Plugins, Plugins, Plugins: Supporting Them On Wayland
Written by Eric Griffith in KDE on 20 July 2015 at 05:34 PM EDT. 28 Comments
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Long time Kwin maintainer Martin Graesslin penned another blog post today, this time discussing his work getting KGlobalAccel, KIdleTime, and KWindowSystem to play nicely under a Wayland session, rather than an X11 based session.

Long term the plans are for KGlobalAccel to be merged directly into KWin, as discussed in his previous blog post about KDE Global Shortcuts on Plasma over Wayland. KIdleTime and KWindowSystem had to go through restructuring plans in order to separate out their platform specific code. Further development will be be done in the code branch "Kwayland-integration", which will see its release at the same time as Plasma 5.4.

Further though was the design of a Wayland specific protocol based off of KIdleTime to inform the compositor when a seat goes idle for a specified interval. Martin will be looking into getting this protocol included into Wayland-proper some time after Akademy.

Speaking of which, Akademy, the annual KDE Conference, will be happening next week in A Coruna, Galicia, Spain from July 25, to July 31.

You can read Martin's new post today over on his blog.
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