Clear Linux Could Soon Be Faster Within Containers On AVX2 Systems

While Clear Linux as part of its standard bare metal installations has long defaulted to having an AVX2-optimized GNU C Library installed by default, it turns out that it wasn't part of the default os-core bundle as used by containers. That though is changing and should yield even better out-of-the-box performance when running Clear Linux within containers.

5 Hours Ago - Clear Linux - Clear Linux Containers + AVX2 Glibc - Add A Comment

16 July

Intel Is Still Working On Upstreaming SGX Enclave Support To Linux - Now At 21 Revisions

Intel Software Guard Extensions "SGX" have been around since Skylake for allowing hardware-protected (via encryption) memory regions known as "enclaves" that prevent processes outside of the enclave from accessing these memory regions. While supported CPUs have been out for years, the Intel SGX support has yet to make it into the mainline kernel and this week marks the twenty-first revision to these patches.

16 July 10:45 AM EDT - Intel - Software Guard Extensions - 3 Comments
AMDVLK 2019.Q3.2 Released With Navi 10 Support

Just over one week after the Radeon RX 5700/5700XT "Navi" graphics cards began shipping, the AMDVLK open-source AMD Radeon Vulkan Linux driver support is now available for these first RDNA offerings.

16 July 07:35 AM EDT - Radeon - AMDVLK 2019.Q3.2 - 3 Comments
AMDGPU DC Gets A Number Of Fixes For Navi & Other Clean-Ups

The past few weeks while AMD open-source developers were busy getting their Navi enablement code public and aligned for the Linux 5.3 merge window, the display core "DC" frequent code drops ceased. Every so often AMD developers volley their DC patches from their internal development trees to the public mailing list for queuing ahead of the next cycle. Now that Navi is out there and getting stabilized, they've issued a new set of DC patches and it's coming in heavy.

16 July 03:09 AM EDT - Radeon - Display Core - 3 Comments

15 July

Intel Speed Select Technology Comes To Linux With The 5.3 Kernel

With the in-development Linux 5.3 kernel is now support for Intel Speed Select Technology (SST) that was introduced as part of Cascade Lake processors. Speed Select Technology allows optimizing the system with per-core performance configurations to prioritize certain workloads while lowering the performance envelope for other cores.

15 July 12:27 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Intel Speed Select - 9 Comments
ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO Testing On Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

For those in the market for an AMD X570 high-end motherboard for use with the new Zen 2 processors, the ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO was one of the boards sent out as part of the reviewer's kit and it's been working out quite well.

15 July 09:17 AM EDT - AMD - ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO - 22 Comments
The Massive DRM Pull Request With AMDGPU Navi Support Sent In For Linux 5.3

At 479,818 lines of new code and just 36,145 lines of code removed while touching nearly two thousand files, the Direct Rendering Manger (DRM) driver updates for Linux 5.3 are huge. But a big portion of that line count is the addition of AMD Radeon RX 5000 "Navi" support and a good portion of that in turn being auto-generated header files. Navi support is ready for the mainline Linux kernel!

15 July 07:23 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.3 DRM - 18 Comments
Char/Misc Has A Bit Of Changes All Over For Linux 5.3

The char/misc changes with each succeeding kernel release seem to have less changes to the character device subsystem itself and more just a random collection of changes not fitting in other subsystems / pull requests. With Linux 5.3 comes another smothering of different changes.

15 July 06:59 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.3 Changes - 1 Comment

14 July

KDE's kstart5 Now Works On Wayland, No More HiDPI Screen Flickering At Start-Up

There is less than two months to go until KDE's annual Akademy conference, which this year is being hosted in Milan, Italy. But even with summer activities, KDE development remains quite busy. KDE developer Nate Graham has written another one of his weekly blog posts highlighting the interesting development work going into this open-source desktop environment.

14 July 06:26 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Enhancements - 18 Comments

13 July

NVIDIA's Graphics Driver Will Run Into Problems With Linux 5.3 On IBM POWER

For those using the NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver on an IBM POWER system, it could be a while before seeing Linux 5.3+ kernel support. Upstream has removed code depended upon by the NVIDIA binary driver for supporting the POWER architecture and as is the case they don't care that it will break NVIDIA driver support since it's binary/out-of-tree.

13 July 12:26 PM EDT - NVIDIA - NVIDIA POWER Driver Problem - 63 Comments
AMD Picasso Support For Coreboot Appears Finally Ready

Back in April I wrote about Coreboot seeing AMD Picasso APU enablement work as the first Zen/Ryzen processor target being handled by this open-source BIOS alternative. It now looks like that Picasso support is all squared away and ready for use by future AMD-powered Google Chromebooks.

13 July 08:09 AM EDT - AMD - AMD Picasso + Coreboot - 7 Comments
Glibc's Slow Turnaround For Y2038 Fixes Is Frustrating

While there is another nineteen years to go until the Year 2038 problem manifests, the GNU C Library "glibc" is one of the key software components still needing some fixes for this issue where this problem where storing the Unix time as a 32-bit signed integer will wrap around and become a negative number.

13 July 08:04 AM EDT - GNU - Glibc Slow Review - 43 Comments

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