17 March

Vulkan 1.1.71 Released As The First Update To Vulkan 1.1

The first point release to the Vulkan 1.1 release from earlier this month is now available. Vulkan 1.1 promoted a lot of functionality to core while also officially adding sub-groups and protected content support. This Vulkan 1.1.71 point release adds a new extension and fixes.

17 March 08:14 AM EDT - Vulkan - Vulkan 1.1.71 - 6 Comments
Ubuntu Tried Adding Synaptics Support Back To GNOME's Mutter

GNOME developers previously dropped support for Synaptics and other input drivers from Mutter in favor of the universal libinput stack that is also Wayland-friendly. Canonical developers tried to get Synaptics support on X11 added back into Mutter but it looks clear now that was rejected.

17 March 07:21 AM EDT - GNOME - Synaptics + Libinput - 17 Comments
HAMMER2 Gets Many Fixes On The Latest DragonFlyBSD Git

The HAMMER2 file-system has been available with install-time support since DragonFlyBSD 5.0 while the latest Git code continues to revise this next-generation FS for DragonFly. Landing overnight in DragonFlyBSD were several HAMMER and HAMMER2 improvements.

17 March 06:17 AM EDT - BSD - HAMMER2 File-System - 1 Comment

16 March

Linux 4.17 To Enable AMDGPU DC By Default For All Supported GPUs

Since the introduction of the AMDGPU DC display code (formerly known as DAL) in Linux 4.15, this modern display stack has just been enabled by default for newer Radeon Vega and Raven Ridge devices. With Linux 4.17 that is changing with AMDGPU DC being enabled by default across the board for supported GPUs.

16 March 06:03 PM EDT - Radeon - AMDGPU DC - 54 Comments

15 March

Some Windows Server 2016 vs. Linux Network Benchmarks

A Phoronix Premium supporter recently requested some Windows vs. Linux networking performance benchmarks. That is being done as part of a larger comparison also featuring the popular BSDs, but for some initial measurements, here are some Netperf networking performance metrics on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and various Linux distributions.

15 March 12:09 PM EDT - Operating Systems - Initial Tests - 25 Comments
Intel Icelake Server Chips To Support WBNOINVD & PCONFIG

The GCC and LLVM/Clang compilers have been working on Icelake CPU support for a while now as just the "icelake" target but now it's being separated into "icelake-client" and "icelake-server" as the CPU feature differences between the desktop-class processors and Xeon server chips become more clear for this succeeding generation to Cannonlake.

15 March 10:18 AM EDT - Intel - New Instructions - 7 Comments
Ubuntu 18.04 Versus Six Other Linux Distributions On AMD EPYC

With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS set to be released next month and its final package configuration quickly falling into place, we have begun firing up some benchmarks for seeing how this Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" release is comparing to various other Linux distributions. Up first as part of this series of benchmarks is using an AMD EPYC workstation/server for seeing how the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS performance compares to six other Linux distributions.

15 March 07:00 AM EDT - Operating Systems - 12 Comments
The Latest Winevulkan Patches Make It Usable For Doom, Wolfenstein & DXVK

Roderick Colenbrander and those working with him on "Winevulkan" to provide a clean Vulkan implementation for Wine supporting the Vulkan ICD concept, etc, rather than the old hacked together code in Wine-Staging have done a great job. With Roderick's latest Winevulkan patches, this new implementation is considered usable.

15 March 04:30 AM EDT - WINE - Wine Vulkan - 20 Comments

14 March

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