There's Many Exciting Possible GSoC 2015 Coding Projects
Written by Michael Larabel in Google on 21 March 2015 at 12:09 AM EDT. 3 Comments
For student developers wishing to get involved with upstream open-source projects this summer and to be paid $5500 USD by Google for the work, there's one week left to apply to participate in this year's Google Summer of Code. Here's some of the most exciting project ideas I've seen thus far.

There's over 100 participating open-source projects for this annual Google-organized event where students can become involved with various open-source projects to work on over the summer. It's time for students to apply and the cut-off for applications is next week, 27 March.

With that said, here's some of the most interesting projects I've see as possible ideas for students to apply:

Mozilla has a lot of possibilities, but what I found most interesting was the possible work on their next-generation Servo Engine. For Servo some of the ideas are speculative HTML parsing, HTTP/2 support in Rust's HTTP library (Hyper), server-sent events support, and improving form support. As part of the Mozilla project there's also possible work items on Rust itself as well as the popular Mozilla projects like Firefox and Thunderbird.

The Document Foundation has a lot of ideas too if you'd prefer working on LibreOffice and co. One thing that'd be nice to see off their list is finishing the GTK+ 3 user-interface support, handling of GTK3 gestures, and adding of other features to the LibreOffice suite of open-source office applications.

There's always many high-profile, very interesting X.Org Foundation ideas. Among their ideas this year is working on a Nouveau instruction scheduler, working OpenCL/compute for Nouveau, Maxwell accelerated video decoding support, Android support for Freedreno, etc.

GCC has a lot of ideas if you want to work on low-level compiler code. There's ideas for making GCC faster, improving GCC diagnostics, improving GCC on Windows, and adding new optimization passes. LLVM meanwhile is looking for help on copy-paste code detection.

Wine has many Summer of Code ideas. On the Wine front is implementing missing Direct3D/DirectX 9 APIs, implementing rendering for Direct3D Retained Mode, Xinput / Xbox 360 controller support, and implementing OpenMP support.

GNU has project ideas ranging from porting the Guix package manager to GNU Hurd, Linux container support for Guix, LibreDWG write support, faster wget downloads, and more.

Student developers wishing to apply to participate can visit
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