More Random Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts & Others Into Tech
Written by Michael Larabel in Hardware on 4 December 2016 at 02:39 PM EST. 9 Comments
Last week I shared some 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts, Gamers. Since then more ideas came to mind with other interesting tech gift ideas, particularly for Linux/open-source enthusiasts, as well as other favorite gadgets and interesting devices I've come across in the past year. So here are some more ideas of stocking stuffers and other fun purchases for the holidays.

Here are various more gift ideas to complement the aforelinked earlier list. All of the links go to the product pages, which yes are affiliate links to help support Phoronix and because when I do make online purchases nearly all of them are from Amazon or

A fun little gadget that's Linux compatible and would make a fun stocking stuffer is A $14 USB Thermometer That Works Well With Linux - the Temper USB therometer for $13.99. On a related note, it doesn't interface with the computer, but I do use several of the AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor for $10 in the server room. Humidity isn't the key but it's a dandy thermometer and with magnetic back it attaches nicely to the server racks.

With all of the systems running, clean air is important such as written about in The Air Cleaning Systems Still Working Out Well For Our Computer Equipment. For that I am still happy with the Winix air purifiers (particularly the WAC5500 I use two of) as well as the GermGuardian air cleaners.

For those wanting to build your own server racks this holiday season, the StarTech racks I remain very happy with and are among the cheapest metal server racks to be found on the Internet. When it comes to 4U rack cases, these $79 Rosewill rackmount cases remain a favorite and what I use most often.

If you are into home automation, I remain very happy with the Wink hub, GE Link smart bulbs, and GE switches. My wife thinks I have some sort of fetish with LED bulbs and lighting. If you still are on incandescent or CFL lighting, you really should think about LED lighting for a big energy saver, putting out less heat, and lasting a heck of a lot longer. The pricing on LED bulbs has also come down a lot in recent times.

For those into ARM devices and accessories, LoverPi on Amazom has a big selection of products. The owner of LoverPI is a Phoronix fan and has provided many ARM review samples in the past to Phoronix, etc. Also, if you have more cables from any new tech purchases, these are the cable sleeves I use often for around $15.

If you consider yourself handy, you could also build your own butcherblock computer desk and Building A Massive L-Shaped Desk For A Better Workflow, More Monitors & Space. The wife still loves her desk too! Or turn your basement into a big server/computer room! (And the redux on building the server room.)

For those still running a 1080p screen or less, the difference a 4K monitor makes is incredible! 4k monitors have come down substantially in price and really can't think of using anything less on a day-to-day basis. The ASUS MG28UQ 28-inch 4K AdaptiveSync monitor is what I use on my main production system while the Acer, Dell, and Seiki 4K displays on the test systems continue working great and completely happy with them.

If you have a lot of gear to store and are looking to better organize it, I am still happy with the Sandusky Lee metal cabinets -- you can find them for $200~300+ USD -- and my other storage/organizational hacks.

Unless you're looking for a mechanical keyboard, gaming keyboard, or something more special, the $11 Amazon keyboards are surprisingly good and even use them on my main system! They hold up well even with all of my typing on my main system and use them almost exclusively on all of my test systems.

Need any other gift ideas? Feel free to ask in the forums. Also don't forget about a Phoronix Premium subscription as another good gift for yourself and a way to help support Phoronix and our Linux hardware / benchmarking efforts.
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