LLVM Continued In Its Quest For Innovative Compiler Dominance In 2017
Written by Michael Larabel in LLVM on 26 December 2017 at 11:58 AM EST. Add A Comment
LLVM had another successful year with in 2017 delivering the big LLVM 5.0 update and finishing up development of LLVM 6.0 right now while this open-source compiler stack continues to be adopted by new and interesting use-cases from tieing in LLVM IR to a wide variety of projects to the infrastructure being used heavily now by graphics drivers and other interesting purposes.

Of our dozens of articles about the LLVM compiler infrastructure and Clang C/C++ front-end, our most-viewed 2017 articles included:

LLVM 5.0 Should Offer Better AMD Ryzen Performance
While LLVM 4.0 was just released earlier this week, for the LLVM 5.0 release six months down the road there should be better AMD Ryzen (Zen) performance.

LLVM/Clang 4.0 Branched, LLVM 5.0 Now On Master
LLVM and its sub-projects like Clang were branched today for next month's 4.0 release.

The New Features Of LLVM 4.0 & Clang 4.0
LLVM/Clang 4.0 are running a few days behind schedule but should be released in the very near future. With that said, here's our usual look at the new features of this next compiler infrastructure and C/C++ compiler front-end updates.

Clangd: LLVM's Clang Gets A Server
An early feature for LLVM Clang 5.0 is a prototype implementation of clangd, a server component for the compiler.

LLVM 5.0 Release Planning Begins For Shipping In August
Hans Wennborg has published his proposed schedule for the LLVM / Clang 5.0 release that would put the stable debut at the end of August.

LLVM 4.0 Compiler Stack Is Getting Prepped For Release
The LLVM compiler infrastructure stack and Clang C/C++ compiler front-end will see their version 4.0 release within the next few days.

Changes To Look Forward To With LLVM/Clang 5.0
LLVM 5.0 and its sub-projects like Clang 5.0 are due to be released in two weeks, so here's a look back at the features added to this innovative open-source compiler stack over the past half year.

LLVM 4.0 Released
Hans Wennborg has announced the release of LLVM 4.0 and connected sub-projects like Clang 4.0. LLVM/Clang 4.0 is a big update to this open-source compiler infrastructure stack and also marks the change to their new versioning scheme.

Intel Begins Working On "Knights Mill" Support For LLVM/Clang
Intel compiler engineers have begun mainlining "Knights Mill" enablement within the LLVM compiler stack.

LLVM Is On The Path To Getting Faster
LLVM contributor Mikhail Zolotukhin has issued a report about the continued evolution of LLVM and its impact on the compiler's performance.

LLVM Founder, Swift Creator Chris Lattner Is Leaving Apple: Joins Tesla
Chris Lattner who is known most recently for starting the Swift programming language while most profoundly he is the original creator of LLVM/Clang, is leaving his job at Apple.

LLVM's Clang C/C++ Compiler Is Still Having Problems With ~5% Of Debian Packages
Debian developer and LLVM/Clang enthusiast Sylvestre Ledru has provided an update regarding the build results for trying to compile the Debian archive using this GCC compiler alternative.

FLANG: NVIDIA Brings Fortran To LLVM
Flang is to Fortran as Clang is to C/C++.

LLVM 4.0 Release Candidate 3
LLVM 4.0 remains running behind schedule but the third release candidate is now available for testing with hopes of shipping this updated compiler stack in the next week or so.

LLD Linker Declared Ready For Production On x86_64 ELF Platforms
LLVM developer Rui Ueyama is encouraging the "dogfeeding" of their linker, LLD, that should now be ready for production use on some platforms/architectures with this week's LLVM 4.0 release.

PGI 17.4 Compiler Tests vs. GCC 6.3 vs. LLVM Clang 4.0
When NVIDIA-owned PGI released the PGI 17.4 compiler this week there was interest expressed by some Phoronix readers in seeing comparison benchmarks to GCC and Clang.

LLVM Still Working Towards Apache 2.0 Relicensing
LLVM developers have been wanting to move from their 3-clause BSD-like "LLVM license" to the Apache 2.0 license with exceptions. It's been a while since last hearing about the effort while now a third round of request for comments was issued.

LLVM 5.0 Released With C++17 Support, Ryzen Scheduler, AMDGPU Vega & Much More
After delays pushed its release back by about one month, LLVM 5.0 was just released a few minutes ago along with its associated sub-projects like the Clang 5.0 C/C++ compiler.

The Speed Of LLVM's LLD Linker Continues Looking Good
LLVM's LLD linker still isn't too widely used yet on Linux systems, but the performance of this linker alternative to GNU Gold and GNU ld are quite compelling.

LLVM/Clang Finally Lands Mainline Support For AMD's Zen/Ryzen Processors
The latest LLVM and Clang compiler code as of this morning now has support for Zen (AMD Ryzen) processors.
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