Fedy Fedora Utils 4.0.1 Released As Full GTK3 App To Configure Fedora
Written by Eric Griffith in Fedora on 8 June 2015 at 04:46 PM EDT. 12 Comments
Last week Fedy, formally Fedora Utils, quietly released version 4.0.1. Fedy, for those not in-the-know, is a graphical program for configuring and installing third-party applications and repositories on the Fedora desktop. Using Fedy, software like Adobe Flash, Android Studio, libdvdcss, Google Chrome, multimedia codecs, Steam, Skype, and the Oracle JRE are only a click away.

The program also allows the one-click setup of better font rendering, tap-to-click for touchpads, and the SSD-optimized NOOP disk scheduler. Furthermore users wanting to integrate their own tweaks can do so by adding them to ~/.local/share/fedy/plugins, and assuming they are written correctly, they will appear alongside the default options.

Fedy 4.0 is an important release for the project as it now supports Fedora 22, but also, Fedy has transitioned to being a fully fleshed out GTK3 program. Unfortunately, as part of the rewrite, the CLI version of Fedy was removed and discontinued. The developer has stated that he might be willing to bring it back if there is enough push for it.

What about you? For those in Fedora-land, what tweaks or additions do you make to the Fedora install? Leave a comment and if this author likes your addition he'll be including it in an upcoming "Fedora: Post Install" article.
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