Fedora 23 vs. Rawhide Performance Tests, Xorg vs. Wayland & More
Written by Michael Larabel in Fedora on 4 March 2016 at 02:54 AM EST. 2 Comments
For those interested in the performance of Fedora Linux, here are some recent curiosity-driven benchmarks I completed this week.

The latest results I volleyed out onto OpenBenchmarking.org for anyone interested is a brief Fedora software comparison. From the Xeon E3-1280 v5 system I've been having fun benchmarking this week, I tested Fedora 23 compared to Fedora Rawhide (which then defaults to a Wayland-based desktop), then to Fedora Rawhide when falling back to an X.Org Server, and then Fedora Rawhide with the X.Org Server when switching over to the Nodebug Rawhide kernel.

The results aren't as dramatic as one might expect, particularly around Rawhide that this system wasn't impacted much by the debug packages by default. Fedora Rawhide is currently for F25 with F24 already having been branched. In Rawhide right now is Linux 4.5, GNOME Shell 3.19.90, Mesa 11.2.0-devel, and GCC 6.0.0.

The out-of-the-box Fedora Rawhide performance when having to fall back to XWayland for some of the older Linux game tests did regress the performance a bit, but certainly still playable frame-rates for these not-too-GPU-demanding titles.

Fedora Rawhide with GCC6 does seem to regress on some workloads.

You can find all of these quick Fedora Rawhide tests via this OpenBenchmarking.org result file for the many data points in full. Of course, once Fedora 24 is closer to being released I'll have plenty of F23 vs. F24 Linux comparisons on different hardware as well as X.Org vs. Wayland vs. XWayland tests with newer and more interesting games. Hope you enjoyed these random tests if you are interested in Fedora Rawhide, if you'd like to support the dozens of Linux benchmarks carried out by Phoronix each week, consider hopping aboard premium. If you are interested in the historical performance of Fedora, make sure you checked out the recent Fedora 18 to 23 Linux distribution benchmarks. Have other test requests? Let me know.
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