25 April

GCC 9.1-RC1 Is Being Assembled, GCC 10.0 Development Opens

GCC 9 has reached zero "P1" regressions that mark issues of the highest priority. With that list cleared, GCC 9.1 is moving towards release as the first stable version of GCC 9. GCC 9.1-RC1 will be out soon while GCC 10.0 is open on master.

25 April 03:34 PM EDT - GNU - GCC 9.1 Coming Soon - 7 Comments
ODROID-N2 Offer Six Cortex-A73/A53 Cores For $65~82, Good Performance In Linux Benchmarks

Hardkernel's newest single board computer is the ODROID-N2 that they sent over a few weeks ago for benchmarking. The ODROID-N2 is built around the Amlogic S922X SoC and features four Cortex-A73 cores and two Cortex-A53 cores, options for 2GB or 4GB of DDR4 system memory, eMMC connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet, and four USB 3.0 ports for starting out just above $60 USD.

25 April 12:08 PM EDT - Computers - 40 Comments
Mesa 19.1 To Expose EXT_gpu_shader4 Support

While it's not looking like Mesa 19.1 will end up exposing OpenGL 4.6 capabilities, it is picking up various other extensions including some prominent several year old extensions like EXT_texture_buffer_object and the decade old EXT_gpu_shader4.

25 April 03:01 AM EDT - Mesa - At Long Last - 10 Comments
NVIDIA Working On New GLX Extension To Help PRIME GPU Offloading

NVIDIA has been working on a new GLX extension to help the PRIME GPU offloading situation where multiple GPU vendors are involved and thus different OpenGL driver implementations. In particular, the proposed GLX_EXT_server_vendor_select is designed to better fit in to address PRIME GPU offloading obstacles introduced by their work on the now common GLVND OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch library.

25 April 12:02 AM EDT - X.Org - GLX_EXT_server_vendor_select - 22 Comments

24 April

FreeBSD ZFS vs. ZoL Performance, Ubuntu ZFS On Linux Reference

With iX Systems having released new images of FreeBSD reworked with their ZFS On Linux code that is in development to ultimately replace their existing FreeBSD ZFS support derived from the code originally found in the Illumos source tree, here are some fresh benchmarks looking at the FreeBSD 12 performance of ZFS vs. ZoL vs. UFS and compared to Ubuntu Linux on the same system with EXT4 and ZFS.

24 April 06:26 PM EDT - Storage - 9 Comments
OpenBSD 6.5 Released With RETGUARD, OpenRSYNC

OpenBSD 6.5 was released today, about one week ahead of schedule for this security-minded BSD operating system. OpenBSD 6.5 is bringing several prominent new features including RETGUARD as its new stack protector and OpenRSYNC as its ISC-licensed in-progress replacement to rsync.

24 April 11:17 AM EDT - BSD - OpenBSD 6.5 - 2 Comments
NVIDIA Adds Vulkan Support To Nsight Systems

Nsight Systems, NVIDIA's proprietary cross-platform tool providing a timeline view of system resource analysis and other metrics while running GPU compute/graphics workloads, now can handle the Vulkan API.

24 April 09:53 AM EDT - NVIDIA - Nsight Systems + Vulkan - Add A Comment
OS108 Yields NetBSD Desktop Operating System Powered By MATE

Over the past decade there's been talks on a few occasions about either spinning NetBSD as a desktop platform or offering up various desktop usability improvements to make it easier to use this BSD as a desktop operating system. In 2019 there still isn't a great desktop experience to NetBSD but the new "OS108" is seeking to improve that with a NetBSD OS paired with the MATE desktop environment.

24 April 08:16 AM EDT - BSD - OS108 - 8 Comments

23 April

RADV Vulkan Driver Lands FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync For Mesa 19.1

While on the kernel-side there has been FreeSync support with the AMDGPU DRM driver since Linux 5.0 and for the OpenGL driver with RadeonSI there has been this functionality in Mesa 19.0 when paired with a supported kernel, the Mesa Radeon Vulkan driver has missed out on this action until now. But landing just in time for the Mesa 19.1 feature freeze is now the FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync enablement for RADV.

23 April 08:24 PM EDT - Radeon - RADV Vulkan - 20 Comments
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up More Game Performance Optimizations For Mesa 19.1

There is just one week to go until the Mesa 19.1 feature freeze and branching for this next quarterly feature update to these open-source OpenGL/Vulkan Linux drivers. Notable this round is the introduction of the Intel "Iris" Gallium3D driver for supporting Broadwell graphics and newer atop this next-gen OpenGL driver ahead of next year's Xe Graphics dGPU launch. With days to go until the Mesa 19.1 feature freeze, more performance optimizations have landed.

23 April 08:11 AM EDT - Intel - Iris Gallium3D - 11 Comments
Intel SPMD Compiler 1.11 Released

Intel continues working on its SPMD compiler as part of their SPIR-V translator running on the CPU and other efforts. ISPC is the Intel SPMD Program Compiler and at the end of last week reached its version 1.11 milestone for this C variant compiler designed for single program, multiple data programming.

23 April 12:17 AM EDT - Intel - ISPC 1.11 - 12 Comments

22 April

Scientific Linux 6/7 Will Remain Supported But The Distribution Is Ending

For those wanting a community-supported, free version in effect of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the two options have been CentOS with its close relation (and employment) by Red Hat or Scientific Linux that has been maintained Fermilab, CERN, and other research labs. Moving forward, however, these labs are going to be adopting CentOS 8 and they will not be developing a new version of Scientific Linux based on the upcoming RHEL8.

22 April 11:31 AM EDT - Red Hat - No Scientific Linux 8 - 27 Comments
Dropped Linux Kernel Drivers Occasionally See Revival - FDOMAIN Gets Second Chance

When drivers get dropped from the Linux kernel it's generally due to hardware being no one cares about anymore that hasn't been produced in many years and the code often falls into disrepair to the point that the only logical way forward is dropping the driver. That happened last year to the "FDOMAIN" driver but as does happen every so often (albeit rare) thanks to the code being still obtainable through Git and the nature of open-source, interested parties can step up and revive the code.

22 April 10:45 AM EDT - Hardware - FDOMAIN SCSI - 2 Comments

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