39 System Intel & AMD CPU Benchmarks On Linux
Written by Michael Larabel in Hardware on 26 February 2016 at 07:09 AM EST. 17 Comments
Yesterday I published the interesting and extensive tests around a 9-way Intel Xeon E3 v5 Skylake processor comparison plus a few extra AMD/Intel CPUs for reference. For some Friday benchmarking fun, that comparison has been extended to a total of a 39 system Linux CPU comparison of AMD/Intel hardware!

Following all of the proper testing in yesterday's article that looked at raw performance, performance-per-Watt, performance-per-dollar, etc, I ran some comparison benchmarks on a number of other systems in our test lab / benchmarking room. This was left out of the main article since there are other software/hardware differences with these extra comparison systems as they aren't all running Ubuntu 16.04 or even Ubuntu for that matter but a mixture of the dozens of systems used by Phoronix Media for Phoronix, LinuxBenchmarking.com, OpenBenchmarking.org, etc.

So while being forewarned with these extra systems it isn't a perfect match of the other system components and the obvious software differences, it's still a fun gauge for getting an idea how the Intel/AMD performance has evolved over the course of many hardware generations and getting a rough idea of Linux CPU performance expectations.

With all of the extra systems being controlled via Phoromatic, it was trivial to benchmark all of the extra systems using the same tests as for our proper Xeon E3 v5 Linux review... Only about two minutes of work on my end and then within a few hours Phoromatic with the Phoronix Test Suite takes care of the rest from remotely powering on/off the systems, setting up the tests, executing the tests, and aggregating the results via the Phoromatic LAN web interface.

To see all of the system hardware/software details, see the OpenBenchmarking.org result file. Let's take a look at these Linux CPU results:

It's fun to see how the Haswell desktop CPUs are comparing to the lower-end Skylake E3 CPUs.

x264 is always a fun one.

Skylake dominates with Himeno.

There are far more Intel CPUs than AMD CPUs in our lab simply because Intel and their partners send out lots of review samples where as AMD sadly does not send out nearly as much hardware and even of the systems here I ended up buying a number of the AMD setups.

See more results and other information on this quick 39-way system comparison via this OpenBenchmarking.org result file. Of course, via our open-source benchmarking software you can easily see how your own system(s) compare: simply install the Phoronix Test Suite and run phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1602262-GA-XEONLINUX63 to conduct your own, fully-automated, side-by-side performance comparison from start to finish. It's that easy! And if you didn't already, be sure to read yesterday's big Xeon E3 Skylake Linux CPU comparison with the performance-per-Watt, performance-per-dollar benchmarks and more. Like all our Linux hardware testing work? Join Phoronix Premium today so that it can continue.
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