torvalds yesterday was criticizing the DRM code quality using colorful language and threatening not to accept the DRM changes for Linux 4.11, he ended up merging the code to mainline.

What Excites Me The Most About The Linux 4.12 Kernel
If all goes according to plan, the Linux 4.12 kernel will be officially released before the weekend is through. Here's a recap of some of the most exciting changes for this imminent kernel update.

The Most Interesting Features Of The Linux 4.14 Kernel
If Linux 4.14 weren't an LTS release with so many changes, it would likely be released today with -rc7 having come last week, but due to the size of this new kernel, 4.14-rc8 will most likely be christened today followed by Linux 4.14 next weekend. Here's a reminder about some of the most technically interesting work in this new kernel update.

Linux 4.15 Is Shaping Up To be An Exciting Kernel, Especially For AMD Users
There still is a few weeks to go until the Linux 4.14 kernel will be released, but following that the Linux 4.15 kernel is shaping up to be a very exciting cycle.

Linux 4.12 Should Be Another Exciting, Featureful Cycle
If all goes according to plan, the Linux 4.11 kernel will be officially released this weekend and therefore the Linux 4.12 merge window will immediately open for two weeks. There is a lot on our radar for Linux 4.12.

BFQ I/O Scheduler Queued For Linux 4.12
It looks like with the upcoming Linux 4.12 kernel cycle we will finally see the BFQ I/O scheduler merged.

Btrfs Gets More Fixes & Performance Optimizations For Linux 4.11
Chris Mason has sent in a secondary pull request of Btrfs material for the Linux 4.11 merge window.

WireGuard Secure Network Tunnel Is Eyeing Mainline, Running On Android
Back in June we reported on WireGuard as a next-generation secure network tunnel for the Linux kernel. We haven't heard much on WireGuard in recent months, but this New Year's morning we received a message from their lead developer with a status update.

Btrfs Getting RAID 5/6 Fixes In Linux 4.12 Kernel
Not only is the BFQ I/O scheduler coming for mainline Linux 4.12 but there are also some more fixes to Btrfs for improving the file-system's native handling of RAID5 and RAID6 modes.

Statx - Enhanced File Information - System Call Sent In For Linux 4.11
Al Viro has called for the new statx system call to be added to the Linux 4.11 kernel.

Linux 4.12 Gained A Lot Of Weight: More Than One Million New Lines
With big merges this cycle from the DRM additions, a lot of new staging code, and more, the Linux 4.12 kernel is a bit heavier... Here's some numbers.

The Surprises When Testing A Radeon RX 470 With AMDGPU's DRM-Next Linux 4.11
While DRM-Next hasn't even been submitted yet for the Linux 4.11 merge window, I ran some benchmarks today of an AMD Radeon RX 470 graphics card comparing Linux 4.10.0 to the current DRM-Next state.

Early Patches For Kernel Lockdown Mode Set For Linux 4.12
David Howells of Red Hat has requested Linus Torvalds pull his hardware module parameter annotation branch into the Linux 4.12 kernel. This is a needed step as part of his work on the "Kernel Lockdown" series for restricting access for allowing hardware resources be modified when in UEFI Secure Boot or other restricted mode.

The Big Changes So Far For The Linux 4.15 Kernel - Half Million New Lines Of Code So Far
We are now through week one of two for the merge window of the Linux 4.15 kernel.

A Look Back At Some Of The Best Features Added To The Linux Kernel In 2016
Going from the Linux 4.5 kernel merge window that was open in last January to the Linux 4.10 merge window that closed this past Christmas, here is a look back at the prominent features added to the kernel in 2016.

Looking Ahead To The Linux 4.11 Kernel
The Linux 4.10 kernel is expected to be released today and while it comes with many exciting changes, the 4.10 release means the opening of the Linux 4.11 merge window.
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