4 x SSD Btrfs/EXT4 RAID Tests On Linux 4.15

Using the high-end SilverStone TS421S 4-disk SATA drive enclosure, I've been carrying out a number of Btrfs and EXT4 file-system multi-disk benchmarks over the past week. Here are the latest numbers for how Btrfs' native RAID capabilities are running up against EXT4 when using MDADM "soft" RAID.

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17 December

Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland

It was a heck of a year for Ubuntu's Mir display server from it starting off as the display server to the now-abandoned Unity 8 desktop and it surviving Canonical's cancelling of the Unity/convergence projects to now not only being fitted for IoT use-cases but gaining Wayland support with hopes some will use it as a Wayland compositor. This also went from Mir 1.0 nearly being released and back to the drawing board to Canonical now hiring more Mir developers and adding Mir to other Linux distributions: what a wild ride 2017 has been for this controversial project.

17 December 08:38 AM EST - Ubuntu - Mir 2017 - 6 Comments
Glibc 2.27 Lands Yet More Performance Optimizations

Earlier this month I wrote how Intel engineers have been busy with continuing to tune glibc's performance with FMA and AVX optimizations. That work has continued but also other architectures continue tuning their GNU C Library performance ahead of the expected v2.27 update.

17 December 07:58 AM EST - GNU - Glibc 2.27 - 5 Comments

16 December

AMD FreeSync For Tear-Free Linux Gaming - Current State In 2017

If you are thinking of gifting yourself (or someone else) a FreeSync-compatible monitor this holiday season, here's a look at how the AMD FreeSync support is working right now, the driver bits you need to be aware of, and how it's all playing out for those wanting to use this tear-free capability for Linux gaming.

16 December 11:08 AM EST - Linux Gaming - 33 Comments

15 December

Wine 3.0-RC2 Released

Since last week's code/feature freeze for the upcoming Wine 3.0, the second release candidate is now available.

15 December 04:27 PM EST - WINE - Wine 3.0 - 6 Comments
Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year

Fedora Linux this year picked up support for more multimedia codecs, continued innovating on both the Linux desktop/workstations and servers, the Fedora/RedHat developers continued a lot of upstream improvements throughout the Linux landscape, their Wayland support continues to be solid, and they continued shipping the latest and greatest packages in their distribution releases.

15 December 07:55 AM EST - Fedora - Fedora 2017 - 18 Comments

14 December

It's Been Four Years Since SteamOS Began Shipping With Not Much To Show

It was four years ago this week that Valve began shipping SteamOS, their Debian-based Linux distribution intended for Steam Machines and those wanting a gaming-oriented Linux distribution. While Valve still technically maintains the SteamOS Linux distribution, the outlook at this point is rather bleak.

14 December 09:29 AM EST - Valve - SteamOS Four Years Old - 37 Comments
SUSE Rolls Out New Version Of Their In-Kernel Boot Splash Screen

Back in October I wrote about SUSE working on a new, in-kernel bootsplash project. That work has yet to be mainlined but it looks like it's still on track for going upstream in the future with the latest version now being released that addresses issues uncovered during review.

14 December 06:17 AM EST - SUSE - Kernel Bootsplash v2 - 14 Comments

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